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Wednesday, August 10, 2005
I Am Aging Prematurely

Yes, just take this conversation, for instance. Take note of the parts in bold.

Injenue® says:
where got suitable kopitiam?
Don AQ®: 背水一战! says:
yah lor
Injenue® says:
where does she stay anyway
Don AQ®: 背水一战! says:
cheebye i was the one who told her to go ask one lor u come ask me
Injenue® says:
she ask me what
Injenue® says:
no i asking u where she stay lar
Don AQ®: 背水一战! says:
she stay [somewhere]
Don AQ®: 背水一战! says:
yah i know
Don AQ®: 背水一战! says:
[somewhere] there
Injenue® says:
oh yah
Injenue® says:
i think i ask u ten billion times already this qns
Injenue® says:
Don AQ®: 背水一战! says:
uh huh
Don AQ®: 背水一战! says:
there where got kopitiam with tv?
Injenue® says:
my hse downstair the kopitiam got
Injenue® says:
Don AQ®: 背水一战! says:
Don AQ®: 背水一战! says:
how would i get there
Injenue® says:
u would take a bus
Injenue® says:
or mrt to clementi also can
Don AQ®: 背水一战! says:
yah but after that leh?
Don AQ®: 背水一战! says:
i am busbound one lah
Injenue® says:
anyway u at school liao right
Don AQ®: 背水一战! says:
Injenue® says:
oreadi west side what
Don AQ®: 背水一战! says:
yah i know
Don AQ®: 背水一战! says:
but i need fucking directions also right
Don AQ®: 背水一战! says:
Injenue® says:
strife knows
Injenue® says:
how to come to clementi
Don AQ®: 背水一战! says:
i know how to get to motherfucking clementi, goddammit
Don AQ®: 背水一战! says:
how to get to ur house there?

One does not usually get that grumpy until one has grandchildren, goddammit.
Wahaha....damn it - would have loved to join you guys man! KNN. Sounds like a good time will be had.
u know i'm beginning to find more and more similarities between injen and my parents =x the forgetfulness...the constant repetition....the non-answer answers to questions.......

hehe ;p
Adrian ==> Go Clementi Ave 5, Take 282, alight at bus-stop opposite Ginza, walk over.
Adrian ==> sent you my contact (HP) over email, if you still freaking lost call me
mooiness: we did have a good time, hahaha. :p

fayeth: depressing, isn't it?

lupin: thanks, dude. i already got directions from injenue.
Man, we should have bball one of these days! not that I can play anymore haha..but it's a healthy change from drinking ya? :P
adrian: absolutely. sigh.

Daniel: *nods* I wanna watch! lol. Can I join in??? can I can I? I play centre!!!!! =x
daniel: bball is fine too.. i've a bball court just underneath my house as well... after a good bball session we can adjourn to the same kopitiam for a round of drinks! =)
Daniel: Sure, dude. Got ball got place got time I sure on.

Fayeth: Hmmm... wait you injured Injenue dulanz how?

Ice: You got ball? Weekend we go pa giu lah.
Faith, you wanna play centre ah..? not scared kenna crush?

guys, bball is fun, but going to Clementi isn't exactly very ideal for Adrian and me leh... :p
liewz. u all xiao kan wo!!!!!!

whack u all then u knowwww! =p

naaahhhh...cannot shoot, and now cannot run. count me out =x hehe
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