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Tuesday, December 12, 2006
Fred and Phil: The End

Some of you may have possibly wondered what happened to Fred and Phil last week. Although I don't owe you asshats anything, least of all an explanation, I shall, from the overflowing generosity of my boundless spirit, write one anyway. Fred and Phil was originally conceived of as a way for me to learn some self-discipline. That was why I imposed such a regular deadline on myself, even if I had no ideas at the time (which was why Fred and Phil mostly sucked). I felt then that self-discipline was sorely needed in my life, given my abysmal academic record in varsity.

If all goes well, however, I shall no longer be required to force myself into doing something I dislike intensely (rote learning). Therefore, I feel that the two talking tadpoles are no longer necessary in my life, which is just as well since they're a couple of wiseasses anyway. A friend once told me about an episode of The Apprentice, during which someone said something like this.

"You know you have the right job for you when you look forward to going to work every morning."

If that is so, I probably have the best job I could possibly have found. It is all too new, exciting and exhilarating than words could possibly describe, and no, I am not a gigolo or a pr0n actor. If you are still reading this come June, I may say more about what I'm doing. For now, I shall just say that it involves me doing what I love. Coding.

Oh, and although there is, in all likelihood, only one reader (she's the only one who actively badgers me for more, anyway) for the Wind God, she happens to be a very special one. Therefore, my apologies for making you wait, 妹妹. I should be writing the next chapter pretty soon, though as usual, I can make no guarantees about my schedule.

You faster say when you want to go and 拜天地 with me! Heheh.

You were not gorgeous,
brilliant, or even the result of great effort.
But you were mine.
You served your purpose well
my creations.


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