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Sunday, June 05, 2005
Funny Mummy And Rouge Part II

Blinkymummy is a funny mummy. See, I've chatted with her on Yahoo! Messenger a coupla times. On the penultimate occasion, at the end of the chat, she said something like "nice talking to you" and "let's do this again sometime". Being the troglodyte that I am, I naturally laughed at her and chided her for being too polite and formal. I then told her that we'd talk again whenever we're both online.

So we were talking again this afternoon and she had to go. Here's what was said.

(15:18:34) BM: NICE TALKING TO YOU! :D
(15:18:38) AQ: hahaha u too
(15:18:41) AQ: :)
(15:18:46) AQ: OK!!!
(15:18:53) AQ: haha
(15:18:55) BM: polite and formal or not?
(15:18:56) BM: :D
(15:19:02) AQ: quite leh
(15:19:14) BM: i'm from good school one mah!
(15:19:20) BM: i'm conditioned that way
(15:19:28) AQ: a simple "later" would be sufficient on the net
(15:19:32) AQ: haha
(15:19:33) BM: oh ok.
(15:19:41) AQ: plus it sounds so cool
(15:19:44) AQ: later, babe
(15:19:50) AQ: and u say "later dude"
(15:19:52) AQ: see?

Here comes the punchline.

(15:20:04) AQ: u are such a hoot!
(15:20:06) BM: old habits die hard.

I realise that the joke may be obscure for people who weren't participating in that particular conversation (i.e. everyone in the world who's not Don A.Q. or Blinkymummy), but hey, I found it hilarious, and that's all that matters, bitches.

So, I went out with MrToe, Bu, Cyprus, Danny and Xue Ni(?) last night.

First, we went to this Party World KTV at Cuppage. It's on the 5th floor and it's called Sunlight City. As I entered the lift at Cuppage on my way there, two hot chicks entered with me. When we reached the 4th floor, both of them alighted, and guess what I saw on the wall opposite the elevator? Adam and Eve Japanese KTV. I must admit that some suspicions about the professions of those two hot chicks, who were both dressed to kill, by the way, entered my mind at that point. Lest you misunderstand me, let me state clearly now that I have no prejudice against PR girls, ok? Some of my best friends have been PR girls.

Well, ok, maybe not, but I would definitely not exclude them from my circle of friendship. So anyway, this was one of the nights when almost everything just clicked, you know? My voice was in fine form when we were at the KTV. We sang 搁浅 by 周杰伦 and we totally fucking nailed it. We also sang Careless Whisper by George Michael. Ok, basically, we nailed almost all the songs that we sang, including 我不知道 by 动力火车 and 世界末日 by 信乐团. Yes, I know you hate 信乐团, Blinkymummy, and I'm sorry but 信乐团踢屁股, ok? Anyway, 我和我的朋友踢屁股! Man, cussing in directly-translated-from-English Chinese is 干 hilarious and I'll probably be doing it for a while, so get used to it. 干 A!

So after singing our hearts out, MrToe went off to meet other friends and the rest of us were sort of wondering where to go. In the end, we settled on Rouge because Xue Ni could get us in free. Yes, freebies are 干踢屁股! Yes, I'm a 干 cheapskate. Sue me. Things were slow at first, and we were quite sedate, but that didn't last long because we chugged down a fair bit of alcohol in a fairly short amount of time. Soon, Cyprus started dancing. Having seen her dance and heard her sing within the space of one night, my opinion has once again been reaffirmed that she is indeed one of God's better gifts to mankind.

So anyway, how could I let a babe like Cyprus dance alone? So I got off my 屁股 and joined her. Man, dancing with a godlike dancer was godlike! Although, of course, my dancing was pretty much godlike on its own already, but genius loves company. In fact, I was so godlike that these two guys who were perfect strangers passed me their drinks and fags. Am I the fucking God of Clubs or what? Of course, they could have been gays, but I somehow doubt it, because the gays I know have tended to be more forward than them. Besides, they made no other moves towards me. Cyprus got dragged onto the podium by one of the staff at one point, and she dragged me along. Yes, she's definitely one of the better dancers I know.

Actually, I am now wondering whether it was because I was so drunk that my dancing was comedic that people were passing me their drinks. No, couldn't be. No fuckin' way. Anyway, who cares? I had fun! 干 A!!


P.S. Blinkymummy told me after I showed her this picture that I am indeed gay bait. Who agrees?

Wow. Abundant chio bu, flowing alcohol, belting songs, gyrating dances with chio and great dancer, free fags, what more can a guy ask for?
sounds like great fun...
gan A!
I agree. Especially when you've already revealed that you drink girly drinks while out and about.
Feisty Bitch: My cup runneth over.

Daniel: 娘干 A!

Jess: Haha, that night happened to be a beer and Smirnoff night.
haha, niang gan funny!
heh. yeah, cuppage is full of, erm, more "mature" ktv joints. but i like those kind. very, erm, educational! and i get free, erm, "entertainment" / movies / show! free is gooood. anything free, i will whack. i'm such a cheapo. heh.

and, erm, i reserve comments on your degree of gay-ish-ness. hahahaha!
adrian: lol. i spotted someone very sore about your wonderful night at rouge!

eileen: btw, the ktv joints at cuppage are like mild? probably nothing really happening. if you wanna find out more you should join one of our outing, our conversational topics might be even more educational.
Eileen: Aren't we all cheapos? And why reserve your comments? Quick tell me!

Icebreeze: She's not lah, she's just happy for me I had fun. :)
icebreeze : i know. they're not that bad. i've been to some others. like, er, kabuki.. and the old orchard palace. i can't remember already..

tell me more! i wanna know more stories about stuff like this! haha! but i'm actually very innocent hor. please don't corrupt me with, er, "dirty" conversation hor. ahahahaha! :p
lol.. it's not "dirty" conversation.. i would like to think of it more like healthy male conversation? and for you it's probably just another tour thru the human male's brain..lol..
adrian : weeelllll.. lets just say that i can understand why people would say that you're gay bait. and comin from someone who has a gay-bait best friend, trust me! i know my stuff!

nabeh. there have been occasions when guys would rather stare at my male best friend than me! very bad for my ego, i can tell you. bah.

but for a more professional opinion, i must observe in person! becos, as we all know, photos can be very deceiving... haha!

icebreeze : ya lah. healthy male conversation = dirty minded conversation!! isn't it?! haha! but never mind. i like i like! i must learn more about the way men think so i can understand better. then i can conquer the world and make all the men my slaves! muahahahaha!
ei|een: if that's the case I think we could have some private session some time.. -grin-
Eileen: Yah, you must see me dance then you will fully understand how gay bait I am.

Ice and Eileen: get a room!
HAHAHAHAHA! eh. don't liddat lah. i shy. hahaha!
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