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Thursday, July 07, 2005
L.E.W.D. Update And Mambo

There will be a more complete update later (because I'm sort of spent now), but L.E.W.D. has just grown again. Let's welcome Barffie!

Update: Right, so I'm back. Well, actually I've been back for some time, but I was gaming. And now, I have to go out again. Will update when I get back. Or tomorrow, if I'm too tired by then. C'est la vie.

Update again (08/07/05 12:35PM): Actually, there isn't much to say, except \m/ Barffie! Go check out her blog. She's weird. In a good way. Maybe I should say she's quirky. Oh, and Barffie, why do you say you want to be famous? I thought you were already featured on some newspaper (was it the Straits Times)? I haven't even had that distinction (and probably never will, on account of my frequent F-ing). Anyway, glad to have you aboard, heheheh.

Yeah, so I will add an account of last night's clubbing tonight after I get back from blading. Stay tuned.

Update (08/07/05 12:35PM): I've decided not to tell you guys about my trip to Zouk. Firstly, because it's stale by now, and secondly, because it probably wouldn't be interesting. I mean, seriously, who would want to know that some Caucasian dudes passed me their beer? Who would want to know that they were actually doing the whitey dance (check out the link courtesy of Eileen, it's fucking hilarious)? Who would want to know that I almost kicked some guys' asses there? By the way, I must have been influenced by Blinkymummy here, because seriously, I haven't done this sort of shite for a loooong time. Don't ostracize me because of this, pretty please. I swear I'm usually not violent. I was just pissed off because they were calling my gay friends names. Yeah, usually, I would have gotten someone else to kick the buggers' asses for me. Bitches.

And finally, who would want to know that I finally saw a male dancer whom I think dances better than me and whom I would buy a drink for? Or at least, I would have if I had brought more money. Boring crap, right?


Update (08/07/05 01:11PM): I spotted this shite on the same site as the one the whitey dance clip came from. It's pretty old shite, so you may have seen it before, but it's still pretty fucking awesome shite all the same.

Update yet again (08/07/05 01:25PM and yes, I'm bored): I don't usually think much of bitches, but this is just fucking amazing.

Oh, and this is for you, Blinkymummy.
dude. you went clubbin last night and you still have the strength to blade today?!


\m/ We iz kvlt n tr00!!!
Haha, I seriously am not l337 enough to figure out what "kvlt" and "tr00" means, barffie. But \m/ anyway! :p
Am I weird?! Oh no! I wanna be NORMAL! Being weird is baaad in Singapore!

Did I say I want to be famoose? Nah I didn't see a jump in my readership, I've got no web-counter, that's why. Haha.
Barffie: Yeah, you did in your original comment in the LEWD Manifesto. :p
Adrian ==> His name is David Elsewhere, and his I remember correctly he appear at the last part of Henekien commercial
that drummer is awesome! phwoar!
omg I always thought those robotic dancing were computer tricks!
lupin: Yep, he's awesome.

Eileen: Yep, he's awesome too, haha.

Daniel: No, my friend. There are actually people who can do that shit. I saw a less awesome version of the sliding-around-like-floor-has-no-friction move on Wednesday at Zouk. I turned green with envy because I can't do that shit.
Adrian ==> Maybe you should try yoga for a start, then break some bones, mend it back, and start practising the moves real real hard.

Daniel ==> Check out the other commercial he had, Super cool
I just thought of something.

Adrian does not suck, he BLOWS.

And er- your L.E.W.D. thing?

It says you have to beg.

Fine. I'll get down on my knees.
I've done LEWD proud. I've been featured on the ST. Go check out my latest post and give me another coolness point.
Heheh... Seems like everyone wants to get into LEWD...
Eh, the club's getting quite big..
Not too exclusive anymore, eh?
Jiameei: Wah, when I said that shit about begging, I didn't expect anyone to actually do it, hahaha. You have stroked my ego so much that I would do just about anything for you now, babe. You're in!

Sheena: Cool! You get another Adrian Coolness Point!

Sid: It's still exclusive in the sense that only I get to let people in. :D
erm, why not ask her to do something else while she is on her knees?
I thought I saw a really rad entry but it disappeared. Oh well.
Dan: Still working on it, man. Got called away halfway on DOTA business.
it's looking good so far :)
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