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Wednesday, August 16, 2006
Got bored doing tutorials

In the Beginning, there was Voltage. And from Voltage, the LORD made Hardware.

Hardware begat Binary and Binary begat Firmware and Software. The LORD looked upon Hardware and Software, and lo, it was good.

Meanwhile, Software begat Operating Systems and Operating Systems begat Microsoft, and the LORD looked upon MS-DOS and behold, upon the cheek of the LORD, a tear was seen.

The LORD made Geeks and Geeks begat Unix, but they really should have begat GUI too. As it was, MS-DOS begat Windows 95 and Windows 95 begat Windows 98 and there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth, for with Windows came Viruses, Worms and Trojans, and Really Crappy Software, as well as Power Users.

The LORD drew apart the firmament and made Networking, and Networking begat the Internet, and the LORD had a moment of misgiving, for the Internet begat Bloggers, and Bloggers begat Crap Without End.

The Internet begat E-Mail and E-Mail begat Spam, and the LORD wept. The Geeks begat SpamAssassin and Bayesian Filtering, but Spam was mightier still. In despair, the LORD begat IM, but Spam begat Sexbots.

However, Evil always contains the seeds of its own destruction, for now the Internet is down because of Spam and every Luser, Geeks, Power Users, Bloggers and Microsoft Programmers alike, went out to find a Life.

The LORD made Beer, and Geeks got Laid and lo, all was well again.
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