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Tuesday, July 12, 2005
California Fitness vs Don A.Q.

Today, a representative of California Fitness (CF) called me up. She told me that a friend of mine had given them my name for complimentary membership to CF. Apparently, I could get a pass that would make me a complimentary member of CF for 7 days. My bullshit detectors went off. I know, I know, they really have such a thing, but the bullshit was that I know of no one whom I would call "friend" and who was also in fucking CF. Here's the ensuing conversation.

AQ: Yeah? Who's this friend of mine?
CF: I do not know. It's all computerised.
AQ: I see . . .
CF: So when would you be free to come pick up your pass, sir?
AQ: Well, I'm not really interested, thank you.
CF: Oh. You're not really keen, huh? May I know why?
AQ: Well, I'm not a gym person. I enjoy being soft, fat and pampered.
CF: Hmmm . . . well, then do you know of any friends who might be interested?

Naturally, I wasn't about to give them any of my friends' numbers. So here's what I answered.

AQ: Nope. I have no friends.
CF (in a disbelieving tone of voice): You have no friends?
AQ (cheerfully): Yep! Not a single one!
CF: Ok bye. *click*

Shit, I'm an asshole. And I enjoy being one way too much.
You could've referred her to me.
Haha, it'd be bloody interesting messing with her..
haha, ok gimme your number and i'll refer the next sucker to you. :p
Wahahah. I wanna be an asshole too but most of the times I'm too nice to be one. Damn. I wanna piss off some telemarketer as well. Wow wow wee!
That sounded like a lot of fun. More fun than the combined fun I have had the past 4 days. Lol...
Barffie: All it takes to be nasty is an effort will, my friend.

Feisty Bitch: Haha, it was just a phone conversation, babe.
haha eye for an eye?
eh. you have no friends, but you have plenty of minions. right?!

dude. you shoulda told her to call me!

anything FREE is GOOD. tsk. i'm such a cheapo.
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