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Friday, September 16, 2005

Touched Thrice Four Times on Wednesday

So I went to Zouk on Wednesday night. It will probably be my last Mambo night for quite some time, and not because they're renovating the place. Anyway, I originally thought that it would be a boring night, and here's why. I'd started asking the few chicks I knew and did not dislike (3 of them) to go since Monday. Let's face it, a party isn't a party without chicks and booze. Guess what, neither of the chicks replied to me on Monday. Tuesday was the same. Well, this is normal behaviour from them, even towards me, because they're all rather hot chicks, so I suppose they think that not replying to text messages is their prerogative.

So there I was, planning to go to the last Mambo night, ever (well, almost), and there were no chicks going. My friend told me that he would have babes going along, but considering his tastes and the fact that he hadn't met them before, I had more or less resigned myself to a not-so-exciting night. We could, of course, have attempted to pick up chicks at the party itself, but as everyone knows, Mambo Jambo has become a sausage fest in recent years. I have no wish to become a sperm like the rest of the sperm and, damn it all, I'm too old for that sort of thing anyway.

On Wednesday, replies started to trickle in. One of the chicks, who'd been saying that she wanted to go dancing with me for some time, told me that she hates Mambo, and was hence not going. Fair enough. Sometimes, I hate Mambo too. If you're reading this, we'll go back to Rouge again sometime, ok, babe? Right, so Chick #2 finally texts me to tell me that she wishes to go to Club Momo with her friends, and asked me to go along with her. I told her that I would sound my friends out and see what they said. My friends were adamant on going to Zouk, so at the last minute, I text Chick #2 to tell her that I wouldn't be joining her.

So there matters stood on Wednesday evening. Chick #1 has confirmed she's not going. Chick #2 is going to Club Momo. Chick #3 has not replied. Then, the fucking stars aligned or some shite and my luck started to change. On my way there, Chick #2 suddenly texts me: "Ok, bro. Then I shall go to Zouk instead." Woohoo! Almost all her other friends were going to Momo and she was coming to Zouk just because of me. Man, I was touched. While still on my way there, I get another text message. It was Mystery Bonus Chick, whom I had not asked despite her being my favourite chick of the moment, because I knew she did not like Mambo night. Apparently, she was already there! Go figure, right? But I was not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, so I was just happy that she turned up. Hugs and kisses and all that shite, babe, and thanks for everything, heheheheh.

So Mystery Bonus Chick had to leave early because she had to leave early, so she left early. Still, I was touched that she'd come to look for me. Anyway, she did tell me that she'd enjoyed herself, so it's all cool. Chick #2 arrived not long after Mystery Bonus Chick left. So we danced a while. Then, Chick #3 texts me to tell me that she's going to Club Momo with her friends. What the fuck is it with chicks and Club Momo these days? Anyway, she asks me along, but I told her that I wasn't leaving my friends and to please get her cute butt to Zouk as soon as humanly possible since I hadn't seen her in ages. She said no initially, so I gave up. Later, however, she cabbed down from Momo alone to look for me.

Truly, my cup runneth over.

The rest of the night was a little anti-climactic because all the chicks had to leave quite early and I ended up going to Chinablack with a bunch of kids. Don't get me wrong, they were cool kids, but kids nevertheless. Still, I was already very happy that 3 of my favourite partying chicks bothered to come look for me.

Maybe I'm just easily touched.

Disclaimer: I am neither romantically attracted to, nor am I romantically involved with, any of the chicks I mentioned. They're all Just Good Friends, as the saying goes, so stuff your suggestive sniggers, bitches.

Disclaimer #2: I had just woken up at the time of the writing of this post, so the tenses are all wrong. Guess what? I don't care, so get stuffed.

Update: Forgot to mention this. Thanks to Hypnotica, one of the above-mentioned kids, for almost getting into a fight because some idiot gave me the finger behind my back when I was trying to get out to see Chick #3. Li wu gao brother!

Dude u da man. Romantic or not romantic, it's still an ego boost nonetheless. Woohoo! :)
"I'd started asking the few chicks I knew and did not dislike (3 of them) to go".

I wasn't asked, so can I infer that you dislike me? Because obviously you already know me.

*runs away wailing and sobbing*
aye fark man, if you'd declared you were going on your blog im sure many more chicks would suddenly feel the inclination to pay homage to the god of lewd, right?

and i'd also know you were coming and could've thus popped by to pay my respects as well, cuz i was there too man!
Sheena: Actually, there are more than 3 chicks I know whom I don't dislike lah, I just called the first 3 that came to mind. Well, actually I thought of Mystery Bonus Chick first, but then she professes not to like Mambo. For reasons of my own, I preferred a small group that night. Next time, ok?

wongcheok: I did think of asking people to go on my blog, but I didn't really feel like meeting people I'm not that familiar with that night. Anyway let's hit Mambo together after Zouk reopens, man.
Mooiness: Yes, it was indeed a major ego boost, heheh.
Aargh... was wanting to go that night, but my own Mambo gang was busy. Damn. Now I know who to call if I want to go Mambo and my regular bunch aren't free. =(
y'know, I need to get out more. I'm tired of being single. *grumble*
daniel: singlehood rocks, man.
It might, but too much of a good thing is bad.
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