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Thursday, June 30, 2005
A half-arsed attempt at matchmaking

I just had a naughty idea. I was thinking that Darth Sidious, the youngest LEWD member, and Hejin should get together. Think about it. They're both 15, they're both full of themselves (don't take this as criticism, because I'm full of myself too), they're both amusing little sprouts and they both read my blog. Furthermore, Sid has stalkers and Hejin has loads of unwelcome attention as well. Man, that would be a fucking classic encounter. I bet they'd drive each other crazy if it happens. I must, however, state for the record that this is just idle musing on my part and that I do not actually encourage minors to date. I do not discourage it either, though. *cackles and nudges fellow old farts*
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you have a problem with big bad girls, sid?! ain't nothin wrong with being a big bad girl. god knows, we females need some meanness in us to combat the assholes we meet in life. (of course, i don't mean you, or el supremo.. heh.)

as i always say, men are born with an inherent genetic defect. its called the "bastard" gene. in some its more pronounced. in others, its dormant. but its ALWAYS there, lurking..

and no. i don't hate men. i just understand males too well. bwahahaha! :p
I'm scared of her.
She seems like a big meanie!

Which is why I prefer to being anti-social, it's because of big bad girls like her that scare me shitless every night.

Oh well, I guess we might meet at the bloggercon though. Most of the females I meet can't actually out talk me. It'll be interesting to see one who might be able to. And yep, I am so full of myself. heh.. Comes with the turf.

I don't just have stalkers, I have gay guys trying to pick me up in friendster too! Heh.. Now, that's a story for later on though..
Hey.. I'm just a little puppy inside, afterall..
A delicate puppy you hear woman!?

But yea, what you say is true. There's the dormant bastard gene in me, but it only surfaces when I'm angry.
You won't like me when I'm angry. And only really stupid people get me angry. So there shouldn't be a problem there.

Heh.. I don't really fancy the whole female dominatrix thing. I like my women tamed! Heh, you know like the geishas of yore?

And, you shouldn't hate men. The only reason women exist is because Adam was lonely eh?
Women should worship men like GODS! Haha...
heheh what a thought. I never believed that opposites attract, so they might just have a chance ;)
and do I sense a little trepidation on Darth's part?Finally?

but it does seem more likely that their egos will kill each other before anything fruitful can take place ;)
Hey, hey! No trepidation there...
But really, I'm such a nice... Asshole.
How could anyone dislike me?
Nice assholes aren't disliked, they kiss ass to ensure that doesn't happen.

It's just that being such a geek,
these things scare me alot, you know?
But then again my life can be sumarised with these 3 words.

Veni Vidi Vici.

If anything, I'd predict that hejin will get too peeved by my crazy charms and go all out crazy bitch on me, instead.
*highly amused at how flustered Sid is and how he's babbling nonsense*

More nonsense concerning this post, right here.
Ah, to be a 15 and hormonal.
Couple that with staying in school for 11 hours at one shot.
I suprised I'm only spouting nonsense and not stabbing someone's artery.

Ah, young twisted love... :P

Brings back memories of when I was 15....

Oh wait... I was a late bloomer, I only started dating when I was 16... Sorry darth sid, my bad...

& on another note, nan ren bu huai, woman no like. ;) So, all the best, whatever happens... Or doesn't happen... *Chuckles*
I agree, Don Lee! LOL!
hejin: Of course you would... Its tried, tested and perfected... By yours truely.. hahah~

By the way, I'm way too old for you. Not to mention in another country altogether... Just thought you should know... Hahaha~
heh, ladies and gentlemen, we have a congregation of the most arrogant bastards the blogosphere has ever seen ;)
Daniel: Thats bastard. Singular... :P

& its Mr.Bastard to you.. Hahaha~

Poor mum...
Don lee: I didn't need to know that!
Hejin: Sure you didn't...
my my, aren't you full of yourself.
I AM the bastard.
Daniel: Sneeze! Oh my, I'm sorry, I'm alleric to bullshit... :P

*Chuckles* In any case, lets be mature about this and not take the limelight away from Darth sid & Hejin....
Dan and Don: Would you big boys care to give the two young 'uns some space, eh? :p
I'll be damned if this saga isn't tomorrowed, or browned or whatnot.
My blog needs the damned publicity!

Oh, would I like to get my hands on you..
Eh.. Somewhere, in Singapore, there must be one evry happy Donaq in front of the computer.
Dude, I'm just being helpful, man. Heheheheh.
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