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Wednesday, October 12, 2005
The Passing Of A Legend

I was never really close to you, and I did not even know your real name before today. Now, I will never get the chance to be close to you, and that I do regret. After I heard the news, I have thought of how these things often go, and I have thought that it is entirely possible that once the shock wears off, the obscure pain I feel will vanish as if it never was.

I do not want that, and hence I am writing this.

I hope that years and years from now, I will still feel this pain whenever I read what I have said here. I do not think that we could call ourselves close friends, but that was only due to a lack of time, and not due to a lack of regard. I think you were really cool and I practically worshipped your skills.

I knew that you were sad the first time we really talked. I saw your MSN nick today, and wondered if I should, but I was doing something else. Something inconsequential. Something I no longer really remember doing. I regret it now, and I hope that I will always regret it when I read this, for in regret, there is memory, and if there is at least one person who remembers, then perhaps you have not truly gone.

I hope to always remember the fun we all had, and the fun that you helped us obtain at the expense of countless unknown others, whom we ground into the imaginary dust at our metaphorical feet. Among us, you stood head and shoulders above the rest. You were the undisputed Champion of our little clique and the defender of our enormous egos. You were our pillar of support, our unbeatable legend, our invincible warrior. Without you, we will never approach battles with the absolute confidence in our eventual victory that we once had. We will always remember you, my friend, and I sincerely hope that wherever you have gone, you are happier now. If oblivion is not the eventual fate of us all, then I hope that at some point in my continuing journey, we will all meet again and we will all laugh again.

Au Revoir, Clavion.

We All Die Young
Steel Dragon
(Rock Star OST)

Risk my soul, test my life
For my bread
Spend my time lost in space
Am I dead?
Let the river flow
Through my callused hands
And take me from my own
The eyes of the damned

It makes my stomach turn
And it tears my flesh from bone
How we turn a dream to stone

And we all die young

Tell me I know
I lived so afraid
And still we cry alone
With words left unsaid

It makes my stomach turn
And it tears my flesh from bone
How we turn this dream to stone

And we all die young
Yeah we all die young
to quote daphne, "to know the value of a friend, lose one."

sheesh, i'm still shocked.
He will be always in our heart 4ver .

From now on , even though he cant NOW with us anymore , but i believe he'll always be our side .

Yeah... Well said! Never expected never anticipated.

Still regretting for not having talked today cos i was "busy working". Something that never mattered...
May his soul find the solace he seeks.
Rest in peace my friend.
fucking sad.
I can't say I know him well, but from the 2 taxi rides I shared with him and our conversations about life, I gleaned a very mature, level-headed, and straightforward person.
He will be missed. RIP friend,
He will be missed.
who's clavion? e name v famililar, but i juz cant put a face to the name -glad
don: I was thinking of leaving all the crying to the funeral, but you had to come and do this.

Clavion!! I ask you, Now who is going to undo the damage that I do?

Why like that?

Gladys right? Clav lompang your car before. Him and I in the back seat..Adrian in front.
Firstly, I don't think Adrian is crazy.

Secondy, I think "I think adrian is crazy" is ignorant.

For someone to commit sucide, he is not a selfish weakling. He is someone with a sickness call depression.

Adrian, I don't know you, but take care. God will bless him still, no matter where he is now.
'i think adrian is crazy', don't know anything don't rant and rave la. This post not even about sympathy.
oh dear god, i'm so sorry to hear about such a sad occasion..

its never easy for anyone to deal with death, but even more painful to deal with the "what if"s and "if only"s that inevitably come in the aftermath of something like this.

coming from someone who once almost went down the same path as your friend, save for some lucky timing, i know what its like.

everything happens for a reason.

for all those affected by this, celebrate the memories, and cherish what you have.

sometimes, it takes a huge slap in the face for people to wake up from their daze.

my sympathies and condolences.. y'all take care now, y'hear?
I'm sorry not to know him, if you all have thought so highly of him.
I'm so sorry to hear about your friend...

At times like these, I think words can't really express what we want to say, or even do any good, but my condolences to you Adrian, and all the others here who know him.

And stupid anonymous troll, fuck you understand. Suicide is not a matter of selfishness. Only morons like you who have floated along with your head in the clouds for your whole life have no idea how it feels to be depressed and suicidal. Someone's fucking DIED here and you are spouting this kind of insensitive shit. I hope you die a violent death and then have people laugh at you and call you dumb after that, because you'll deserve every inch of it.
What we can learn -
be honest and true with your friends. Life is too short for pretensions.
Can't say I know who you're talking about, nor do I know how it's like to lose a friend, but in any case, I offer my condolences.
To the blog owner:

Thank you for your kind words for my brother.

Clavion's brother
I've been away for only a short while.. And this was totally out of my expectations.. I remember having to hear it 3 times before it actually registered in my mind...
Indeed most of us have never been really close to him... but he has not once, but many times came forth to me on MSN and encouraged me in many other situations.. He has definitely tried his best to forge a close bond with us..but I regret to say I always thought we had time..
he never failed to provide us with games even if he's busy...
it's like we're there ranting and raving about wanting to NOW but there ain't any decent hosts.. and he'll just appear and solve the problem for us..
Perhaps many things are too late to be said now that he's gone.. It should be a lesson well learnt for all of us I figured...Me, especially..
A professor once told me: "The moment you buy your first bike, you can expect the day to come where you have to cremate your first biker friend."

And it proved to be true, thrice in rapid succession.

They weren't exactly close to me, but the words in your blog strikes a chord within me that evokes memories of what happened, and how I felt.

Hence, while I may subscribe to the notion that suicide is an extremely wasteful act, it does nothing to diminish the poignant sense of loss evoked because you have lost someone known to you, however close.

I can but offer m deepest condolences.
Oh no, I'm sorry to hear about this. R.I.P to Clavion & condolences to Adrian & all the rest who are affected by this incident.
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