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Saturday, May 07, 2005

As promised, I shall reply to the comments on my previous entry. Being that all other comments are rather trivial, I shall reply to the single most important one first.

Ashwin: lots of differences :)
this blog, for some reason, reminds me of Maddox's site. Is it intentional?

Me: Not consciously, though I must admit that it is entirely possible that I am influenced on some level by him. If you're referring to the posts themselves, no, I did not intentionally set out to imitate Maddox. The opinions expressed here and the way in which they are phrased are entirely my own. I wrote like that before I even knew about Maddox. If you're referring to the layout of the blog, well, I just also happen to like dark backgrounds. Having said that, I must say that it is no disgrace to ape Maddox, because let's face it, his site is awesome. Being compared to him just made my day, so thanks, heheh.

And now, for the rest. Before we get started, allow me to point out that the dictionary defines a racism as "discrimination or prejudice based on race".

Yuhui: ISD frowns on racist jokes. I know that for a fact.

Me: So? the ISD can frown on them all they want, but that doesn't mean that they are right. People are still going to crack racist jokes, and more importantly, racial differences are still going to exist. I think that instead of deliberately pretending our differences don't exist, a far better approach towards promoting racial harmony would be to crack jokes about our differences and laugh about them together.

Agagooga: Hypersensitivity to putative racism is in itself a subtle form of racism.
But, no, I don't agree with Freudian projection (cf jllt's comment)

Me: I totally agree with you, dude.

Karp Ace: Yeah I laugh at racist jokes too, and I make them too.


1. I do not make them in front of someone of that race unless I
really want to offend them

2. I make racist jokes about my own race BUT if someone else were
to make racist jokes about my race, I get super pissed off (Only a
nigger can choose to drop the N-bomb)

If you were in a corporate setting and made a racist joke about my
race, I would make sure I saw to it personally that you would be

So go ahead, enjoy the anonymity of the Internet...

Me: Well, that's interesting. So let me get this straight. You're saying that

1. It's only ok to make jokes about a group of people behind their backs but not to their faces? Congratulations, you're a coward.

2. It's ok for members of your race to make a certain type of joke, but not ok for members of other races to make them. In essence, you're discriminating against them based on their race. Congratulations, you're a racist.

And as for the corporate setting shit, I have some advice for you. You'd better hide the fact that you make racist jokes against your own race if you intend to screw someone else over for it, or else you wouldn't have any ground to stand on. If you did that, though, you'd be a hypocrite as well as a racist and a coward.

So we've established based on your comment that you're a coward, a racist and also a hypocrite, since you're a racist speaking up against racism. Feel free to question my logic.

It would take neither great feats of deductive reasoning nor technological wizardry to figure out my identity, so there goes the luxury of anonymity.

Anonymous: That's why I was asking if you are actually supporting racism or
you're just talking about racist jokes. There are 2 issues here. Jokes
about race, and racism. Some of the post indicates that you are saying
that jokes about race are not racist, but then you say u are against
"anti racist" people.

Me: I do not support racism. I was not defending racists. As far as I am concerned, CZ is a moron who probably got what was coming to him. In tomorrow.sg, someone commented that my post was neither refreshing nor enlightened. Seeing as "refreshing" and "enlightened" are both relative, I shall not contest that perception, which is after all only due to his or her bad taste. However, the reason he or she gave for it not being refreshing was that "it's hardly a new defense", or something to that effect. I must say in response that he or she missed the point entirely. What I wrote was not a defense of anything. It was meant to offend those who are hypersensitive where race is concerned. And I must say, judging from the responses, that I have succeeded beyond my wildest dreams, because all sorts of hypersensitive idiots who will start foaming at the mouth (figuratively speaking) when race is mentioned have entirely missed the point of my post and come out of the woodwork. There weren't two issues in the first place. There was only one, and if you couldn't see that, you can kiss my ass and fuck off.

