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Wednesday, June 29, 2005
Our Joint Post

Don A.Q.: So now I'm at Sentosa with the Feisty Bitch. It's a testament to how much the Internet has influenced our lives (and also to how much we're both addicted to blogging) that we're here at Sentosa together, in the middle of the night, and we decided to write this post together. Lest you think that she's boring, allow me to clarify that it was I who came up with this idea. And now, let's hear what she has to say.

Feisty Bitch: Hohoho! I'm having so much fun here! Great company is great company even though the weather may be sucky (it rained on both days). We have decided that we shall not neglect our loyal readers who check in on our blogs daily for the fantastic reads we provide. Some people may think there is nothing much to do at Sentosa but they are dead wrong. This is our 3rd time here! I will provide a more comprehensive post when I get the pictures up because believe it or not, pictures do paint a thousand words!

Don A.Q.: It has come to my attention that this Vietnamese (or Korean or Japanese, whatever) dude posted some shite on his blog that sort of condemned Singaporean bloggers for not blogging more about political issues or something despite there being like 10 million blogs written by Singaporeans or something. Seriously, I'm being vague because, like, who the fuck cares what he says, right? I'm only giving that asswipe a mention because in that post of his, he mentioned as negative examples my girlfriend, the Feisty Bitch's blog, and my online buddy, the Big Fuck's blog. The point I'm trying to drive home here is that I am pissed off because he did not mention my blog! Seriously, what does a guy have to do to get some disrespect around here? Talk about infantile? Hey, my blog is the most infantile of all! I even drew pictures with M$ Paint on some of my posts, for fuck's sake! JEEZ! I am pissed off. May a thousand boils grow on this mofo's behind. I hope he gets hit by a truck and dies. I hope he gets struck by lightning. Twice. I hope his dog bites his nads. Seriously, MY BLOG IS THE MOST FUCKING INFANTILE AND DUMB OF ALL SINGAPOREAN BLOGS! If any more of you foreign fuckers want to diss any Singaporean blogs, you'd better make sure that it's I Rock, You Suck that gets mentioned first, ok? Jesus Fucking H. Christ on a fucking pogo-stick. The nerve of some people.

Feisty Bitch: I have said my piece about the foreign dude but I realised there's so much more to add. Firstly, for someone who only knew of Singapore as the place that canes people for vandalism, he has a nerve asking locals to speak up about their political views. Ah well... Anyway, it's good to come to Sentosa with Adrian because he is my mosquito buffer. I think I've gotten zero bites while he is nursing a new bite now. Perhaps, the mosquito got tired of his cussing. But isn't he a sweet fucking loyal guy to stand up for me like that? Aww... He power!

Don A.Q. and Feisty Bitch: Due to the fact that the mosquitoes are literally eating Don A.Q. alive (and also due to the fact that we really have nothing more to say), we're signing off now. We'd like to end with a shout out to all our niggers who have been reading and plugging our fucking blogs all this time. These include Hejin, all the villains fine people in LEWD (see sidebar), and diverse other people too insignificant to merit a mention (but whom we really appreciate anyway) <-- (yeah, right). Keep it real, y'all.
Your blog probably overdosed on vulgarities that's why :P
Yes, kitten, I'm sure that's it.
wait which foreign blogger is this again? i missed it.
mmmm. sentosa. nice. i actually quite like sentosa. face it. anywhere's better than being at bloody work.

enjoy yourselves, you two! bring me back some sand. i wanna dump it into my boss's desk drawers. *evil grin*
Big Fuck: It's here, but he seems to have taken off that particular post.

Eileen: Ah, shit, you should have told us before we went. Now we're back on good old Singapore. :p
The 2 of you sounded like you were reporting live at some important event.

And I've had it with people commenting on Singaporean bloggers as a whole.
grrr... LOVE LOVE meh.....!!!!!!
eh. how was i supposed to know you guys were going to sentosa?! bah. never mind. i shall venture to east coast park this weekend. sand, here i come! die, idiot boss, DIE! muahahaha!
Teamup post.
Kinda cool, in a freaky commentary sort of way.
Ivan: Yeah that was the general idea, heheh.

Joel: Something like that.

Eileen: Good luck, girl. >:)

Sid: Of course, all my ideas are cool ones. >:)
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