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Saturday, May 14, 2005
Non-post, Compost

Since I'm busy gaming, I shall leave you with the words of Darth Sidious. Go check out his latest. Kids these days who don't even know what a Wookie is claim to be Star Wars fans. Pah! A pox on them.
Wookies: Ewoks on steroids. Ha!

Maybe not, but hey, Chewbacca kicks more ass than Jar-Jar Binks anytime.
And the winner of the Halloween costume competition is...Wendy, in her Chewbacca costume. Couldn't they put it as Wookie insted?
Wah kao this kind of post also got comment ar?

Ivan: Chewbacca kicks ass. I do a mean Chewbacca vocal impression.

. . .

Ok, that isn't much, I know, but still.

sb: Haha, SP kicks ass too. Did you watch the one where Chef's music gets stolen and they hire the guy who got OJ Simpson off the hook? Oh, no! He's going to use the Chewbacca defense! Hilarious shit.
play game somemore..

wahahaha.. the comment as boliao as the post
Celle: Gaming is very macho and manly ok! And so is Star Wars! Hahaha
Hai Ren:
Wookies aren't ewoks on steroids..
They're animated walking carpets!

Ewoks are tasty..

It's a Geeks world! Geeks will rule the world!
Sooner or later, all the hot babes out there will then succumb to the geeks!
Sid: For sure. Most probably because one of us will perfect a mind-control device just for that purpose. Heh.
Alcohol. ;)

Wade: Haha, that doesn't always work.
Talking about Star Wars, Burger King has new Star Wars burgers with Star Potatoes inside. Looks good.
Oh! They also give away toys for the kids meal. Collect all 4 now!
I saw the ad for that.. I was even told by some 'fans' that if I didn't go to BK, I wasn't a true fan.

After seeing the abonimations they've turned Darth Vader into though..

Eh.. Have you seen his light saber?
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