Anonymous: And for how your cool race comments can hurt another person, well, i've been reading this indian girl's blog. She's from Singapore and if you didn't already know that it hurts to be singled out because of your race, you'd understand from her blog.

Me: I have, in fact, been on the butt end of racism before, when I was much younger, and I don't need to read anyone else's blog to understand how it feels. In fact, I used to get into scraps with other kids over it. If someone says something with the intention to offend me, whether it's a racist remark or something else, I will of course beat on his ass until he realises the error of his ways. However, that is totally not what I was talking about. What I was trying to say was that if you're too fucking sensitive and take offence where none was meant, then the problem lies with you, not me. My secondary point was that you cannot stop people from being racist, you can only stop them from acting like racists.

Anonymous: And you can't criticise that a person is being anal, you just

Me: I can't? Just watch me.

You're anal. Fuck you.

As it turns out, I actually can. Fancy that.

Anonymous: Not when you are the joker and not the butt of the joke. Being
singled out has very hurtful psychological effects on a person.If
you're with a bunch of friends of another race who are used to joking
around and no one minds, then I guess that's not racism per se. I
think it doesn't depend on intention, but on the situation.

Me: My view on this is as follows. If someone makes an offensive remark and claims that it's meant to be humourous, I will take him at his word and make a similar remark against him as a joke. If he gets pissed, he's obviously a hypocrite, and since I pissed him off, I won. If he doesn't, it's all good because hey, I've found another guy who can take jokes. So yes, it does depend on the intention. I stand by my opinion that if you can't take jokes, most of which can be taken to be offensive against someone, you're anal and deserve to pop a blood vessel. So if I crack a racist joke, feel free to get back at me by ripping on my race. I won't get offended. If you choose to throw a hissyfit over it, guess what? I don't give a shit.

Anonymous: For example, if I'm overseas and someone in the group uses the
word "Chink" say, to talk about a guy in a movie. They'd say that no
one means to offend,but am I supposed to just take it then? If the
user of the word told me to be cool about it, I'd punch him if I

Me: I would just take it and maybe call him a piece of fucking white trash. If he gets offended, too bad. If he doesn't, he's cool. Wouldn't you say that's a better response than simply getting your ass kicked everytime someone cracks a racist joke? I reiterate, if you have sand in your vagina, it's no concern of mine.

profanity: how disappointing to hear this from you and your "heuheuheu"
toadying lackeys.

Me: Heheheh, I sort of guessed it was you, profanity. I shall try to be excessively gentle with you, even though you're a fucking bitch with a chip on your shoulder the size of a motherfucking planet and a troll to boot, because you have nice tits.

profanity: funny how you and gssq (both intelligent people who purport to be
not racist) keep having that high and mighty posturing about being
tolerant of racism. plain bizarre.

Me: Why, thank you, sweetie! *beams* Yes, we are rather intelligent, aren't we. *preens* By the way, I'm not tolerant of racism, I'm indifferent to it, and I shall reveal the reason later.

profanity: my indian friends who read CZ's blog were invariably hurt, upset
and perturbed by his perception of their race. see, only people who
are threatened by racism (i.e, racial minorities) are sensitive to
racism - OBVIOUSLY.

Me: As well they should be. However, if they're sensitive to non-racists as well, it's their own damned problem. Similarly, homophobe-phobes can kiss my ass as well. Oh, wait, no they can't! >:)

profanity: i think it's very unkind and silly to say that
people who can't take racist jokes are anal. some people are
sensitive, some are not. you and gssq are just insensitive, ignorant
and selfish - i.e. no better than rednecks.

Me: I plead guilty to insensitivity and selfishness, but not to ignorance. I have, as I said, had quite a few personal brushes with racists, so I understand perfectly how it feels to be discriminated against. Man, you have such nice tits . . .

