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Saturday, October 01, 2005
I'm back, and boy, are you pissed.

I'm back for I don't know how long, because exams are in about a month and so I expect to be busy again very soon. Anyway, in case any of you were wondering what I was doing, well, I was doing projects and stuff. Recently I have been forced to program in C#, and I must say that it is a pretty cool language, although I maintain that it is more or less a ripoff of Java (no, not Javascript, you ignorant cretins . . . I hate it when people say "I know Java", when actually they're talking about Javascript). C# is basically M$ thumbing their noses at Sun Microsystems and going "neh neh ni boo boo".

However, I must admit that .Net is a pretty neat idea (I know, I know, it's old news, but it's pretty neat anyway), because I like the idea of being able to write a class in one language, compile it, and then use it in a program written in another language. Man, that just kicks ass all over the fucking place.

Another thing that I've been tinkering with was LaTeX, which is also pretty cool. It is basically a typesetting program. It is mostly used for preparing technical or scientific documents. Yes, I know that most of you other grunts out there use a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) program like M$ Word to prepare your documents, which is also the reason why there are so many shitty looking documents out there. You see, the difference between LaTeX and M$ Word is that the creators of Word operated under the assumption that most of you ignorant cretins had the good taste to not put your documents and articles in crappy looking formats, and also that you possessed the knowledge of how an article/report is supposed to look like.

That assumption is obviously mistaken.

See, the creators of LaTeX have no such delusions. They know that most of you are stupid and have bad taste, hence they just want you to concentrate on the content of your shitty article, and leave the design to the pros. Is it any wonder that I warmed to it? The catch, as with most open source and especially Unix-based tools, is of course that there is a learning curve. However, it is certainly no harder than learning rudimentary HTML, so only a complete idiot would find it beyond his abilities. Trust me, you guys, it is well worth the effort, especially if you're a scientist or engineer. Even if you're some dumbass who's not a mathematician, engineer or scientist, well, what's your problem with the idea of bettering yourself? Yes, I'm an academic bigot, sue me. Oh wait, scratch that, someone might charge me for sedition or something.

I know that it's not your fault you're stupid, all you people who aren't mathematicians, scientists or engineers, and I love you guys anyway. In fact, let me leave you all with a quote by the extremely funny Jack Handey.

Instead of having "answers" on a math test, they should just call them "impressions," and if you got a different "impression," so what, can't we all be brothers?
"Instead of having "answers" on a math test, they should just call them "impressions," and if you got a different "impression," so what, can't we all be brothers?"

That WOULD make life much easier.
I'd be able to rule over those number crunching geeks much easier.
You don't get it, man. Number crunching geeks are the highest life forms on this planet. Crunching numbers is the first thing an evil genius must learn.
Shit, I was thinking of sitting on my ass and having number crunching geeks
as my minions instead, thus solidifying my position as lord of all things.

Academic bigot?Get a PHD,or at least a Masters, and then we can talk. Until then,STFU.
Oh well, that says alot about you,
anonymous coward.

Infer what you will. I'm not stopping you from
making an ass of yourself.
i dun understand this entry at all!!
oi!! cannot write such entries in future!! it's BM-unfriendly!!
Can I now officially call you King of Geeks?
BM, you think he write his blog for you meh?
Anon: I didn't know you needed qualifications to be a bigot. In any case, I have now obtained a PhD in Academic Bigotry from the university of Hokkien (Fu Kin U), so there ya go, asswipe.

BM: I TOLD you I am a geek.

SB: Go ahead, man. I relish that title.

Joe: Sometimes I do.
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