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Tuesday, July 05, 2005
L.E.W.D. Update and Random Rambling

The Feisty Bitch recently caught some perverted fucker masturbating outside her door while she was on the way home. Because she is a chick, all she could do was go back up the stairs and stomp down loudly in the hope that the bugger would be scared off by the noise. Fortunately for her, it worked. I wish I had been there with her, because man, I would have broken that wanker's (literally) balls for him. I mean, seriously, who does shit like that in the fucking stairwell?

The wanker should have stayed at home if he seriously needed to wank, because, come the fuck on, doesn't he know that his dick can catch a cold and die out in the open like that? Seriously, I am quite against wanking, and not only in public. I think wanking too much eventually makes you blind. Furthermore, everytime you masturbate, God kills a kitten.

See? So please don't masturbate so much, guys. God is watching, ok?

Oh, and LEWD welcomes its newest member, Don Lee! So now, we have two fucking Dons in LEWD! 干A! I know, I know, Big Fuck, LEWD is getting more and more distended by the day, but hey, taking over the world ain't no small undertaking, and I will take all the help I can get. Besides, the bugger is really rather funny and, damn it all, the man has good taste in blogs. He linked me before I even heard of him, and we all know how I love having my ego stroked. Anyway, LEWD wishes you good luck for your stint in the military, Don Lee. Have fun and try not to kill too many people, eh?

We don't really want to draw too much attention to ourselves at this early stage in the game, after all.
adrian: With bad Elvis impersonation: Thank you... Thank you very much...

As I've said before... I'll be back!

So while I'm in the army, I trust L.E.W.D will keep the world on their toes?
Feisty Bitch: Next time, don't run away, 2 things.

1) Point.

2) Laugh.

Men are creatures of ego, stroke it the right way and get what you want, or point, laugh and induce suicide.
Adrian ==> Can I be part of LEWD also?

Don ==> If you are a Japanese, what Don will you be?

Feisty Bitch ==> Fwahhh, you brave.
Lupin Tan: I suppose as with all exclusive clubs, membership is by invitation only. You can't ask to be a part, you are invited. LOL

Have always wanted to post, but never got down to doing it.
Some funny things you have got here, from a weird (or previously unthought of) perspective. And so brutally honest. I like those posts about your mom. Very sweet.
oddball ==> I am invited as in I am been invited or I need to be invited.

Adrain ==> Then how, are you going invite me or not?
good lord who the fuck masturbates outside doors?!
Donlee: Of course, man. We'll keep the rest of the world busy while you serve your national obligations.

Lupin: Hmm, sorry, dude, but your blog is not exactly what LEWD is looking for. You can be a minion if you want. >:)

Oddball: Why, thank you. I guess I am rather eccentric, at that.

Wongcheok: Beats me too, man. The guy needs to have his balls busted for him.
Adrian ==> Hmmmm, Minions, let me consider. Can I chose what Minion I want to be?

Haha. Nah, I kidding, I too Christian to be a L.E.W.D
Lupin: Dude, what has being Christian got to do with anything? Big Fuck is Christian and Sheena is Catholic. We're united in our vision of world domination, that's all. :p
Nothing, It's like saying, I'm too goody 2 shoe. I just freaking like to use the word Chrisitan.
Lupin, get off your comp and make some real friends ok?
Daniel ==> Er, I think my butt is struck, how?

haha. Thanks anyway, I do have real friends, but Internet is more fun.

Or should I say, would you be my friend? (pathetically speaking)
I would be your friend if I understood what you were saying half the time.
Daniel: I'm talking Cock.
Don't you go out at all??! Why do you answer to every single comment!

Now now, kids, calm down.

*zaps everyone with taser stun gun*

Daniel: Leave the poor sap alone, man. He's really rather nice after you peel away the layers of weirdness.

Lupin: Dude, do you have any idea at all that sometimes what you say may seem offensive to people?

Ivan: Thanks, man.
To Those that I had offended: I sincerely apologise. I always in the kidding mode, don't take my word too seriously. I will declare my seriousness when I am in that mode.

Maybe I should add a discliamer somewhere.

Adrian: Thanks Dude.

Daniel: I do get out of my chair to pee, eat, go home, sleep, but the rest of the time, I'm in the net, well at least the day of course. At Night I will watch TV.

I do go out with friends actually.
Thanks for your concern.

Hai~Ren ==> Do you have a license for that gun? You work for Air Patrol? So far I only know Air Patrol got stun gun. Haha.
hey, don't get me wrong. What was there to be offended about. I was just amazed. Ok I'm out.
Daniel: I'm constantly amazed too, man. Hahaha.
and Lupin, don't take this the wrong way ok?
Daniel ==> It's ok Dude.
eh? did i miss something here? oi, el supremo! your comments sections are startin to look like an irc chatroom! but, oh, how interesting. i like! muahahaha!

masturbating too much gives you hairy palms, too. so unless you all wanna end up lookin like a subversion of chewie the wookie, i suggest you men just go find girlfriends to, er, take over duties. eh. its free somemore, dammit. :p
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