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Thursday, September 08, 2005
IQ Test

I went to take this IQ test that I spotted in this post on Hejin's blog. I got 141, and I immediately concluded that the test was inaccurate, since I am obviously at least 250. To test my theory, I copied all the correct answers and tried again as a different user. With a perfect score, the IQ they gave me was 168 (I'd made three mistakes before). Well, ok, if the maximum score was 168, then I guess 141 is fair for me. By the way, humble readers, if you're interested in taking the test, go click on all the ads after the test until they ask you to choose a gift. Click on the one where they ask you to choose a laptop and a popup window will appear. Then, they should give you the full results (allegedly 31 pages including the answers) instead of some miserable snippet. How did I know which ad to choose? I have no freaking idea. Lucky, I guess.

Anyway, here are my full results from the original test (with clues omitted just in case you wish to take the test), plus my thoughts as I was reading them.

Perceive my greatness.

Your thinking style is Complex Intellectual.

Your IQ score is 141. This means that you are smarter than 99.0% of all other Super IQ test takers.

Yes, I am indeed smarter than 99% of all you other fuckers out there. Point to note:

Even with a perfect score (i.e. IQ of 168, Complex Intellectual), a person would still be smarter than only 99% of you other fuckers. One wonders how the remaining 1% managed to get a score that was better than perfect, but let's move on.

This number is the result of a scientifically-tested formula based on how many questions you answered correctly on the Tickle Super IQ Test.

Well, ok, sure, but let's get to the part where you say nice things about me, ok?

But there's more to intelligence than a single number, a single score, or a single label. Tickle uses 8 distinguishable dimensions of intelligence in the Super IQ Test. By analyzing your individual scores on those 8 scales, we are able to look beyond the raw IQ score into how you process information, and which intellectual strengths you're best at.

Your test results indicate that the way you process information makes you a Complex Intellectual.

But of course.

You are highly intelligent and talented in two critical areas: math and language. While others may be skilled at one, you are exceptional at both. Your ability to understand theoretical or abstract information and your attention to detail only make your mathematical and linguistic skills stronger. You are a highly conceptual, complex thinker.

Because of your numerous intellectual abilities, you probably rarely come across something you're not good at. You are a quick study and so have a tendency to look for and find the deeper meaning in things. You might intellectualize a situation or muse about its layers of complexity, making grand-scale associations. While others are relieved to have tangible, concrete information to work with, you may find yourself easily bored and so you seek more intellectual content.

I hate to be immodest by admitting to all this, but shucks, I am way too honest to deny it. Yes, it is true. I am good at just about anything I try.

Here's an example of your Complex Intellectual thinking skills at work in a real-life situation:

You go to a play with a bunch of friends. You recognize that some of the lines from the play are highly similar to a play you read a long time ago in school. Not only that, but you also notice that the play is structured in such a way that those types of lines occur in every other scene in the play. You are excited by your revelations and start explaining this to your friends. You want to go out for coffee and talk about what it all might mean, and whether the author intended it to be this way. Others might be more inclined to talk about the costumes or other more obvious elements of the play, and you shouldn't take this too personally. Your insights are definitely valuable, so don't stop sharing them — just be aware that you might occasionally receive some blank stares. Thank goodness you think the way you do!

Well, I hardly ever watch plays these days, but I do get lots of blank stares, that's for sure.

Now that you know about how you process information, let's drill down to see what your specific intellectual strengths are. None of the intellectual abilities is more important than any of the others. And it's your unique scores on each of these scales, that makes you an interesting addition to any group, office, or family.

These intellectual strengths color your world and the way you perceive it, and also allow you to contribute your original perspective when solving problems and coming up with ideas. No one intellectual dimension can define you. It's the original combination of your intellectual strengths that makes you special.

They even have a nice diagram showing you just how good you are at all these areas. The diagram is unnecessary for me, of course, since I am perfectly capable of understanding figures, but hey, it's nice, so I'm showing it.

See that, schmucks? I score high on every conceivable measure of intelligence.


As you can see, your top scores are in the areas of Reasoning, Organizational, and Logical. This is a very unusual combination — only 6 in 1,000 people have it. Want more proof? Then pay attention to the percentages of people who scored higher and lower than you on each of the 8 intellectual strengths.

Hey, my top scores according to that diagram were in everything except spatial and mechanical. Wouldn't that mean that I'm in an even rarer group than the top 0.006% of the population?


Abstract Reasoning ability:

Your score is 99 out of 100. With abstract reasoning you can think on multiple levels and see relationships between ideas that are not easily apparent. When you're using your abstract reasoning skills, you draw on both external logical and creative sources of information to come up with your solution.

Here's a question that required high abstract reasoning ability to solve:


In every-day life, abstract reasoning ability is used to understand complex, multi-layered situations, sometimes involving the associations and relationships between two seemingly different sets of information. For example, imagine someone who has taken piano lessons and was taught that the skill was more easily obtained when she pointed out her struggles to her teacher. She was able to learn from them and improve. This same woman then takes writing lessons and again makes her mistakes obvious so that the instructor can suggest changes and she can improve.

Compared with others, your abstract ability is very high. This means that you have a very strong abstract ability.

Ah, vanity. Definitely my favourite sin. Howerver, I am still wondering how come one still scores only 99/100 even if he answered every question correctly?

Organizational Ability:

Your organizational ability score is 99 out of 100. Organizational ability is what allows you to organize and arrange information effectively, be precise, and proofread carefully.

Here's a question that required high organizational ability:


In every-day life, organizational ability is what you use to proofread a paper or organize a messy desk. Coming up with an organizational system for keeping track of things comes easy to those who are high in this ability. It is a highly practical skill.

