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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Seeing as how even the great Popagandhi has started writing Chinese posts, I thought I'd better come up with one of my own. As everyone knows, I Rock, You Suck is nothing if not a blind follower of fashionable fads. So here, in my own inimitable style, I Rock, You Suck proudly presents the epic story, 黑风洞!








Some legend...传说中
黑风洞 is.. happening.

= )
is there like, an english translation for that? :P

Heheheh. Quait funie.
nice one...albeit a bit fammiliar.
Yeah, I first heard it during secondary school, heheheh.
Yeah, if they hang around it long enough, they'll drown when the river of blood flows out of the cave.
好一个英雄; 好一个好汉; 管你有何神功护身,大难临头时, 还不是“自己顾自己”!

这个世界就是这样现实的。有福同享,行; 有难同当,难上加难 !

就好像台湾节目《超级星期天〉的host, 阿亮说:

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