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Friday, August 19, 2005

I have an anonymous heckler on my blog! Check this out!

Eeeh, are you gay?
# posted by Anonymous : 10:24 PM

And this!

icebreeze, go fcuk your mom's CB.
# posted by Anonymous : 7:53 AM

You know you're somewhere in the blogging community when you get anonymous idiots harrassing you on your blog, man. And look at the timings! 10:24pm and 7:53am! Like, if it's the same person, that means the bugger reads my blog (just to check on the comments) before he leaves for work AND after he finishes dinner! Fuck, I'm so flattered!

If it's not the same person, then I have TWO stupid trolls on my blog! That's super cool! Fuck, I feel like a million bucks, man! What's more, this person(s) even harrasses my friends to get to me! Woohoo!

If you think I'm pretending to be happy about it just to trick you into thinking that what you do is futile and thus making you leave me alone, you're WRONG! I REALLY enjoy having you here, hating me and not being able to do anything about it except make a fool of yourself! Shit, I'm going to go wank to that thought right now!
Man, he only posted this sort of stuff for a while on my blog. Then he stopped. Ah well. It really doesn't matter to me anyway.
Yes you know you've made it when you get a loyal band of haters. :P Congratulations!
I spotted you put me in the upper column now! you power!
Anonymous fucktards kickass man.
Apart from the loyal followers,
they're the next best thing in blogging!
Could be the same schzo-dickless guy.

Yes, Anon, I talking about you.

Oh you want to comment, like I say, Raise your hand, Ask for permission, if not, put that finger on your mouth, sheesh.

where the **** is the story u promise???????
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
yea man, I guess some of us here have had our fair share of nameless trolls.
We should start a Most-Hated Bloggers webring or something...heheh
Dude, I kick your butt in the
'Most Stupid Flamers' Category..
oh yea, but that's because your flamers are still in secondary school I suppose. ;)
ehh...i also want leh...someone please come and post stupid brainless comments leh...i wanna feel like a million bucks too! hahaha...are you gay? wtf. hahahahaha.
I don't mind having a flamer like I say, but that flamer of mine is such a pea-brain that I have to consult a spastic to answer him back, if you know what I mean.

Haha.Raise your hand, Ask for permission, if not, put that finger on your mouth, sheesh. Haha.

Man, I be waiting for you in my blog
Now that you mention it..

Hmm.. Damn.
Oh damn duddeeeeeeeeeeeeeee thats so wicked... trolls are cowardish admirers mahh
Hi Adrian,
I left the comments "Are you gay?" in your post. Didn't know it created such an unpleasent effect on you and your blog. My sincerest apology. It's me Sally (aka applestuz). Still remember me??? Give me a call if you do! (.. hope you still have my card..) Cheers. Oh, loved your piece on the "First man". Brillant!
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