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Sunday, April 10, 2005
I Link Icebreeze

I'm linking Icebreeze, the brother of Injenue, and also giving him an Adrian Coolness Point because, damn it all, the boy knows how to apply the power of judicious flattery. Why do I say "judicious"? Well, because any flattery applied to yours truly can obviously only be well-deserved. Here's an excerpt of our chat on MSN Messenger.

Icebreeze -- == icebreeze.blogspot.com <-- READ! == -- says:
haha..i started blogging
Icebreeze -- == icebreeze.blogspot.com <-- READ! == -- says:
u faster read my blog! =p
Don AQ® says:
Don AQ® says:
i tot u long ago got liao?
Icebreeze -- == icebreeze.blogspot.com <-- READ! == -- says:
that one old liao
Icebreeze -- == icebreeze.blogspot.com <-- READ! == -- says:
nv update
Icebreeze -- == icebreeze.blogspot.com <-- READ! == -- says:
i restarted new one! power one!
Don AQ® says:
haha ok
Icebreeze -- == icebreeze.blogspot.com <-- READ! == -- says:
i aspire to be like u!
Icebreeze -- == icebreeze.blogspot.com <-- READ! == -- says:
Don AQ® says:
yes, emulation is the sincerest form of flattery
Don AQ® says:

It's too early to tell, but it could be an interesting blog, containing such gems as thoughts about fucking your own mother, and we all love motherfuckers, don't we? It's certainly more interesting than that idiot Injenue's blog, because the fucker doesn't update. It's a pity, too, because Injenue is almost exactly like Tucker Max. Well, I guess he doesn't get laid like Tucker Max does. Also, he's not as handsome as Tucker Max is and neither is he as rich. Ok, I guess the only similarities are that Injenue is a horny bastard as well as an alcoholic.

Maybe it's just as well that he doesn't update much.

That's all I'm going to blog about tonight because I have to go game. There will be a post tomorrow about last night's Chinablack outing. It will have pictures, so stay tuned.

To Injenue: Remember that we only roast the ones we love, my friend.
Aww Ad, yer so inspiring!
Btw, my loss couldnt make it to ChinaBlack huh.. mustve been a blast.. I shall watch out for the pics!
Yes, I shall also post tomorrow on Chinablack outing if I get the pics in time. *hint hint*
Celle: No, no, it was our loss entirely that we didn't get to see your supreme hotness in the flesh. :p

Sheena: I'll pass them to you tomorrow, ok? Heh.
After work, first thing.
It was pretty hot in Chinablack.
I think Feisty Bitch created most of the heat herself, especially when she shakes her booty. =p

Oh, and who can forget Duracell Ivan? He probably powered all the strobe lights in Chinablack all by himself with the energy he generated.
Ad, Sheena mentioned that you reckoned I was gettin ur no just for the sake of it.. Hahaha... Arrrhh.. I really wanted to go la.. but no troops..
Next time make it down to Zouk/Cocco leh.. my territories.. but after my exams hor.. dont tempt me.. ^^... ok ok.. i waiting for the China black posts laaa.. Hayaku KUDASAI!!!!!!!!!!!
Hmm... Most prob shaking = hot...

Yeah. Ivan was da shaker man. Non-stop.
Aiyah! Why Celly never go ChinaBlack? Then could have 3 babes to go chionging with haha. =P

Sian ah... I was doing my utmost to enjoy myself while trying to forget the half-done projects waiting for me at home, can?

And aiyah, you go clubbing with me often enough, you'll realise how much stamina I can have. Helps me shake off my alcohol-induced high.

And this is a good reason why I go for platform. Lower chance of going too hardcore and whacking people by accident mah.

And I still haven't finished my projects. "A plague o' both your houses!"

But it was still loads of fun. Must do this again during the holidays!
All: Yes, Ivan is the man. A worthy dancing buddy for the Lord Of Dance (me).

Celle: I was just kidding! (Admit it, you DID want my number, right? RIGHT???) Anyway, sure, but what day you usually go Zouk? I must admit don't really like house unless I've imbibed enough alcohol to float a whale.
wat did CB ( cant believe abb for china black is CB) spin on saturdays anyway?

i go zouk for progressive, techno, mambo and good crowd.
cocco for massive hip hop session.
They played R&B, retro, top40s and dance, I think.

Cool, mambo or techno are both fine by me. And I love hiphop.
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