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Thursday, April 07, 2005
Let's Have More Flame Wars

I've noticed that blogging has really caught on in a big way in Singapore. Just about everybody in Singapore with access to the internet, for example, has heard of Xiaxue. Everybody is either reading blogs or blogging. I've noticed one thing, though. Almost all of the readable blogs written by Singaporeans eventually end up being linked to, and linking to, every other readable blog written by a Singaporean. Note that when I say "readable", I don't mean that the blog is entertaining or even interesting. I merely mean that it is written in somewhat comprehensible English, which leads us to my next observation. Even in the blogosphere, most Singaporeans have no originality or creativity. That is, half of the average Singaporean (ok, this trait is probably international, since creativity as a trait is rather scarce among people) blogger's posts are about recent posts from other blogs. Yes, I realise it's ironic that I am talking about this on my blog. Laugh it up, you morons. Ha fucking ha.

Recently, Cowboy Caleb wrote some shit about how he has noticed an unhealthy trend in Singaporean bloggers. I do not remember precisely what he said and I am presently in the office, hence there is no way for me to read that post now. Knowing myself, I will probably not bother reading his post again to get my facts right and amend this post before posting it, because I have an MMORPG to play. I shall therefore depend on memory and imagination. So, the trend he noticed is that Singaporean bloggers have this tendency to go "me too". That is, when one popular blogger bashes another blogger, every other blogger who reads that popular blogger's blog follows suit. If I remember correctly, he also likened this to kids playing in the playground, with the popular blogger being the playground bully or some shit like that.

Anyway, I don't really think this is in any way unique to the blogging world. Most people are dumb sheep who will follow wherever their shepherd leads them. In fact, isn't every country in the world more or less an illustration of this? Yes, even so-called democratic countries. In the past, the sheep were led by kings. Who decided who got to be king? Well, knowing the ancients, it was probably decided by who had the biggest muscles originally. Then, the new king brainwashes the people by repeatedly telling them to obey him and his children after him and the children of his children after them . . . you get the idea. He kills all those who question his authority and so, eventually, everyone agrees that obeying him is right because those who disagreed are dead. Is what we have these days really any different? Of course not. In non-democratic countries, it's still mostly a matter of who has the biggest muscles, or rather, bombs. In democratic countries, leaders seek to rule the herd by overpowering their wills and controlling their emotions.

Dissenters are no longer killed, mostly, but they still become the targets of character assassination. Doubts are cast on their credibility, their dark secrets are dug up, and they are ridiculed before the rest of the herd. Sounds like our typical playground bully scene, doesn't it? Then, when all dissenting voices have been shouted down, the brainwashing begins. This happens in every country. If the people are lucky, the winners turn out to be good at their jobs. It's a grand nonsensical soap opera, really. The best example of a modern day playground bullying on an international scale would be the case of Bush, America, Iraq, and the Invisible Pink WMDs. The bully/popular kid says "that guy sucks", and within a short time, everybody is baying for his blood. We call the ancients savages because they cut each other up when they have disputes, but is it really any more civilised to hold a meeting whose outcome is the decision to carpet bomb a country, killing men, women and children? As I said previously, I am extremely apathetic where politics are concerned, because I think that most of it is pure bullshit. I have a deep instinctive distrust of anything a politician says, because in this world, to rise to a position of power, you almost always have to sacrifice your integrity.

Anyway, I digressed. The point I was trying to make is that it is nothing unusual that bloggers behave this way. The unusual thing is that this sort of thing doesn't occur more, because the blogosphere is mainly still a cloyingly positive community. In this respect, it reminds me of the fanfic community, because no matter how abysmally boring a fanfic is or how inconsistent, there will still be idiots who feed the author's self-delusion by telling him that his sorry-ass excuse for a story is good and that he should do this for a living. The same thing goes for blogs. Let's face it, 90% of the blogs you come across contain boring, inconsequential crap, and it's high time someone told the writers that. We don't need more positive voices, Caleb. What we need is more negative ones, telling everybody else to shut the fuck up. Instead of behaving like kids in kindergarten who are just so peachy nice to each other, let's behave like adults and nations and form blogging cabals and regimes dedicated to the sole purpose of kicking the shit out of the cyber-asses of every other group. The blogging community in Singapore is so active and has so much potential. We could have a ball of a time with constant flame wars between ourselves, our like-minded friends, and all the other jerks and idiots out there. Man, that would kick way more ass than everyone playing grab-ass with everyone else.

Think about it, everybody attacking everybody else until the Singaporean blogosphere is nothing more than a (metaphorically speaking) smouldering wreck of a wasteland littered with the cyber-corpses of slain cyber-warriors. Fuckin' A.

It's time everyone started behaving like adults in the blogging world.

p.s. If you're slightly smarter than the common chair, you'd have noticed that sometimes I say stuff I don't mean in order to achieve some effect unfathomable to your puny brain. So if you're in doubt about what I really mean when there's more than one meaning that can be attributed to what I said, here's the golden rule of thumb to follow. The one that pisses you off more is the correct one.
Ahem. It's "scarce", not "scarse". But I'm sure you ahem, meant to misspell it.
Ahem, wow, you picked out a typo. Well done! Ahem. Jeez . . .

Anyway, I corrected it.
"90% of the blogs you come across contain boring, inconsequential crap"

Man, I couldn't agree more. Somehow, these people are not equippied with the ability to think.

"YaY! ToDaE DaR-DaR bOuGhT mE tHe DrEsS i WaNt VeRy LoNg LiAoZ wOrX! lOvE mY lAo-GoNg AlWaZ! LoLx..."

Like, ok, wow, that was really interesting to read.

(By the way those 2 sentences took me like 15 minutes to type out. I think people who are able to type in alternate caps probably have this ability to make up for their lack of brains.)
*equipped. Spelling error.
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