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Saturday, April 30, 2005
I Wrote Some Crap At Work And I'm Posting It Only Cos I'm Drunk

Ok, I came back from pubbing. Tell ya guys all about it tomorrow. Meantime, here's some crap I wrote at work.

Come, child of dark, to your place and your moment.
You, who are fleet of foot and bright of eye.
You, who will drink a thousand cups and live forever in a night.
This is your time, your ground, and for Pan you will dance.
For Dionysus you will imbibe the spirits.
For Aphrodite will you laugh and love and live and leave,
to cry, then laugh and love and live again.
Revel for the old gods who live inside you, who call to your blood,
who make your feet to flicker in the flickering lights.
Feel the nameless thrill of the dark light, the glamour inhaled through the smoky air.
Tonight, you will be immortal, as the beat of chaos rules your body,
for you will worship and be worshipped, remember and be remembered.
Tonight, you will die, as the spirits destroy your body,
for you will be replaced and revoked, forgotten and forsaken.
So come, child of dark, to your place and your moment.
You, who are fleet of foot and bright of eye.
You, who will drink a thousand cups and live forever in a night,
and perform the old gods' rituals.
Defy the one truth that you and your brethren know:
You will not pass this way again.
I want to experience it now also cannot.
Wah...bad timing, bro....right after I wrote my entry bashing poems....

Yours doesn't suck, though. It's not bad.

Nice. Kind of captures the primal spirit of euphoria that takes over your mind and body when you go clubbing. At least, that's what I feel when I take to the dancefloor. Heh.
Feisty Bitch: Your time will come.

Big Fuck: Yeah, after I posted, I surfed on to your blog as usual and I was like wtf. No problem, though, because anything I crapped out of my keyboard can only be pure gold.

Ivan: You're a pagan mystic. Congratulations.
y'know, hai ren is right. this really isnt that bad. better than the usual lame ass poems around. maybe because for once a poem has some relevance to our (night)life.
I'm impressed, Adrian! You're an arts fag now! Welcome to the club!
wongcheok: Thanks, dude. :)

Sheena: Bah, I always knew I'd be an awesome arts fag, because I have talent, but I wanted to do something useful with my life yeah? >=)
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