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Wednesday, May 25, 2005
Rant Against The Sports Fans

This entry will start with some of my activities of the past few days. You can skip to the short rant about sports fans if you're not interested.

As Sheena has already related, we went to Double O on Saturday. I did not blog about it firstly because the Star Wars post had a higher priority in my queue of posts. Yes, I have accumulated some ideas for posts during my hiatus and hence there is a queue. Anyway, the second reason why I did not write about clubbing was that there has already been a few of those, and while it was fun at the time, it probably gets monotonous for you guys to keep hearing about me being the God of Clubs. See? I am not totally without consideration for you headcounts. All I shall say about Saturday will be that I met LEWD member Nethia for the first time and I must say that she is hot.

She did seem a little reserved at first, though, which was totally not in keeping with her brash online image. She's quite intelligent, however, and possesses razor sharp wit that left poor Sheena in bloody tatters by the end of the night. Injenue, Icebreeze and I were much entertained by them sniping at each other over supper. And did I mention that Nethia is hot? Yes, chicks with tattoos are the rulest. I have nothing but the utmost respect for them. The level of my respect for chicks with tattoos is somewhat akin to the level of my respect for nitroglycerin near a naked flame.

I would like to say that we should go drinking again, but unfortunately, I have been spending way too much on alcohol recently, so I shall (try to) refrain from asking anyone out for drinks for a while. If any of you headcounts would like to drink with me, however, feel free to contribute the odd hundred bucks or so to my Beer Fund and I will think about it.

Oh yeah, Nethia told me that I dance well. MUAHAHAHAHAHA!

I also went drinking last night with Injenue and the rest of the lads. It would have been cool except for the fucking rain, goddammit. This proves that not only does God exist, he hates me as well.

By the way, I've picked up blading again, after a break from it of like, ten years or so. If any of you shitbricks out there likes to blade too, feel free to shoot me an email and I'll ask you along the next time I go if I think you're cool enough.

Ok, will someone tell me what's the fucking deal with sports fans? I will never understand why some people go nuts when their favourite sport is mentioned. Take this, for example. Ever notice how some sports fans say shit like "we won" or "we lost"? It's not "we", you dumbass. It's "them". You did not win shit. They did. I've seen people who support different teams get into arguments and even fights over which team is better. What the fuck? If the teams have played each other, the team that fucking won is obviously the better one, isn't it? Deal with it, morons. What the fuck is with "supporting" a particular team, anyway? It makes no fucking sense, because firstly, the team you so ardently root for is owned by fucking fat, rich businessmen who couldn't make a basket or score a goal if their lives depended on it.

All the rest of the people involved with the "team", including the athletes and the coaches, are replaced every few months or years at the most.

So what the fuck are you supporting when you support a "team"? The only thing constant about your favourite "team" is the fucking fat fuck who owns the fucking scam. Are you supporting that tub of lard?

Seriously, you can go on and on about sportsmanship and glory and all that bullshit, but the fact remains that, at the end of the day, you're still a fat, flabby loser in front of the television who couldn't run ten metres without getting out of breath. And your heroes don't give a shit about you. They just want your money, which you foolishly give to them by buying their stupid merchandise. Oh, look. You're wearing Michael Jordan's shoes!

Congratulations, you're still a loser.

Yes, I know that the idiot shown in the picture isn't that of a basketball idiot wearing Jordan's shoes. Guess what? I don't give a shit.

Here's a picture of more idiots.

Come the fuck on, if you're not playing, what fucking difference does it make whether you're there or not? It's not like they're rock stars and the live performance sounds different from the album or something. Watch it on the fucking television and stop wasting your money, for chrissake. On the other hand, if you idiots do that, you're likely to shout and scream in the middle of the fucking night when some jock with his brains in his biceps puts a ball into a hoop and thus disturb my beauty sleep. I guess I shall just have to settle for outlawing sports when I take over the world.

Yes, the Holy Empire of Adrian shall be a cold, cheerless place, and anyone who displays the slightest hint of happiness shall instantly attract the suspicions of the all-pervasive secret police and be extensively interrogated and finally executed by sodomy, if necessary.

Man, that would be so tits.
I can't lie anymore, truth is i'm reserved,shy,demure,feminine and oh i forgot the rest of the crap i memorized..Anyway the sniping between me and sheena was just a free flow of love er flowing between us...
and dammit you're a rawking good dancer man!!
we should go drink again soon man, when we're no longer in the throes of poverty..
Adrian, when you went clubbing with Celly, you said she was hot. When you went clubbing with Nethia, you said she was hot. May I ask why you've never said I was hot?

(And don't you dare tell me it's because I'm not hot. Ok maybe I'm not but I'd like to believe that I possess some beauty in my face despite my fat body.)
My favourite thing about sports fans is that "their" teams are rarely composed of players from their city. For instance, I think there are probably two Canadian boys on the Edmonton Oilers teams. And they are probably both from Calgary, the rival city. It just makes absolutely no sense to me why a bunch of Finns and Americans are representing a Canadian hick-city's hockey team. It would make more sense to feel some sort of team pride if the players were actually from the given city in question...Oi, I heartily agree with you.

But I like to get drunk at hockey and football games.
Nethia: Shore shore, anytime you're ready, babe. I'll dig into the piggy bank just for you, heheh. And thanks for the compliment.

Sheena: Tch tch, jealousy is such an ugly emotion, Sheena.

Jess: Yes, that is exactly what I mean. Sports these days is so multinational that supporting a team just doesn't make sense. What makes even less sense is that Singaporeans support English soccer teams. What the fuck? Anyway, I'd probably drink outside all the time if Singapore weren't bloody hot!
Haha. That's bloody funny. Someone should get tomorrow to feature this article. Maybe I'll do it. But maybe you won't like the fame, so I'll just wait for your reply.
haha. i sense incoming flames soon.
haha, they say love is blind.
sb: Go ahead dude.

wongcheok: With all the recent rain, maybe the flames will keep me warm.

Daniel: Yeah, that's almost always true.
oh dear. seems i am guilty of being an idiot sports fan. forgive me. its a side effect from alcohol overdose. screws up the mind. heh.

oh well. we all have our shortcomings. we can't all be perfect! if not, where would the minions come from?! hahaha!
Eileen: Yeah, after I saw your latest post I was thinking to myself that man, that's bad timing. Hahaha. Just like the time I posted a poem right after the Big Fuck posted a rant against would-be poets.
I'm totally a sports fan who uses 'we' to describe my team. It's a one-sided relationship, but hey, aren't all the best relationships one-sided?
Hey, I think that King Of Idiot pic is not that appropriate and suitable ... That guy is not those shitty fans supporting a club totally unrelated that you mentioned. The guy featured by you is a patriotic guy supporting his own country soccer team(Thailand), and I think he should be spared. Furthermore, I think he is offered incentives to lead the country's cheer team.

Oh shit ~ I pointed out Adrian's rare mistake ... Damn it !!! Forgive me please ...
Big Fuck: Well, lots of my friends do that too, actually. Heheheheh.

Kita: What "mistake" are you talking about? I don't give a fuck who he's supporting, why he's supporting them and whether it's "appropriate" or "suitable", man. He looks stupid and stupid is funny, heheheheheh.
and i was just telling gimmoh today that it was stupid to stay up to watch liverpool play lol then i read this post. u shld ask him to read this man. lol.
Damn. The entry must have been rejected. Curse you, Mr Brown!
injenue: Haha, you do it.

sb: No matter, dude. I still recall with horror the wave of idiots the last tomorrow.sg tide washed in. I'm really rather happy with my alternative cult following, anyway, heheheh.
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