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Tuesday, June 21, 2005
News And Blogs, News In Blogs

Ok, I have been pretty lazy about blogging these few days, because I've just finished my internship and I am currently enjoying the feeling of lazing around doing nothing at home as opposed to lazing around doing nothing in the office. The main difference between the two is that I have internet access at home. Therefore, although I do jackshit in both environments, I manage to get more jackshit done when I am at home. Moving along, I know this question has been asked before, but does anyone think that blogs can really substitute for mainstream news on any significant level? Well, I think yes and no.

Firstly, most blogs do not get as wide a reader base as newspapers do. In Singapore, even the most popular blogs get at most ten thousand hits or so per day. Sure, that is a pretty big ego booster for the blogger concerned, but let's face it. It's still, shall we say, paltry compared to the readership of even the smallest news publication in Singapore. Not that we have any small news publications in Singapore.

Secondly, even supposing that Singapore eventually produces a blogger as popular as Maddox, why would that person be interested in reporting the news? Furthermore, the most popular blogs are usually not all that serious, and they certainly aren't objective. Yes, I know that no piece of reporting written by a human born of woman is ever objective, but professional journalists of mainstream papers are at least trained to make the effort to be as objective as possible. Except for tabloid reporters, of course. Anyway, the point is that a blog interesting enough to obtain a large reader base usually isn't reporting the fucking news.

However, I do think that there is one significant advantage that blogs enjoy over traditional forms of news, and that is speed. If a blogger is on the scene of some newsworthy event, bam, within half an hour, a report of said event appears on his or her blog. Case in point, there was a fire at Plaza Singapura just now, and Blinkymummy was on the scene. She has posted a rather entertaining entry on it, so do go check it out. There are pictures of her delectable self, although in this case, perhaps one of them was not so delectable because she was wearing a frikkin turban.

She later makes up for it by posting a picture of herself with damp hair (yes, I know that most of you wolves out there have a wet hair fetish, you bastards), though, so we should all still love her.

As I said, go read the damned post yourselves, you lazy pricks. It's up-to-date, and even though it may not be objective, it certainly is entertaining and let's face it, the news is actually nothing more than entertaining half of the world with the troubles of the other half. And remember, you heard it first here at I Rock, You Suck and its LEWD affiliate, Blinkymummy.
TV news has been dumbed down into entertainment anyway. So we might as well turn to some place where we can get our news and ogle at dripping-wet women at the same time :p
Amen to that. Welcome to the New World Order of News.

all news in some form of entertainment, anyway. just depends on how you choose to see it. then again, i'm easily amused and easily entertained. bummer me.

me, personally, i prefer blogs that present news and current affairs in a light hearted fashion. not those "blah blah blah blah i'm so serious and so cheem i'm putting my readers to sleep" kinda stuff.

god knows, the world's a sad enough place as it is. we deserve a lil bit of joy and laughter to keep us sane.

not to say that i disregard the seriousness of issues, though. i don't. just that we need to learn to chill out sometimes. am i making sense?!
to me, news should be serious, unpretentious and direct. Which is why I've boycotted TV news since a long time back.
If I want entertainment, I'll turn to someplace else.
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