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Thursday, September 01, 2005
The Lamest Thing I've Ever Heard

I was just reading Blinkymummy's latest post and the subsequent comments. The post was about the couple 小龙女 & 杨过 from one of Louis Cha's novels. It is a very romantic story, but I shall not go into that right now. What's relevant here is that 小龙女 was raped by some fucking lustful priest at some point in the story. Then there's this idiot who posted the following comment on Blinkymummy's blog.

Anonymous said...

You got it all wrong!

Firstly, 小龙女 did NOT wait for 杨过 . It is 杨过 that waited for 小龙女. Specifically, he waited for 16 years.

Secondly, 小龙女配不上杨过. Ever since they went down from 终南山, she is not good enough for him -- if you remembered what happened that fateful night on 终南山?

I mean, let's face it, such "things" are important in the past, as they are now. Eg. In this modern 21st centruy, what's the top criteria / "thing" that singapore men insisted when they go vietnam to look for brides? Age? Financial ability? No! One does not need to read the newspapers too carefully to notice this interesting criteria that Singaporean men not only demanded but wanted their vienam counterpart to be medically certified for. And I dont think that has to do with those men being of lower education/social status. I think all men are like that -- IF they have a choice (a big IF, because almost all the time, they have no choice -- you dont have 2 twin girls, one fulfilling that criteria, one without for you to choose). This kind of thing: cannot choose, boh pian. But if got a choice, it is an important criteria.

Therefore, I conclude that 杨过, having so many choices, should have given up on this 小龙女 and chose 程英or陆无双. Or choose that 小郭襄!
Thursday, September 01, 2005 4:00:45 PM

And also this.

Anonymous said...

Virtuosity, you are so wrong. All men looks for young girls. Newspaper interviewed matching agencies across singapore before. All confirmed this. Men go to matching agency -> men want to get married --> men want to have babies --> bride must be of a young enough age -> men demand introduction to women below 30 even if they themselves are in the 40s!

And that's if they have not much choice. If they have 100 over choices, like those people who went to vietnam, then that "thing/criteria" become important, as I said in comment above.

i.e. modern men will NOT choose 小龙女. She is too old (past 35 if you care to count), plus that unfortunate 终南山 incident. Modern men would have chosen 郭襄
Thursday, September 01, 2005 4:08:53 PM

The "incident" this moron was referring to was, of course, the rape.


I mean, if you're the type who's saving yourself for marriage and you cannot accept a woman who has slept with another man willingly, I would laugh at you and let it go at that, but come on, the poor girl was RAPED, you little twit. What kind of moron would hold that against a girl?? And to think that Neanderthal dares to mention the term "modern man"!

When I first saw those brainsick comments, I was incensed, but having calmed down somewhat, I have come up with a theory to explain the existence of such men . . .



We're not just talking 10cm worms here, either. We're talking about really, really, miniscule dicks. We're talking "hey, how come you have a flesh-coloured pube" diameter, and "hey, you have two belly-buttons, how cute" length, ok? We're talking "hey, give me a blowjob, babe" and the girl replies "fine, but I'll need a magnifying glass and some tweezers" small.

Yes, that's why they insist on having virgins. It's because only a girl who has never been fucked before could possibly feel anything when having sex with such eunuchs. If they had their way, they'd probably insist on having their wife's vaginas stitched up first as well, the poor sods.

After understanding this little problem that these men have, I realised that they are to be pitied more than reviled. These people are the reason why you and I receive so much spam mail for penis enlargment programs.

Poor things.

Seriously, though, guys. If you small-wanged lot want children, you'd better find a non-virgin wife. Otherwise, your minute schlongs wouldn't be big enough to break her hymen and then your sperm wouldn't be able to reach her eggs. Come to think of it, you're probably infertile, so nevermind.
well said! hahaha
You think evolution can catch up with modern lifestyle? Modern lifestyle (which starts only 100 years ago -- think when electricity is invented) demands reading lots of books and computers, eating lots of meat, keeping appintments to the minutes and seconds, staying up late at night. Evolution does not equip us with it. So we have high myopia rate, high cancer rate, high high-blood pressure rate, insomnia respectively.

Evolution give us hymen / virginity and the male brain. Modern lifestyle says one-night stand is ok. Has evolution and the male brain catch up with it?

