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Wednesday, July 13, 2005
Blog Con

Well, lookie here. Looks like the blogcon will be held at a frikkin' club! And there will be a frikkin' party after! Seriously. A bunch of computer geeks at a club? That sounds so majorly exciting! All right, so the venue is DXO (old Embassy) and the time is 2pm. I'm thinking I will probably be there early to grab a good seat. I know, I know, going early isn't what you might call cool, but seriously, beneath my cool exterior, I'm really a true-blue Singaporean at heart, and kiasu-ism has as deep a hold on me as on any other Singaporean. So, here's the million-dollar question. How many Lewdites are going? And yes, I just invented the word "Lewdite".
Hey Adrian, mind if I join you guys? I intend to go but I can't think of who to hang with, or anyone I don't hate for the matter. Have pity on this friendless sod.
Dude, of course you can join us.
i feel so much like going there to "see see look look" you know. quite enthu actually but do you think it'll be a huge turn out? i hope it'll be you know.
Muahaha I'll be there to help out. So if you see any "Barffie" around come and say hi okie! Muahaha. Anyway the word "Lewdites" makes me hot and bothered already. Muaahah.
Meet up somewhere together before going can? I'm not sure how to get there. Gimme a time and place.
i want to go, but i don't think i can make it THAT early.

will probably be still drunk and sleeping from friday night. hehe.

how liddat?!
ei|een: Just go there drunk lah.. haha..
Zhe Bin: The last I heard, about 300+ people are expected to turn up. :)

Barffie: Sure! I'll go say hi if I spot you! And how come "Lewdite" makes you hot abd bothered? Hahahaha.

Sheena: Well, just keep walking along the river, I guess. I am not precisely sure where it is either.

Eileen: Come join us later, then. :p

Sid: Why are you trying to get chicks drunk huh? >:)
Lewddite vs. luddite....hahaha. Oh, I'm killing myself laughing. Is this irony?
Jess: That's exactly what I was thinking about when I coined the term! You get a coolness point for spotting it!
What can I say? I'm a Scrabble champ.
Aw holy fuck... I've got work that day. FUCK. =(
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