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Saturday, July 23, 2005
Quiet (not boring) Evening

Ok, like, it's fucking Saturday night and here I am, blogging. Something's wrong with me, right? I mean, it's not as if no one asked me out. The guru of makan asked me to go meet up with him at Wala's and I decided not to go because it would have put a huge dent in my wallet. Then, the almost too delectable Celly asked me to go too, and I turned even her down! Man, the minor problem of having to starve for the next two weeks would never have stopped me back in the good old days. I think I must do some re-evaluation of the type of person I am. Maybe I really am getting old, eh?

Oh well, at least I had dinner with the adorable Blinkymummy and finally got to meet the elusive 小 beng, heheheheh. It was a quiet evening, insofar as any meeting with Blinkymummy could ever be quiet. I mean, the woman is like, frikkin' Energizer Bunny on frikkin' steroids, believe you me. Anyway, 小 beng is really quite funny in real life, although perhaps a little shy. Yes, dinner with good company is always a pleasure. After dinner, we played a coupla games of pool. I lost to 小 beng after potting every ball because I fouled on the black ball. The more I think about it, the more pissed off I get. 小 beng! I want a rematch, you hear??

Oh, I also got to meet Bonsai.

I shook hands with the little bugger, and he even spoke to me. His voice sounded surprisingly feminine. Actually, his voice sounded surprisingly like Blinkymummy's voice, especially considering that monkeys don't usually talk . . . could it be that Bonsai's seeming sentience is actually a figment of Blinkymummy's hyperactive imagination?


Anyway, enough about the details of my day. I have to go do some programming. Later.

Nice links of the day.

  1. Why shouldn't you trust those cunning buggers called "teachers"? Because they're a pack of flaming liars, that's why.

  2. I don't know, anyone who can say this shit should be linked.
    "Many slave projects have been thrown at his slavery way. And he has slavenly scooped up all the slavery goodness of the slavery tasks. Such slavery slavenness should be slavishly sodomised."

  3. This is good shit. Why? Because I'm linked there, of course. I Rock, You Suck presents ruminations about socialising by the (soon to be defunct) Big Fuck.

  4. Behold, the Lord of the Round Table. The Knights Who Shall Not Get Laid.

Yeah, that's it, really.

Ok, now I'm really gone. Toodles.

haha okay, let's have a rematch man.
alamak..next time just call me to be your replacement ok? haha

maybe this Bonsai is a neutered monkey. That's why he talks like that :p
You blaspheme!
The Knights will have your head!

Zhe Bin: Bo pian lah, wallet no money is like that one. I also very paiseh. And yes, we must rematch!

Daniel: Wahahahaha you don't talk big lah, you so shy you will go meh?

Sid: You're all welcome to try, kiddo. I'll pWnn j00 n00bS!!! j00 R t3h sUxx00rr!!
Later you see, I'll get the Knight-computer geek to match his l337 pw3rs to pw3n joo!
The monkey pic is curious george right???CUTEEEEE!!!!
oh ya hor. I forgot that part :p
But I must try to live up to my 'swinging single' tag ok!
i'm getting old too. i turned down all offers to go out last night so that i could stay home and be with my computer.

i think i'm going insane. HELP ME!!


i.. need.. BEER..
Sid: Haha, I'd rather be dota-ing.

Curious George: Actually, that's Blinkymummy's beloved Bonsai. ;)

Daniel: Hahaha, to quote Austin Powers when some chick asked him the question "do you swing?"

"Are you kidding? I put the GIRL in SWINGING, baby, YEAH!"

Eileen: You want to drink kopitiam beer I on you ar, steady pom pi pi.
next time.. should go smwhr do smth that dont cost no mulah..
like.. walking in the park.. staring at the stars.. go library..tok kok at rooftops quite fun also u know!
wah *hint* *hint*
kopitiam beer is also beer, what!!

i like kopitiam beer. cheap! and can sit like ah beng / ah lian and talk loud loud. good leh!

heh. just this last friday, i was drinkin beer at a kopitiam. but not enough! more beer more beer!!
Celle: Wah seh, you jio me this kind of activity I will steady pom pi pi on you. But if you suggesting I do this kind of thing alone, well, I would look a bit psycho right.

Daniel: Hint simi lan?

BM: You know I know, say you say me lah, hor?

Eileen: Steady! When I manage to save up 20 bucks or so we go lim beer at kopitiam!
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