You said "if you dont like what I say, why not subscribe me to some porn"? I say: "why dont you go read some american porn yourself"? See for yourself why they like to write porns about fucking in the ass. Then you will understand. Hint 1: usa has few virgins beyond teenage days. hint 2: check how many time ass fucking is written as "I am about to fuck her VIRGIN ass... the thought of my dick into her VIRGIN ass....". It is about using the virginal anus to compensate for the non-virginal pussy.

Bottomline: virginity is still in very much in the modern men's mind, from china to usa. Your brain may have evolved faster than evolution does, but that does not mean the brain of those who have not evolved that fast is wrong. Statistics is on my side.

From: the same anon that wrote what you quoted
Are you a louis cha (jin yong's fan)? All his novels emphasise such criteria/thing. ALL! I will quote it in bm's blog since I dont want to double post. You refer to it there

From the anon that you quoted
Oh, btw, I wasnt thinking about rape. I was merely thinking of virginity. And in this regard, singaporean men who went vietnam to look for bride have the same thinking as me. And so do American teenage porn writers that I mentioned earlier. And so do the many church goers (though I am not a christian). They all have smaller dick than you? Ok lor, you are the biggest and your brain is far ahead of evolution's pace. happy and less incensed now?

(I am not going to continue commenting on your blog. 'Cos i prefer her blog. I will talk more there. Bye)

From the anon you quoted above
In this fucking day and time, you guys are still dreaming of finding a virgin wife? Ok la, I do agree that probably every MAN would prefer to have a virgin wife but let's all fucking face it. We lewdites are not virgin fucks who stays at home and wank off to pornography everyday. In some point of time in our life or another we have screwed a couple(hundred if ya good) other women and there are virgins involved where I'm talking about. So now, you screwed the future wife of someone else and you expect your own future wife to be un-screwed? Till a certain extent, life is still fucking fair, and I do mean fucking literally. I would advise to those anony commentors to stop dreaming of searching for "the virgin wife". Instead, look on the bright side, if she's a virgin it's just your fucking luck and a bonus. Perhaps one day you'll find a wife that has been fucked by me.
HAHAHAHA this is just so fucking funny .

virgin wife? fuck that man. if i wanna live my life and go around fucking the brains outta hot chicks 24/7, i really do think i'd be somewhat delusional to demand a virgin wife waiting for me when i finally wanna settle down - it just doesnt fit into the entire karmic cycle of giving and receiving.

and icebreeze that was a killer last line. haha-fuckin'-HA dude!!1111
I can have my thoughts about which of 4 fictional girls is most suited to a fictional male character in a work of fiction (ref: see BM's blog). And of course, you can have your thoughts too. I did not hurl insults at your thoughts. And I certainly did not expect insults to be hurled at me for my comment on which girl a TV/Novel's male protagonist should choose!

What a surprise! Hmmm... I see that the 3 of you (Adrian and Icebreeze and Wongcheok) has been so incensed that (1) you took things personally, transforming what is purely an opinion on a fiction novel into an personal attack about my/your future wife, my/yhour sex life, and (2)hurl vulgarities.

Have I hit you people too hard and too personally, when I commented on Yang Guo's choice of girl in a NOVEL? Are you people shameful of your non-virgin girlfriends/wife? Are you people embarrassed that some men has fuck your girlfriend/wife previously? Opps. my apologies. Dont be too sensitive. Nobody is looking down on you or your gf just because some other man was "in" her before you, and so there is no need to lose your cool over my comment on a fiction.

Oh, Icebreeze even wrote ". Perhaps one day you'll find a wife that has been fucked by me". Relax, Mr. Ice. I was commenting on a NOVEL's fictional character, not on your girlfriend or wife! If you dont mind your girl having been fucked by others before, that is ok with me too. No need to take it personally and hurl insults.

Hahaha.. Looks like there are lots of 此地无银三百两 here (Ask BM to explain to you what this means. Her Chinese is good).
When a person can spend some effort to specially write up an entire blog post, conjuring up paragraphs after paragraphs (after paragraphs!) of fictional insults, then one starts to wonder why this person can become so "incensed" by another person's comment about a FICTIONAL novel's FICTIONAL male character's choice of FICTIONAL wife among 4 FICTIONAL girls.

Relax, Mr. Adrian. I was commenting on Yang Guo and his choice of wife. Not on your girlfriend! I did not say your girlfriend should be ashame of herself because... Nor did I say I feel embarass for your choice of girlfriend? Did I?

