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Saturday, July 16, 2005
Blog Con Final Update

Aight, so I will be at City Hall MRT with Injenue at 1pm. Interested parties can call me. If you do not have my number, all is not lost. For a limited time period of today only, I will be leaving it on my MSN Messenger. If you do not have even my MSN Messenger, tough. I probably don't like you all that much and you can therefore kiss my pert posterior. Man, alliterations are awesome.

See you all at the, you know, event or something.
it is now 2.15pm. i have just dragged my sorry, stil-drunk, cute lil ass outta bed.

i have the flu. if i sneeze anymore, my intestines are gonna dangle from my nose. yes. it is THAT bad.

still, i will be at dxo by 6pm. even if i have to open my coffin, crawl out, and walk all the way there while leaving a trail of decomposing body parts and skin in my wake.

i feel like shit! argh.

fuckin rain. fuckin aircon. fuckin alcohol overload..
i just saw you today at DXO my man. you are so not soft, fat and pampered! wahaha.
man, my concert next door at Suntec ended early...wanted to join you guys at first, but was stopped by the vile thing known as the COVER CHARGE.
Eileen: It was nice to finally meet you!

Zhe Bin: Oi, 小 beng, you cannot like that one. See me must say hello mah. Cannot so dao one. I so disappointed never meet you ok.

Daniel: That's no problem, man. We practically all went our separate ways.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
what time you all zao?
They should have left ard 10, cos when I left, they said they were heading to China Black.
ic. nice meeting you KM :)
Same to u too, Daniel!
lol. you made me guilty sia.
Eh, you where got fat? Quite okay mah!
Daniel and KM: Yeah we left around 10.

Zhe Bin: You should feel guilty lor! BM also very disappointed never meet you leh.

Hejin: Haha, thanks.
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