Ok, where was I? I have got to stop getting distracted like this. As I was saying, if you're offended when no offence is meant, it's your own damned problem, not mine.

profanity: I am his FRIEND, red-fuckin-neck (i am the second anonymous, that
is). Instead of using a dumb pseudonym why don't you do the same? err
unless you're actually donaq..

Me: It wasn't me, babe. I am as puzzled over his identity as anyone else. The use of the "redneck" handle would seem to indicate gssq, but then trying to call out anonymous trolls doesn't seem to be his style. The next person which springs to mind is the Feisty Bitch, who can be protective of me at times. I wonder why, because I sure as hell can take care of myself. Anyway, she says it wasn't her, so it's probably Ivan. Let's see if I'm right, shall we (blogging from work presently)? If it's not Ivan, then w00t! I have a new fan. Hahahaha.

Anonymous: what a bunch of losers who want to justify their mean streak.

Me: What an idiot who cannot master basic reading skills.

Anonymous: Your logic stinks and rather than believe that racism is wrong, you'd rather believe that non-snobbish people do not exist, and the ones who try to fight racist attitudes are hypocrites.

Me: I seldom think of any attitude as being "right" or "wrong", since the definitions of these terms seem to vary from society to society and even from person to person. Having said that, I will allow that racism is not a desirable attitude in any modern society. I neither said that non-snobbish people do not exist, nor did I say that those who try to fight racist attitudes are hypocrites. As far as I'm concerned, those rabid anti-racists, such as yourself, are, on the whole, genuinely stupid and/or naive and not merely pretending to be so. You can fight racists and racist behaviour, but nothing you can do can force them to not be racist. Oh, and by the way, your logic stinks, because anti-racists aren't necessarily non-snobs, you asswipe.

Anonymous: The world is a shitty place not because of anti racist activists, but because there are too many people like you. That's why it took a war to stop slavery, apartheid and that's why ordinary people let the Holocaust happen. You may not have compassion, but bear in mind that there are people who do.

Me: If you think the world is such a shitty place, go do everyone including yourself a favour and kill yourself, idiot. I find it highly amusing that a non-snobbish person such as yourself would refer to people as "ordinary people", which by inference means that you think you're somehow special. I bet you're real proud of your humility too, eh? You're a perfect example of the type of rabid anti-racist dog I was referring to, who would foam at the mouth and start hurling faeces in all directions without understanding what the writer was really trying to say when race is mentioned.

Anonymous: I really wish you, Redneck, were a black soccer player in a soccer field in front of a stadium with a predominantly white audience chanting racial slurs at you. THEN you might be grateful for a few "hypocritical" non-racists who speak up for you.

I really wish you, Anonymous, were a super hot chick who really wanted to let me bone you, but then, if wishes were horses, beggars would ride. Seriously, you're so stupid, I bet you have to unzip to count to eleven. You're the only person who even mentioned hypocrisy here, you fucking moron. I even did a search of the entry just to be sure. Honestly, if you were any dumber, we'd have to water you twice a day.

Anonymous: And I'm proudly anonymous because if I were to leave a name, you'd accuse me of trying to act noble so I can appear righteous. Geez.

Me: I do not care whether you leave a name or not, because I am supremely disinterested as to the identities of idiots like you. Not leaving a name was probably the smartest thing you did, though, because although now everyone knows that someone is retarded, at least they don't know who exactly. Oh, by the way, "geez" is a derogatory way of pronouncing "Jesus", so guess what? You just committed a religious slur against the Christians, you ignorant fool.