Who, in your real life, did I embarrassed by my comment on this Louis Cha's FICTIONAL novel? You girlfriend? Your mother? BM? (she said you have the "perfect explanation" -- is she supporting your insult of me because my comment on this FICTION has hit the wrong button regarding her? Or are you hurling insults on me because she is hurt(why?) by my comment?) OR WHAT?

You need me to tell you the story of 此地无银三百两? Heh heh heh... Your "incense" tells me a lot, you know?
When a person can spend some effort to specially write up so many frikkin' comments, conjuring up paragraphs and paragraphs (after paragraphs that is even longer when you put it together than the original post) of pointless rebutts that do not even address the issue, then one starts to wonder why this person can become so inanely pointless and ignorant.

Especially when the entire point of the post wasn't about who Yang Guo should have chosen in that frikkin story, but about how clueless you are, imagining in this day and age that virginity is still the most important criterion a guy looks for when looking for a wife.

Good God...do you even understand what you are typing? Do you need us to tell you what you are typing?

Heh heh heh heh...your incredibly high level of unawareness tells me a lot you know?

...it reminds me of the Evil Canadian's mindless monkeys hammering away at keyboards.
Especially when you said "(I am not going to continue commenting on your blog. 'Cos i prefer her blog. I will talk more there. Bye)" and I still see you posting after that.

Again, do you understand what you are typing??
Aiya, let him rot with his archaic beliefs la.
He's a perfect example of someone who is so immersed in his classics that he has lost touch with the world he is living in.
I thought we were geeky, but this guy takes the cake!
none of my ex gfs were virgins and I wouldn't have wanted it any other way.
An experienced lady is just so much better.
"imagining in this day and age that virginity is still the most important criterion a guy looks for when looking for a wife."

That was not what I said. In that fiction, he had 4 girls who are equally good, in my opinion. So virginity counts.

Daniel: you dont know what you missed :)
Um, after reading Anon's sickfuck comments about ass-fucking, I take back what I said about him "immersing in classics." Yeucck.

And this is addressed directly to you Anon:

1.Love is love. Love is not Science. You cannot compare women like that.

2. Your oft-quoted "chi di wu ying san bai liang" is really the ultimate irony. For someone who has no name and identity to protect, you sure are expending a disproportionate amount of time and effort on this. ;)
You are shooting yourself in the foot and you do not realize this.
At the same time, you are lending credence to Adrian's theory.
You poor sod.
Wow. I wrote that post in like, 15 minutes, go away for the rest of the day, come back, and find that my comments are longer than the post itself. Truly, my cup runneth over.

And to the small-dicked guy, I have only this to say. Way to get all defensive, dude. HAHAHAHAHA.

Looks like I really rubbed a raw nerve there. Talk about 此地无银三百两! Physician, heal thyself! Woohoo!!

To the annoymous! to ppl like u , u must have or had been rejected by sg gals that made u sprout out and looked upon to the journalists' view of approaching vietnamese wife and looking for virginity in yr own way! Look, either should u had been been rejected umpteenth times and or nobody wanna firk u at all (inducing the negative thoughts in u) or maybe after given the slip after a or couple firk and no doubt u had to bear with the all the unpleasantness of rejection and worst of all self-ego depreciated thus began to self impressed that u willingy think u should deserve someone better as a virgin (who's after all a virgin knew nuts the size width play whatsover ie. ignorant and unable to appreciate the skills! So may i put to u that u are a absolutely self egotistic mammal that u do not know what is respect and life and most importantly true love ! Does a lady being raped or firked meaning that she wants it ? Truth of it is of no choice being raped and still gonna overcome trauma stigma and gal usually firk to get love but men love to get firked but ultimately majority left the gal to fend for themselves emotionally which left majority helpless as well to sob only! (so if the guy really loves her y leave her and find a virgin? Had he no sense of dignity and willingly allow himself to adopt the "no face" issue or rather in the first place there was only lust and wanted her as a chaste possesion only? Not taking the whole issue personally but from your expression of xiaolongnu being raped and yangguo should find a virgin u portray yrself as self deceited selfish and only a loquacious person of no values at all! That statement of yours revealed at least your thoughts and person otherwise y u should comment right! Pls pls make sure u find a pure virgin in as yr wife otherwise cos u will need not to only cover your head in public with your eyes to be seen only or worst hide yrself from this world in some corner of yours cos u absolutely have no sense of real life or rather only living in yr own world!!

