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Sunday, September 11, 2005
Weird Dream. Again.

So, I had this weird dream last night. Here's a transcript of me telling Blinkymummy about it because I can't be bothered to type it all out again. Besides, our conversations are always sort of funny too.

(10:29:14) AQ: morning
(10:29:32) AQ: i just woke up from this SUPER WEIRD dream

(10:31:09) BM: what what?
(10:31:16) BM: faster tell me!!

(10:31:24) AQ: gross
(10:31:33) BM: even you say it's gross
(10:31:35) AQ: ok i dreamt that i could fly (again)
(10:31:36) BM: it must be damn bad
(10:31:45) AQ: then damn shiok right
(10:31:53) AQ: so i fly here fly there
(10:31:58) AQ: and i started showing off
(10:32:11) AQ: u know, waving to people on the 20th floor and all that shit

(10:32:16) BM: hee hee hee
(10:32:19) AQ: then hor
(10:32:25) AQ: there was this hot chick
(10:32:29) BM: me me me!!
(10:32:34) AQ: erm
(10:32:37) AQ: she didn't look like u
(10:32:39) BM: cheebye :|
(10:32:48) AQ: but her personality was almost totally like u
(10:32:49) AQ: hahahahaha
(10:32:55) BM: in your dreams, sometimes i look different
(10:32:59) AQ: i guess
(10:33:05) BM: then then?
(10:33:19) AQ: so she kept telling me i was swell and cool (cos i can fly)
(10:33:24) AQ: then
(10:33:29) AQ: i dreamt that i woke up
(10:33:34) AQ: and couldn't fly anymore
(10:33:42) AQ: so i mumbled "cheh, only a dream"
(10:33:52) AQ: then i dreamt that i went back to sleep.
(10:34:03) AQ: and u aka the hot chick was there again
(10:34:20) AQ: so i was like "hey cool i'm in the dream again"
(10:34:28) AQ: and then u told me to fly
(10:34:32) AQ: but i lost the power liao!
(10:34:41) AQ: and i was like "cheebye how can like that"

(10:34:46) AQ: so i kept trying
(10:35:11) AQ: jumping off buildings and all that to force the ability to come out (dun ask me how come never die. it's a dream after all)
(10:35:21) AQ: ok weird part coming up

(10:35:24) BM: haahahha
(10:35:48) AQ: so u disappeared from the dream at this point, because by then i was obsessed with flying
(10:35:53) AQ: and i became crazy
(10:36:00) AQ: walked around mumbling and all that
(10:36:34) AQ: and suddenly i was seeing that guy who's trying to fly through a third pair of eyes
(10:36:39) AQ: i was no longer that guy!

(10:36:51) BM: what's a 3rd pair of eyes?
(10:37:00) AQ: means i separated from him in the dream
(10:37:07) BM: fwah
(10:37:11) BM: oh oh

(10:37:14) AQ: u know, i was him and then suddenly i'm someone else seeing him
(10:37:16) AQ: u see?

(10:37:18) BM: third person
(10:37:19) BM: yes yes

(10:37:33) AQ: so i see him liao i was like "fwah, what an ugly fat fuck"
(10:37:36) AQ: i mean, he was FAT

(10:37:39) BM: ahhaahhahaah
(10:37:40) AQ: round that kind
(10:37:49) AQ: and he had a hitler moustache for some reason
(10:38:00) AQ: so ok, i was seeing him from third person right

(10:38:03) BM: ahahahah the most disgusting and probably a bigot
(10:38:05) AQ: but hor
(10:38:11) AQ: i can still feel what he's feeling
(10:38:24) AQ: like he was always ordinary until he discovered he can fly

(10:38:25) BM: fwah!!! 最高境界
(10:38:34) AQ: then now he's lost it
(10:38:40) AQ: and he will do anything to regain it

(10:38:57) AQ: so he walks by this haunted house and goes in right
(10:39:06) AQ: and inside this demon approached him
(10:39:15) AQ: damn hideous demon
(10:39:19) AQ: got scales and all
(10:39:35) AQ: and the demon tells him
(10:39:43) AQ: that he can have his flying power back
(10:39:51) AQ: but he will have to kill two women
(10:40:04) AQ: and without even thinking, the fat fuck agreed
(10:40:16) AQ: so he walks out and goes look for his friends
(10:40:32) AQ: and he manages to get two female friends alone, and he stabs them to death
(10:40:45) AQ: very vivid leh
(10:40:54) AQ: i can still hear them screaming

(10:41:04) AQ: ok here comes the really really weird part
(10:41:18) BM: this is fucking brilliant!!!! you know what it sounds like? it sounds like my ex-fiance and i. only that he chose me and his character for the 2 women.
(10:41:35) AQ: erm.
(10:41:37) BM: anyway...then then
(10:41:48) AQ: ok i dreamt that i woke up again
(10:42:09) AQ: and mumbled to myself "yeah, this is a warning to me not to get too obsessive about stuff" and went back to sleep
(10:42:27) AQ: then i was back in the fat guy world again
(10:42:43) AQ: but see, now i am the boyfriend of one of the chicks he murdered
(10:42:48) AQ: WEIRD RIGHT

(10:42:49) BM: fwah

(10:43:02) AQ: and boy, was i pissed!
(10:43:07) AQ: she's been missing for days
(10:43:16) AQ: and i immediately suspected the fat fuck lah
(10:43:19) AQ: because he's weird mah
(10:43:33) AQ: so a coupla other friends and i found him
(10:43:41) AQ: and i whacked him a coupla times
(10:43:46) AQ: and asked him if he did it
(10:43:56) AQ: and he mumbled that he did

