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Thursday, August 25, 2005
Oh, and...

I just saw this in response to my previous post.

Hi Adrian,
I left the comments "Are you gay?" in your post. Didn't know it created such an unpleasent effect on you and your blog. My sincerest apology. It's me Sally (aka applestuz). Still remember me??? Give me a call if you do! (.. hope you still have my card..) Cheers. Oh, loved your piece on the "First man". Brillant!
# posted by sally : 7:05 PM

Hi, Sally. What you said had absolutely no effect on me or my blog whatsoever, so no problems there. I actually do not have the faintest idea who you are, and I most certainly do not have your card. Furthermore, the link you left led to nowhere, so I am forced to conclude that I've never seen you before in my life and you're trying to mindfuck me in some way. Either that or you got the wrong Adrian. However, do feel free to shoot me an email if you're not some idiot prankster and you're sure I am who you think I am. And thanks for liking what I wrote. I am rather brilliant, even if I do say so myself.

Do check out Injenue's post about his conversation with a cabby. It's quite interesting.
Could you be any more of a dork?

Sitting there at your computer writing shitty little posts on your shitty little blog about how you're the shit. Hey guess what, the only thing you could own is my ass with your tongue.

I'm sure you and your little blog-gang will want to flame me back, but how about getting jobs instead?
woah adrian.. famous already i see. ;)

What do you mean, “already”? He spends every waking moment thinking about his next blog entry, only to spend another 6 hours writing and proof reading this written diarrhea, and has been doing this for god only knows how long, and you say “already”? It’s about time this ballsack faced karaoke singing fag got some negative feedback instead of the usual bullshit praises that his online-only clique blows up his ass each day.
Heehee, anonymous is so funny. He sounds just like Donaq.
tats: Hey, kitten! Where have you been? Haven't seen you on msn for sooo long!

Anonymous: Woohoo! Another one! Keep it coming, man! As you have already noted, I live for this shit! Since you've already gone this far, why not go tell all your friends, imaginary or otherwise, that I suck and make them come here to diss me as well? Man, that would kick so much ass.

sb: Yeah, I'm trying to generate some buzz. It's actually me having a monologue.
Dude, most of the 'blog-gang' are students,
get what job?
shit man...check these blogs out, they're fuckin funny!


ermm, well, i added you on my new account, but i guess you didn't get the invitation?

anonymous: LOL this is the most funny shit thing i ever heard . What's wrong if people spend his whole life writing blog ?

Then why u spend this fucking time reading other ppl blogs? pretty cool huh , lick my ass too. If i happy i belanja u beer , u sucks !

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