Cheers Adrian !

Signed anonymous batzy
Gee, since when was virginity an issue in primitive man? The whole hoo-ha about the importance of a woman's virginity came about through society imposing standards upon individuals, largely due to a patriarchal system. Even now, there are societies that do not frown upon women being non-virgins when they get married.

I am a virgin, but seriously, I don't care whether the woman I hope to marry someday is a virgin or non-virgin. In fact, if she is a non-virgin, it might be a good thing (even if I'm still a virgin by the time we get married), since then it won't be 2 people fumbling around in the dark for the first time, at least 1 person will know what to do and how to do it...
Sex is overrated. Thus, virginity doesn't matter. Oh, and for guys who have small dicks(like me), there's always artificial insemination.
virgins are just..messy man. think of all the blood on the bedsheets. Gimme a non virgin anytime
PSYCHOLOGY -- when one is insulted and spend some time to insult back, what 此地无银三百两 is there to talk about? it is understandable --- you slap me, I slap you back..

But when one reads a simple comment about a girl in a novel not being good enough for a guy and became so "incensed" about it that one has to start hurling vulgarities, that's when 此地无银三百两 come into play. You hear a person's comment on a novel and you want to slap him?!? Hey, what's the problem with you man? solve your own psychological problem regarding your gf or sister or mother's sexual experience yourself or with a psychologist!
fantastic post. well said. (:
Read the 5th post: Do u care if your wife isnt a virgin when u got married?. The second comment of that post is particularly nightmarish: (in proper english) : I dont want any guy coming to me and saying to me 'I fucked your wife (before)'!
This is so age-old. But frak it.
In the novel's point of view, Yang Guo is the one who waited for her, because she's the one who wrote the "16 years later we will meet" thing on the rock for him.

All thought she died liao ok!

So in the end she did wait for him to jump into that frigging river thingy to reach that ulu place she was in. Bleah.

It's a story about him being a faithful man. If now ah, the guy already fucked the chiobus around him liao, especially when he is a DA XIA liao! All the girls will throw themselves on him lor.

That's why Yang Guo is the main character of this story ok! He's righteous, faithful and he doesn't look down on her LIKE THAT because he loved her whole-heartedly. That's why until so long still got people who like this character ok!

If all guys think like you guys who think virginity and your ego about owning something "pure and true" then there won't be any heros in novels liao. All will be lousy horny bastards who think with their dicks liao OKIEEE!

BTW hor, alot of those "virgins" are being stitched up badly in unsanitized conditions to re-create the hymen thingy one. So fuck with care, dudes. You'll never know what you're gonna get.
OMG, I've been out for ages and I've missed this totally entertaining flame war!

One of my ex-boyfriends actually told me after we got together that if I hadn't been a virgin, he wouldn't have wanted to be with me. FUCKING CAVEMAN! And of course, being the naive 17-year-old virgin that I was then, I took it - and actually believed his idea that men only want virgin girls! Chee bye, if I see the motherfucker anywhere nowadays, I'll tell him, "Hey, I just found out your current girlfriend lied to you about being a virgin. Actually, my buddy Icebreeze fucked her already. Many many times some more."

Thank the Lord, it's only small-dicked boys like dear Anonymous who still have such archaic notions. And just for statistical purposes, my ex had a minuscule penis too. I conclude: these guys want virgins simply because a virgin can't tell what's good sex and bad sex, what's a small dick and what's an acceptable size.

You like virgins and virgin asses so much, tiny-man-meat Anonymous, here's what I suggest. Take a knife (use only the first breakable segment of a penknife blade because a normal knife's too big for your penis - you might end up slicing your thigh meat), chop your little dong off, and shove it up your virgin ass. Unless, of course, your equally small-dicked boyfriend's already screwed it, in which case go fuck a newborn mouse, they're definitely virgins with vaginas small enough for your puny cock.

Bloody pua chee bye dinosaur. The Cretaceous ended 65 fucking million years ago, you creep. Get over it.
I am totally nude come see me. Take a bit for all pics and movies to load.

Why do I do this I like to make men blow their jiz in their pants.

Visit me.激情
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