(10:43:43) BM: fwah... got bros in the dream some more
(10:43:50) AQ: no got females and males
(10:43:57) BM: oh ok

(10:44:04) AQ: so i whacked him a few more times
(10:44:09) AQ: but the others held me back
(10:44:18) AQ: and said that the fat fuck would never do such a thing
(10:44:25) AQ: because he's always been meek and gentle
(10:44:32) AQ: and i had to admit that was true
(10:44:42) AQ: so we told him to bring us to the haunted house
(10:44:52) AQ: i duno how come we knew got haunted house lah

(10:45:11) BM: everybody knows coz everybody wants power

(10:45:06) AQ: anyway we went to the haunted house
(10:45:15) AQ: and the ground floor was flooded
(10:45:29) AQ: and we were like wading through the water looking for clues
(10:45:36) AQ: the house is damn huge by the way
(10:45:51) AQ: and the chicks in the group were bitching
(10:46:06) AQ: about how their trousers were getting wet lah, how this place stinks lah blah blah

(10:46:17) BM: cheebye females
(10:46:23) BM: you should have drowned them

(10:46:30) AQ: i was getting more pissed because hello, limpeh's GF just DIED
(10:46:58) BM: i can imagine your frustrations, man!

(10:47:07) AQ: so suddenly my gf's head dropped down from a skylight, hanging from a braid
(10:47:15) BM: cheebye!!
(10:47:25) AQ: and everyone was like going hysterical and screaming and i was super pissed
(10:47:37) BM: wah lan eh!!
(10:47:39) AQ: and a few more female heads plopped into the water
(10:47:51) BM: :|
(10:47:52) AQ: except my gf's which was still hanging by her braids
(10:47:59) AQ: obviously someone was holding on to it
(10:48:16) AQ: and i did the hardest thing i've ever done in my life (in the dream)
(10:48:29) AQ: i yanked the bugger down with my gf's head

(10:48:39) BM: WAH LAN EH!!!
(10:48:42) AQ: yeah

(10:48:56) AQ: it turned out to be some crazy kid

(10:49:02) BM: kid?!!!
(10:49:11) AQ: and the fat fuck only imagined himself killing the chicks
(10:49:15) AQ: it was this kid all along
(10:49:21) AQ: and BOY, WAS I PISSED!

(10:49:35) BM: he did kill them right?

(10:49:38) AQ: no
(10:49:57) AQ: he was delusional cos of the fact that he can no longer fly

(10:50:03) BM: oh ok
(10:50:06) AQ: i oso duno how he know the chicks died
(10:50:11) AQ: but this is just a dream mah

(10:50:17) BM: hee hee hee

(10:50:12) AQ: anyway
(10:50:22) AQ: i had brought knives along just for the occasion

(10:50:32) BM: *be prepared*
(10:50:33) AQ: so i started to stab the kid
(10:50:43) AQ: and twist the knives in his flesh
(10:50:58) AQ: and i kept trying to force him to admit he did it and say he was sorry

(10:51:00) BM: i would too by then
(10:51:04) AQ: but he just kept laughing and laughing
(10:51:17) BM: damn irritating!!
(10:51:30) AQ: and my friends were trying to hold me back and telling me i was becoming as crazy as both the fat fuck and the kid
(10:51:50) AQ: but i kept shrugging them off and stabbing the kid and there was tons of blood
(10:52:03) AQ: then i woke up
(10:52:05) AQ: lol

(10:55:34) BM: so the next question is
(10:55:34) BM: who's gonna blog about this?

(10:52:25) AQ: lol
(10:52:28) AQ: brilliant meh!
(10:52:33) AQ: u really alien
(10:52:40) AQ: other people would have said it's disturbing
(10:56:43) AQ: BLOOD LEH

(10:56:56) BM: but i like!!!
(10:57:03) BM: :D :D :D
(10:57:09) BM: who's gonna blog about this?

(10:57:16) AQ: me yanking the bugger down with my gf's head was the worst
(10:59:31) AQ: okok i go blog
(10:59:32) AQ: lol

(10:59:40) BM: yes yes
(11:00:02) BM: remember to shorten our names to A and BM
(11:00:10) BM: like that easier to read!
(11:00:21) BM: oi oi

(11:00:25) AQ: yes, ma'am! *salutes*
(11:00:27) AQ: yah?

(11:00:46) BM: i also want the part where i asked who's gonna blog and the part you said i is alien
(11:00:59) AQ: yeah i was gonna include that

The point of all this was, of course, to show you guys that Blinkymummy is an alien.
Wahahahaha! Fucking brilliant! You know that whole dream can be a really cool arthouse horror movie with morals kinda thing. Cheem.
Shit, I should try pitching it to some Hollywood studio, then. Hahahaha!
Let's make an indie movie out of it! then we can play it at the Cannes Film Festival and win lots of accolades! Eat your heart out, Eric Khoo!
Sounds a bit like Sin City to me...
Ivan: Dude, how would an indie movie manage the flying part?

Gaston: You know, now that you mention it, the part where I tortured the kid does in fact remind me of Sin City.
I know this is a lil' out of point with your post, but... I think a LEWD outing is long overdue.
Haha.. i like the last line..
I dunno... maybe use one of those arthouse strategies... cut to an animation sequence, or use cheapo CGI effects, or use some other effects wihout showing the guy physically flying... Maybe just footage of the ground with his shadow passing overhead, and then a scene of him landing. *shrugs*
Waaa!!! Haunted hse, i like.If u kin in visiting haunted hse, let me know.I'll bring you there.
Fucking brilliant dream.... Wes Craven could do a movie with it. and ya... BM is an alien.
Right. Even your dreams are different from 99% of the population.
And yes the dream is weird and BM is alien!
Who's going to analyse this dream?
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