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Sunday, August 07, 2005
Lollipop Is Cool

Right, here are some pictures from Lollipop from last Friday or something. Faith (recently beloved of Injenue) FINALLY managed to get it up (tmd to you too). GAWD that woman works slowly.

Remember me talking about my psychotic godsister Alyssa? Well, here's what she looks like. Tada!

I realise that may not be the most flattering picture ever, but hey, she's really cute in real life and, more importantly, she does not read my blog. The bloke on the left is Injenue, but who cares about him? Just kidding, bro.

Anyway, here's another picture of super babe Cyprus.

Notice her demonic red eyes? Yes, she was sent by the Devil to torment all guys who cross her path with the thought that she's unattainable to most of them. Except me, of course, because I'm not really a guy. I'm a god. The bloke beside her is Icebreeze, but seriously, who cares? Again, just kidding, bro.

There was beer.

The person giving the bird here was, of course, the super babe Cyprus. What a nice finger she has . . .

Here's an interesting picture.

I wonder why Hypnotica was hugging Strife so tightly? And I wonder why Strife was enjoying it so much?

Right, let's take a look at the real heterosexuals instead, shall we?

That's me, red as the setting sun but still going strong, and of course, Icebreeze. Brothers rule!

And for the grand finale . . .

Fuck off and stop taking my pictures, goddammit! Heheheheh.

Have a nice day, y'all. I'm going blading again later, and I hope I don't meet Tiny Enraged Dad again.

Update: I've recently noticed that I look very lewd when I smile. Probably because I have small eyes. I think I shall have to smile less from now on.
Not really relating to this post,
but, shit, have you noticed?
has been taken down?
baobei laptop down lar. That's why slow lar. You so fast, you bring camera next time lar! *runs off* hahah =p

and dammit. why you learn from agagooga, tmd at me also!
Sid: Yeah, I've noticed. Just been too lazy to edit my template . . .

Faith: Sexcuse me if I am a poor student with no money to buy digicam hor. As for the (tmd to you too) thing, well, it tickles my funny bone and I am an unabashed plagiarist. Does that answer your question? :p
Ah, symbol of universal peace indeed.


Or however you people do it.
Damn, Cyprus is hot! =P
Crprus yea...

About Alyssa... if she is really cute, dude... I would take you meant the entire meaning of it.

Okay, me disliking her is one thing. But PLEASE lor! She is no where near the anything that signifies or suggesting the word beauty/ or watever... *shudders*

*tsk* me and my typos...

eh dude, you realised that in the entire set of pics only cyprus has red eyes? freaky right!
Jiameei: Hahaha, ,,|,, is one of the better inventions in the history of mankind.

Ivan: She sure is! Want an intro? Then again, why should I share? Heheheheh.

LIP: Now, now, cutie, be nice. She's my sister, you're my online crap buddy. Don't put me in this position, ok?

Anon: Who the fuck are you?
fucking hell i posted as injenue but it showed anonymous. knn!
You look like a lobster with a strange pincer in the last picture.
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