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Sunday, June 12, 2005
Mummy's In School Uniform

I'm actually dreadfully lazy right now, but Blinkymummy coerced me into doing this post on the grounds that I didn't go join her at Hideout. So anyway, go check out her post on her adventures at Hideout. Apparently she bumped into Mr Brown and Mr Miyagi there. There are pictures. The lucky devil. If I had met them, I'd have asked them to autograph my butt cheeks or something. So, once again, go check it out here.
now I know the full extent of blinkymummy's hotness....
Spank me mummy!
aww. they went hideout again... hmm.. so sad ive been down with fever.. haha.. so dude when u hanging out with the blogggers?
0_o OOH...... Convent uniforms... Ooh......
Daniel: Dude. Not cool. Incest is NOT COOL. Heheheh.

Celle: Dunno, babe. Maybe when I get fucking paid. My pay is fucking late! ROAR!

Ivan: Jeez, what the fuck is with people (you and Sheena, heheheh) and uniforms? I seriously don't get it!
What's wrong with Daniel? How come he likes spanking so much?!!

Adrian: Thanks for setting up links to my blog on yours.
just fooling around la
Blinkymummy: It was my pleasure, babe. Hahaha, you better link me back since you're now famous!

Daniel: Masturbating too much makes you blind, dude. >:)
right. and you say that from personal experience? ;)
Haha, touché.
hey, pardon my noobness, how do you get the e with the little stroke on top?
but did you know that if you stopped wanking, the blindness will go away =) it's an entirely reversible process.
uniforms are hot stuff lah.

especially convent uniforms.

now excuse me while i go dig out my old convent uniforms from my secondary school days.

how kinky! heh.
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