To conclude, I have a few points to make.
1) I am not a racist.
2) If I am a racist, then I am a racist against the entire human race, because let's face it, most of you are idiots, a fact patently obvious from the comments I have received.
3) It should have been immediately apparent to any child of four from the previous post that I am not defending racism, and if you couldn't see that, fuck you. Stop reading my blog.
4) Goddammit, profanity has nice tits.
5) Once again, note that since the definition of a racist is someone who discriminates against other people based on race, I cannot be a racist, because I hate all of you equally for being the worthless pieces of shit that you all are, regardless of race, language or religion.
6) I am not anti-racist either. I'm just indifferent to it, because almost everyone nurses some unreasonable prejudice. If it's not racism, it's religion. If it's not religion, it's political ideology. If not that, then social status. Let's face it, you're all fucked up in one way or another, and I can no longer be bothered to care about what you shitbricks do to each other.
7) As far as I'm concerned, this is the end of the discussion. If you still do not understand what I was trying to say, you can fuck off and die, because you're too stupid to understand anyway. If you still take offence, you're too anal for me to talk to, so you can fuck off and die too. To me, you're a non-entity, but feel free to post comments so I can snigger at your dumbass.

Disclaimer: I have not, in fact, seen profanity's boobs, although I'm sure she has a very nice pair. I just say it for comic effect. This disclaimer is here because most of you are idiots who can't see that and who will suspect that she goes around flashing her boobs or something, and I may be an asshole, but I would never besmirch the reputation of a lady friend. She does, however, have genital warts, don't ask me how I know that.

Disclaimer to the previous disclaimer: No, she doesn't have genital warts, you dolts. Jeez . . .

On a less serious note and since we're on the subject of tits, check this out. It's fucking hilarious.

"Not bad. I think they may be drifting to the right a little."
"The left one looks fine. The right one looks good. They match, yeah."

Seriously, go see it. The chick inside has a perfect pair of tits.

This is not strictly about tits, but it still rocks.

By the way, Angelfire does not allow direct linking of files from outside websites, so I have tried to make it as simple for you as possible by redirecting you to the files, so just wait a while.
hey full of peace dude. I would like to apologize for drunken commenting yesterday. It's better today, not that much drink.
So, I guess the bunch is partyin on Wed then??
Yeah... No need to be protective of you at all..
There ARE two issues here. Even those sticking up for you have so-called misunderstood.

To quote you:
"Ok, back to the people who are anti-prejudice in general and anti-racist in particular."

Here, you try to make those who stick up for the minority look like idiots. People who are inwardly racist wouldn't bother to comment on blogs. Just avoid making a racist comment and no one knows what goes on inside one's head anyway. The fact that a person attempts to put forth his views at the risk of having a barrage of bad words directed at him/her shows that that person has more honorable intentions than you have. Debunking the racial stereotypes which these jokes propagate is not being hypersensitive or anal, it's just the right thing to do.

Saying that people who outwardly oppose racism are MORE racist than those who do not is stupid and to me is a way to make people who oppose racism feel like they're doing something wrong.

If I were to tell someone to not make racist jokes in public, I'm not trying to change his mindset but to stick up for the butt of the joke. I think it's repulsive to make a fellow human being feel excluded from a joke because of his race. Why the hell should I bother to reform a racist? A racist seldom changes his ways, because his racist attitudes were probably inculcated since young by his parents. There's nothing a bystander can do and basically I think it's the person's prob if he's a racist. He'll get bashed up one day.

You may not have used the word hypocrisy, but you're saying that people who are express anti racist sentiment are no less racist than those who spew racist jokes. Your whole post is directed against people who criticise racists. Why? Because you think everyone has an inherent desire to make and laugh at such jokes. Well, wake up to the fact that just as you have been conditioned to find these funny, some of us are capable of putting themselves in the shoes of others. So do the world a favor and stop saying that the problem lies with the "anti racist" people. Perhaps you are the one who ought to be watered.
To add on, just because there will always be racist is not a reason to stop speaking out against it.

Obesity will never be eradicated. Does that mean we should abolish healthy eating campaigns? People will never stop polluting the earth, but does that mean Earth Day has no use? The Japanese will probably never stop whaling, but does that mean the international community shouldn't put pressure on them to stop?
Celle: Yeah, we partying!

Feisty Bitch: It's still sweet of you to try, babe. :)
It wasn't me! I was too busy studying to read what shit I had stirrred up.
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