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Wednesday, July 13, 2005
L.E.W.D. Plug, Adrian Coolness Points and Indie vs Mass Appeal

First things first, this is a plug for Lewdite extraordinaire, Jess, all the way from Canada. Jess is a damn fine lady and also very witty, as you can see from this post of hers. Oh, and she's also very hot. Anyway, go read that shit, because it's fucking hilarious. Jess has a high threshold of tolerance for the bad habits of the guys she's willing to date, but even she draws the line at some things, heheheh. Seriously, go read it for yourselves, you pricks.

I haven't really been giving out Adrian Coolness Points for some time now, because, well, no one, not even one of the Lewdites (who are all, needless to say, damned fine individuals), has really impressed me that much lately. As they say, it never rains but pours. Within the past few days, I found myself compelled to give out an amazing 5 Coolness Points!

Here is the list of extremely cool people who got Coolness Points recently.

  1. Sheena, whose blog got mentioned in the Straits Times. 1 Coolness Point awarded

  2. Barffie, whose blog was mentioned in the Straits Times Digital Life section. 1 Coolness Point awarded.

  3. The evergreen Blinkymummy, who appeared in Today and the Straits Times within the space of two days, a feat previously thought impossible by Lewdites, fuckin' A! I was tempted to give her, like, 10000 Coolness Points for being so awesome (because I've always thought hyperbole is funny), but fair is fair. So, sorry, mummy, but 2 Coolness Points awarded.

  4. The delectable Jess, who was the first person observant enough to spot the (rather obvious) fact that the term "Lewdite" was in fact inspired by Luddite. With this observation, Jess has restored my hope in mankind and perhaps saved the world. If no one had noticed, I'd have been tempted to end the world in blood and fire rather than merely plunging it into an age of darkness lasting 10000 years. So you should all thank her. 1 Coolness Point awarded.

There you go, guys, 5 Coolness Points awarded. By the way, that makes at least 5 appearances in the frikkin' newspapers by Lewdites (the first one being the Feisty Bitch). Fuck, am I frikkin' Midas or what? At this point, I am almost willing to spare the mainstream press when I take over the world, because obviously those guys have taste. I think I may probably have missed one or two newspaper appearances by Lewdites. If you are a Lewdite who was featured in the papers and haven't been mentioned, do come forward. Coolness Points will be awarded.

On a totally unrelated note, because I am just that spontaneous, unpredictable and overall awesome a guy, I would like to take this opportunity to plug the newest Lewdite, Jiameei, who hails from Kuala Lumpur. She is not only a cute young thing, she actually said she would get on her knees for LEWD. How could I deny her? I may be an Evil Overlord, but I am also a gentleman (haha, I bet some of you just barfed). So go check out her bitching, you people, and welcome to LEWD, Jiameei.

A friend of mine and I were discussing the mass appeal of blogger A lately. This friend, blogger B, was saying that she didn't want mass appeal or something. She said she's actually indie. I was outraged. In what way could a blog that gets thousands of hits per day be considered indie? Naturally, I told her that her blog had long since joined the ranks of "pop" blogs. I proudly told her that my blog was the truly indie one, because no one ever reads it.

Funny how one, no matter how clever, can occasionally put one's foot into one's own mouth like that, isn't it? It was only after I'd said it that I realised how fucking funny that sounded. Anyway, it must be said in my defence that I had just woken up at the time and was hence at less than my normal level of alertness.

So that got me thinking. What makes something indie? Is I Rock, You Suck indie? The root word of indie is "independent", and the meaning as defined by the dictionary is that of not being affiliated with any large or commercial groups. I must say that my blog is certainly not affiliated with any larger blogs or commercial blogs. So I guess I Rock, You Suck is indie after all. However, I must say that since this morning, I have come to the conclusion that mass appeal or its lack has nothing to do with being indie. You can be indie and still have mass appeal, especially in the case of blogs. Most blogs aren't affiliated with any large organisations, commercial or otherwise, so most blogs are, in fact, indie projects.

I think it's a common, but mistaken, perception that indie equates to no mass appeal. This is clearly untrue, given the definition of the term.

Update: By the way, there is a potential flaw in my reasoning here regarding whether I Rock, You Suck can be considered indie. Let's see if anyone spots it.
heh, interesting. I quote:

"I must say that my blog is certainly not affiliated with any larger blogs..."

This of course is open to interpretation. We can never quantify accurately the 'largeness' of any blog, but some might argue that certain blogs on your blogroll are "larger" than yours. So here, your reasoning is rather tenuous.

"Most blogs aren't affiliated with any large organisations, commercial or otherwise, so most blogs are, in fact, indie projects."

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the very entity that hosts you, Blogger, a large commercial organisation?
Even when we consider non-commercial groups, cos you used the word "otherwise", LEWD comes to mind.
We should also bear be mindful of the links to the major newspapers through the various members of LEWD.
and the Visa/Mastercard thing at the top....I dunno. Haha.
All these might moot your point of your blog being indie.

Correct me if I'm wrong on any of these :D

Yes. DONAQ r0xx0r!

Daniel: Dang, I meant only that this blog is affiliated with LEWD, but you're good! Hahaha.

Barffie: Hahaha, you sure know how to make me feel good.
er. yeah. what daniel and barffie said.

indie is overhyped, anyway.

everything and everyone wants to be indie nowadays in order to be cool.


and now. QUESTION!

how do i find you guys on saturday at the blogcon?!?! i'm hopeless at searching for people in crowds.

i get scared cos there's so many strangers *whimper* (slaps myself - goddammit woman! snap out of it! how to take over the world like that?! wuss! forgive me me one moment of weakness, el supremo. heh.)

can someone hold up a banner or something that proclaims "LEWDDITES UNITE" or something something..

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