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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Right, here's something you might find funny if you play DOTA.

Null Talisman.......510 G

Power Treads.......1530 G

Cranium Bahser.............3220 G

Buriza-do Kyanon...........6200 G

Eye of Skadi..................7050 G

Owning the Noob that just called you a noob....priceless

Contributed by Soulless®, my teacher back when we were all still playing 3 Corridors (LE), and I was simply Chuiz instead of the now terrifying LordChuiz®.
somehow the name Chuiz doesn't evoke feelings of awe and terror in my mind leh....hahaha
or it could be just me.
That's because you haven't been pawned by me in DOTA yet, haha.
corrections, it's 'pwned' ;)

one day when I free I go join you all!
daniel: haha but if you are a noob then i play the other team okie :p
Wahahahahaha... OWNING!!!
Gerald: I rule at strategy games lor.
Umm, DOTA IS a strategy game right..?
heh. i once got pretty irritated at this fella who kept using the leaver heroes to defend his towers (we were down to 2v2), and i let him know it.

he assumed i was some illiterate beng and attempted to drop multisyllabic words all over the place proclaiming that i was noob because it was my problem if i couldn't control the spare heroes. even acted all high and mighty when i told him Wtf are you trying to prove by acting like a pompous asshat ("i see you have to resort to cheap vulgarities to defend yourself, shows how inferior you are etc etc")

my friend and i with our 2 heroes then proceeded to pwn his 5 hero 'team'. thrice.

he started cussing (much to my amusement as i pointed out the irony to him), comparing scores, number of towers lost etc. eventually after the 3rd death, he called us 'fucking noobs' and quit as we continued to ridicule him while he was waiting to spawn.

yes indeed, such moments are priceless. just like having a PA with buriza aegis butterfly rapier basher & treads and dishing out 2k crits - priceless.

haha. don't you just love dota.
fuck. sounds fun.
wongcheok: yeah, man. dota kicks ass.

daniel: join us lor. and what the fuck are you doing posting comments at this hour?
I don't sleep one wat.
and neither do you I see...heheh

Funny le


Chuiz sounds like water in hokkien...haha
To translate, the rough english equivalent of "chuiz" would actually be gone fuck. It's supposed to be ironic, you see, that my gaming moniker is chuiz but I'm actually quite good.
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