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Thursday, August 17, 2006
The worst news ever

David Gemmell, my favourite author, has passed away. His novels were the inspiration for the story I am attempting to write, but I could never hope to approach his consummate skill in storytelling.

Mr. Gemmell, you have been a hero of mine ever since I read "Knights of Dark Renown". You will never know the times when, faced with a quandary or uncertain about my own abilities, I have recalled how Scaler from "The King Beyond The Gate" conquered his own insecurities and, thus inspired, conquered my own. You will never know the times when, faced with a moral dilemma, I have thought of Druss the Legend and his iron code and resisted the darker side of my own nature and emerged a better man. You will never know that your stories have been like a salve to the soul of a boy, now a young man, who used to be so bitter about the life the Fates had given him.

For these gifts of soul and courage, and for all the joy your tales have brought to me, I thank you. I have never known you, but sometimes I think I may have never known anyone but you, for having read your tales, I now see the world through the eyes of your heroes. I hope that if these words reach you in the Hall of Heroes, they will bring a smile to your lips. May the Source keep you.

My condolences to his family and friends, though they will never hear me. He will be missed.
Need to so sad anot!!
Definitely need. Anyone who's read Gemmell will understand the loss this world has experienced from the demise of what is arguably the best fantasy author of our time. IMHO he beats Tolkien hands down without breaking a sweat.
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