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Wednesday, September 14, 2005
Tears Of Blood

At unimaginable speed she journeyed among the stars. She has never stopped since the day she came into existence, at the very dawn of time. She surfed the winds of distant suns. She rode the tails of comets. Meanwhile, Grandfather Sky made the world of First Man and Mother Earth. And after a while, as the gods reckon time, Grandfather Sky bade her to go unto the world of First Man, and she did.

From beyond the stars, she streaked towards the world. High up in the firmament, she perceived the world, and it was fair. Laughing gaily, she let herself fall, through the clouds, through the air. She felt the exhilarating rush of the wind as the ground seemed to leap to meet her. She saw First Man looking up at her, following her descent through the evening sky, and she laughed yet again. She threw herself right at the ground, and scorched it bare of trees and grass, burning a new clearing for herself to stand.

From the darkness, First Man came, and she called to him. She saw his eyes light up when he saw her beauty, and she laughed. She laughed and she danced and she sang and she ran, and he followed. Sometimes, he tried to embrace her, but she was living flame and she was spirit, and could not be touched. And on they ran, over mountains and through valleys. Every creature in the world adored her beauty, and she was drunk on their worship, and saw not that behind her she left only ashes. She consumed everything of beauty that she encountered, and saw not that First Man had long been left behind . . .

On the burning desert sands he walked, robed and hooded in deepest black. Where he stepped, he left footprints of black sand on the scorched white desert. The oppressive heat of the harsh sun beat like a hammer on all else, but seemed not to touch him, and he strode on tirelessly. The land had long been scorched bare of life, and only the occasional leafless tree broke the monotony of the endless sands.

He was searching for something, but he knew not what.

And then she was there. She sat on the ground like a child, weeping. The air shimmered in the heat around her, and her tears were of blood. She sobbed brokenly, and suddenly he stopped walking. He stood before her for some time, silent, watching as Goddess Fire wept tears of blood. On his face was a slight frown, as he stared blankly at the maiden before him. Quite suddenly, the spark of full consciousness leapt into his eyes and his brow cleared as if in sudden understanding.

"Why do you weep, my lady?" He asked gently.

She looked up as if seeing him for the first time, and his dark gaze met her searing look and in that instant he understood all, for his nature was somewhat akin to hers. He was the Raven Knight, and he was Darkness. She was Fire and Light. He was Night, and she was Day. He was danger and vengeance. She was thrill and passion.

He knew, in the instant their eyes met, that this was her world and that she was the only thing of beauty within it, for everything else of beauty had been consumed. He knew of her aching loneliness, for she had journeyed to many other worlds in her immortal life, and while all who saw her loved her beauty and her fire, none could show her the beauty of what she made them feel. She inspired many, but none could inspire her, and after eons of journeying, she had finally become aware of this, and she had returned to her own world, where she wept.

In the moment that their eyes met, she stopped weeping, and a look of wonder came into her eyes, for she finally saw. The eyes of Darkness could look upon the light of Fire without flinching or tearing, and so she finally saw what no one else could let her see.

Her own reflection.

He held out his hand to her, and she took it. Together, they journeyed to the world of Darkness. It was the world of all the lesser dark gods and goddesses and other creatures of the night. Goddess Fire clapped her hands as she saw this world, and laughed again in delight. She ran through this new world, laughing as she saw the gnomes and the trolls and other creatures of Faerie. She wondered at the banshees and elves and other denizens of Daoine Sídhe. Where she ran, the ground beneath her feet turned to white ash, and Darkness followed behind her, a smile on his face, his black footprints crossing her white ones.

He loved to gaze upon her, because she shed light upon his darkness. She loved to look into his eyes, for only in them could she see what her own fire looked like. But they both knew that Goddess Fire would someday leave, for Darkness could not contain Fire. And yet, they also knew that Fire and Darkness would never really be apart, for where there is light, there are shadows, and shadows belong to Darkness, while light belongs to Fire.
this is such a great entry! BM entry on her tear of blood was a bonus
PoW WEr!
fire will burn the brightest when darkness falls...
So let me attempt an executive summary *ahem*.

1. First Man chose for passion that burn brightly but ultimately burnt him, instead of a nurturing love. Did he learn his lesson? We never found out.

2. Explorer then wanted to find *that* out but he too got consumed by the flame. Ok this part I never really understood. He never chose it but he got burnt anyway. Or was that the point - that you sometimes get burnt whether you like it or not? Woo. Good point.

3. Goddess of Fire finally realises she can't continue like this until she met her exact opposite. But yet ironically they can't really have each other because "darkness could not contain fire". Even when she'd found happiness, it's not entirely there.

Moral of the story/trilogy: life is shitty, deal with it. :P
Absolutely lovely tale. Is it perhaps semi-autobiographical? =)
I've always wanted to do a graphic story about darkness and stuff. Pity my drawing skills are not yet up to scratch.

We're not worthy! We're not worthy!!!
Thanks for all the lovely comments, guys.

mooiness: Your executive summary kicks ass, man.

Sheena: Now, what would make you think so?

sb: Practise makes perfect, I guess?

Ivan: Vanity is definitely my favourite sin.
so when's the novel being published? heh.

I love reading posts like that from you. It will keep me = 0 all the time. Very interesting lor!
wongcheok: soon, soon.

Wade and Zhe Bin: Thanks!
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