Compared with others, your organizational ability is very high. This means that you have a very strong organizational ability.

To be perfectly honest, I'm actually rather disorganized, not because of any intellectual deficiency, but rather due to sheer laziness.

Logical Ability:

Your scored 99 out of 100. Logical ability is what you use when determining whether or not something makes sense. You rely on logic when analyzing an argument, step-by-step. This ability also contributes to your aptitude for recognizing underlying patterns.

Here's a question that required high logical ability to solve:


In every-day life, you might use this ability to figure out the best route to the store, or to figure out the best deal when choosing between a couple items to buy. Everyone has a certain ability to use logic to solve problems. Some are better at it than others, however.

Compared with others, your logical ability is very high. This means that you are an extremely logical person.

As I am extremely form of saying, I am a machine. I have never done anything illogical in my life, ever.

Numerical Ability:

You scored 99 out of 100. You use numerical ability when you spot a numerical pattern or solve a numerical equation. Here's a question that assessed your numerical ability:


In every-day life, you use the ability to calculate a tip at a restaurant, or estimate taxes on a purchase. Everyone has this ability to a greater or lesser extent.

Compared with others, your numerical ability is very high. This means that you have no problem processing numbers.

The question mentioned was actually very simple, and it was more of a pattern-recognition question, really.

Verbal Ability:

Your verbal ability score is 99 out of 100. Verbal ability means having an expansive range of vocabulary, being able to use it, and feeling a desire to add to it. It is also what allows you to comprehend the relationships and subtle difference between words.

Here's a question that required verbal ability:


In every-day life, verbal ability is essential to being able to interpret written materials. It's also valuable for communication — the more vocabulary words you know, the more precisely you may be able to convey your point.

Compared with others, your verbal ability is very high. This means that you have a very strong verbal ability.

This I do not consider as intelligence, since questions that test this require a certain cultural capital to answer correctly. What if the bugger who takes this test does not know English? Anyway, I scored high, so whatever.

Visual Ability:

Your score is 99 out of 100. Visual ability allows you to accurately visualize all aspects of an object for the purposes of recreating it, the way painters do. It's also what you use to imagine a scene from a novel or a story someone tells you — the ability to accurately reproduce reality in the mind's eye.

Here's a question that required high visual ability to solve:


In every-day life, visual ability is what you use when creating original art. In order to reproduce an object on canvas (as painters do) you have to be able to accurately represent the dimensions of those objects in the picture. Getting the accurate perspective and depth is easiest for someone with a strong visual ability.

Compared with others, your visual ability is very high. This means that you have a very strong visual ability.

The better to scope out hot chicks with, of course.

Spatial Ability:

You scored 96 out of 100. You use spatial ability to judge the relationship between objects and physical space, like a parked car and the width of the road. It is also what helps you visualize a room when you are decorating or rearranging furniture.

Here's a question that required high spatial ability to solve:


In every-day life, you use this ability when you drive or even when you are walking through a packed crowd (so that you don't run into other people!). Some people actually use this ability to help them with non-physical things. If they are trying to understand a situation, they might think of the words as shapes that they need to negotiate.

Compared with others, your spatial abilities are very high. This means that you have a very strong sense of how things exist in physical space.

Yeah, sometimes I use this ability to kick puppies too. I hate dogs because they'll probably be laughing at me in heaven when I burn in hell.

Mechanical Ability:

You scored 93 out of 100. Mechanical ability is what helps you understand how machines and tools work. Someone with a good amount of mechanical ability probably has an innate understanding of physics. High mechanical skill is also associated with a high degree of precision and practical thinking.

Here's a question that required high mechanical ability to solve:


In every-day life, mechanical ability comes in handy when anything in the house breaks, or when you have to purchase something that requires physical assembly. It is also helpful in finding solutions to physical problems, such as determining how to build a pulley to bring water out of a well.

Compared with others, your mechanical abilities are very high. This means that you have a very strong mechanical ability.

I know how to build clubs that can knock out your dumbass, that's for sure.

Shit, I am so fucking awesome, you guys. So the next time I call you an idiot, you know that I speak only the truth, because I am way smarter than 99% of you other fuckers out there, ok? So just shut the fuck up and listen to me, thank-you-very-much.
oh, I did this test before. (taking online IQ tests is a past-time of mine). I got 143. But like you said, these online tests are wholly inaccurate. They are just gimmicks to bait you into ordering their 'special reports'.

Let's go for a Mensa test someday man. That'll be something.
if you're interested, here's something more credible and challenging..


my score was much lower on this. LOL!
I did this before too, when it was still residing at emode.com.

And I won't tell you my score one lor KNN. You and Daniel are freaks.

Hahaha okay lah if I don't remember wrongly my score was 128. = /
the 1% had the same score, tats y u r not superior to them.
wah lao the highiqsociety one is damn hard can! it wasted like an hour of my life! tmd.
hahaha, i haven't tried it yet.
143 for the highiqsociety's culture fair test. :D But then again its kinda a 'visually' biased test anyway. 128 for the timed test.

Some of the questions asked at Tickle are kinda silly, and generally not very exciting..especially those that askes you to arrange words in Alphabetical order..WTF!

For you puzzles/maths/logic nerds out there, here's a cool site to visit: http://www.cut-the-knot.org

Damn, I've never had the patience for IQ tests...

The last time I did one was in april and I got
so irritated after the first two pages, what with all the repititions
and questions that were basically the same, I did the tests at random for
the remaining 14 pages and left it at that.

What's freaking incredible is that I got 112 for that test.
Bah! Bloody moronic.
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