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Thursday, July 21, 2005
Class Foobar

I have recently been drafted by a very good varsity friend to help her out with her Final Year Project (FYP). This may take a while, because I am practically clueless about Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC), so there may not be updates for a couple of days.

Also, school is starting next week, so leave me alone while I morbidly contemplate the horror of this impending situation.

On the bright side, hey, wine tonight. Woohoo!

In case you were wondering about the title, if you don't get it, you won't get it, so don't ask.

Even though I don't really read the blogs of all the media whores, I have friends who do, so I couldn't help but be amused by all their funny antics. I was debating writing a serious post about the fiasco that's been going on lately, but decided not to. This is because it wouldn't suit my image as the fucking foremost punk of the Singaporean blogosphere. Instead, I've decided to dispense insults to all and sundry, because I have deep insecurities that I can only deal with by putting other people down. So here we go.

Kenny Sia: Hahaha, you fat boy. You're so very fucking ugly, man. You really think you're some Casanova? Hey, just shut the fuck up and look at this.

Woohoo! You talk way too much anyway, Kuching boy. You goddamned lau ti ko. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.*

SPG: Actually you didn't really say much. I get the feeling that you don't really care about this whole thing one way or another, so I was asking myself whether I should screw you over as well. Especially since I was there when the "event" occurred and was thus an indirect beneficiary, so to speak. The answer to that question is, of course, a resounding "why not??"

So fuck you too, you naughty, naughty girl, you! You deserve a good spanking! Here's your complimentary F up the A.

Have a nice day and please come back again. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.

Xiaxue: The poor girl's site has just been cracked and so has her email and shit, so I was wondering if I should kick a bitch when she's down. Then, I realised that I am a cold, heartless asshole who has no remorse and, indeed, no slightest inkling of a hypothesis as to the nature of that word. So, boo fucking hoo, but fuck you just as well. Woohoo! Pull my finger, bitch!

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.

Unknown cracker: You cracked Xiaxue's blog. Ooh, that's so 1337. Jesus fucking Christ, I hope they put you in the slammer and you get sodomised to death, you fucking script kiddy. Here's a big fuck you for you.

May you get immaculate STDs and die of syphilis a virgin. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.

Xialanxue: You are an utter spastic. A total idiot. You're just out for blood and you're not constructive at all. Of all the people I'm fucking, you're perhaps the only one who deserves it the most. So here's not one, not two, but THREE fingers for you, you fucking punkass bitch.

Suck my dick, asshole. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.

Minishorts: Hey, look, I don't know this chick, I don't read her blog, and she doesn't even know I exist, right? But just because some fucker told me that you were peripherally involved, I think you should shut the fuck up too. So fuck you anyway, here's a finger for your ass.

I know you'll probably never see this, but who cares? Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.

mrbrown: As far as I know, the mighty MB isn't involved in this whole thing in any way, but hey, no one's ever dissed him before, and I'm an asshole. However, because MB is a responsible family man with children, this has to be handled delicately. Hence, I shall give him a cuter finger.

Also, it would be inappropriate to use the F-word on him, so here goes. Screw screw screw screw screw.

Last, but not least, Don AQ: This is the biggest jerk of them all. He deserves to be dissed just because he exists, in spite of the fact that he's so darned cute. He gets four fingers.

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.

You guys should all just shut the fuck up and stop blogging, because you all suck. Instead, you should all concentrate on reading my blog, because I rock. Fuck you all!

There we go. Now that everyone who reads this (including myself) hates me, maybe you can all be friends again.

*"Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck" was inspired by the Big Fuck.
There's a war going on in Singapore's blogging world!

Where is the love man! Peace brother!
eh.. i dunno whether to be happy or upset that i didn't warrant a finger..

ye gods! i am one confused lil girl!

ah, what the hell. i'm gonna go smoke cigarettes and twiddle my toes now. whatever. yeah.
you are seriously one fubar person, adrian. but its not a bad thing, really. heh.
Brother, you're funny. Give me the finger too, since I'm such a media whore too! (Metaphorically speaking, of course.)
Fuck the fucking fucked-up fuckers!

Aw man, no finger for me? C'mon dude, just one! Gimme gimme gimme!

Oh, and hey, history repeats itself. I keep recalling what happened last year.
wah! my eyes hurt!! hahaha!

eh, what's 1337?
How come everyone wants to be insulted? Man, you people are weird.
Zhe Bin: 1337 = elite in script kiddy speak. :D
Fuck, Fuck, Fuck!
Fuck You all!

dude getting dissed by the Don, is an honour no?
Proves you're enough of an asswad to be noticed be someone of such stature what..
I will be waiting to see those people response comment on this entry

*Popcorn ready*
Ahahaha. That's damn funny. Did you know that the length of the middle finger determines the sizer of your dick? Of course, that's not really your finger...
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