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Wednesday, May 04, 2005
Fuck Y'all If You Can't Take A Joke

If there's one type of person I'm prejudiced against, it's the anti-prejudice people. Ok, I know that I am prejudiced against lots of shit, such as arts fags, Indians, non-Indians, children, adults, animals, plants, copper, other minerals, hydrogen, etc. What was that? Why copper? Man, don't even get me started on copper, ok? Trust me, you don't want to go there. Why hydrogen? Well, what kind of fool element doesn't have neutrons? I mean, seriously. I hate hydrogen. If it weren't for the fact that we need it for water, I'd be trying to undermine the fundamental laws of the universe everyday so that hydrogen cannot exist.

Ok, back to the people who are anti-prejudice in general and anti-racist in particular. I think that they should really unplug their butts and get on with their pathetic lives. I personally am also racist and I proudly admit to being prejudiced against the human race. Seriously, I think that the earth would be much better off if only us gods existed and you humans were wiped out, but that's by the by.

I think those people who are raising a big fuss over that dumb racist scholar are goddamned imbeciles. Racism will never be eradicated. It is a part of human nature to instinctively dislike those who are different from you. You put a bunch of, say, Chinese kids together with like one Caucasian kid and they will most surely pick on the Caucasian kid without even having to think about it. Let's face it, you're all a bunch of fucking jerks. The best you can ever hope to achieve is to make sure that racists do not act on their prejudices. You can bleat about how tolerance is not enough and that there must be acceptance yada yada yada all you want, but it's just not going to happen. You see, you cannot force people to think the thoughts you want them to think. You can only coerce them into doing the things you want them to do. Do I think that the racist scholar should be punished? Whatever. I couldn't care less what happens to that piece of shit. You can execute him for racism, for all I care. He was stupid enough to voice his socially unacceptable thoughts on the fucking internet, and that's a hit-and-a-half for his ass.

What I'm really opposed to are the people who are so anti-racist that they'll bleat "racist" at you just for cracking jokes related to race. Even supposing that acceptance of everyone by everyone is a reachable goal, that's not the way to go about it, you fucking morons. Denial is not acceptance. For there to be true acceptance, we must first acknowledge that we are different. The best way to do that is through humour. There was a reader of Today who said this.

"One educated Chinese Singaporean told me, after his trip to Calcutta, how "there were too many Indians there" and when I said that was racially insensitive, he said, 'I'm not racist; I have Indian friends'.

"I have encountered countless such comments and I often think, how do we even begin to address such blatant ignorance? People who are racist don't know they are."

Uh, hello, does anyone else agree with me when I say that was almost certainly a fucking joke? Seriously, if cracking racist jokes means you're a racist, then Eddie Murphy, as well as Chris Rock, is racist against both niggers and whites, and Russell Peters (Indian comedian) is racist against Indians. Come the fuck on. You know what's wrong with these anti-racist scum? They're too "sensitive". Here's a clue, maybe if you weren't so desperately trying to be overly nice to people of other races, then they would actually feel comfortable around you. I mean, isn't it normal to make fun of your friends and to want to humiliate them in front of all your other friends? Of course it is. I ripped on my Malay friends in the army, calling them "fucking Mats", and they called my Chinese friends and I "fucking Bengs". You know what that's called? It's called "celebrating our differences". Yes, I'd teach them how to cuss in Hokkien and Cantonese, while they taught me how to tell someone to cook their dickheads in porridge (or something like that) in Malay. We got so good at it that it became a standard gag for us to pretend that we were the Mats (we'd sing Mat Rok songs) and they were the Bengs (they'd kao peh at us in Hokkien). Seriously, isn't that better than having a plug up your butts all the time and being oh-so-afraid of stepping on conversational mines?

You know what, you're all too fucking sensitive for your own goods, so I'm going to piss you all off and hopefully cause you to rupture a fucking blood vessel, thereby doing the world a favour by removing your dumbass from it, and the way I'm going to do this is to crack a whole bunch of racist jokes.

Q: What do you call it when a bunch of Indians fall off a cliff?
A: Night falls.

There was once an Indian, a Malay and a Chinese sailor whose ship was boarded by pirates. They were the only survivors after the fight, and the pirate chief told them that he would release them if the combined lengths of their dicks exceeded 25cm. Well, the Indian went first. His wang measured 13cm long. Then the Malay went. His schlong was 11cm long. Then the Chinese went, and his miserable member measured a mere 1cm long. They were all visibly relieved, and the pirate chief kept his word and gave them a boat, which they rowed away from the pirate ship. As they were in the boat, the Indian started bragging. "Where would you be if not for my gigantic dick, you pundehs?" The Malay sailor replied, "Sial lah, I contributed too, you know?" The Chinese sailor smirked and said, "If limpeh not erect, you would all be dead!"

Here's a song sung to the tune of "Bengawan Solo":

Bengali one, so long
Chinese one, like sotong
Indian one, so big and strong
Malay one
sudah potong (meaning cut, or something like that)
(If I got any of the spellings wrong, sorry, but I don't give a flying fuck)
(If you don't know what that song is about, what are you doing out of your convent?)

Seriously, guys. Lighten up.
Haha.. Celebrating our differences indeed.
the bengawan solo song is damm cute..

and i like hydrogen dude.. it makes fantastic bombs.. heuhue

and yeah.. i hate ppl easily offended at remarks concernin their race and stuff..
they are insecure thats why..

so super secure ppl like u and me can handle all kinds of shits.. heuheuheue..
Russell Peters is fucking hilarious.

"Be a man! Do the right thing!"

Oh, and excellent post on the issue of race. Overly anal people like those involved in that guy's case should realise the difference between rebuking and chastising someone for having erroneous views, and turning this all into a bloody witch hunt.
My psychology lecturer told me that the person who is outwardly against racism is more likely to be more racist than the person who openly declare being racist.
(This comment has nothing to do with the cz issue, just in response to ur post)

Actually, you really never know what's wrong with being racist until you are the minority and all your friends of the majority race cracking a joke about the color of your skin. You can say it's a guy thing or it's cool, but it's just picking on someone plain and simple. (No different from picking on the only fat kid in class.) As a Chinese in Singapore, I haven't had to experience that yet, but I can only imagine what that would be like, and I don't think I am being "anal" or inwardly racist when I say that people shouldn't make racist remarks or crack jokes.

Making fun of all races including your own, might not be perceived as being discriminatory, since you actually are treating each race fairly, so to speak. But what about if you have a predominantly Chinese class, and the teacher makes a remark arrowed at the only non Chinese? That's both racist and offensive.
jllt: your lecturer might be wrong LOL..
t: your psych lecturer? you mean my mom's colleague? hahaha...i have to say that every time people mention NUS psych.

anyway, yah...jangan tension lah, racist jokes don't make you racist - just silly. and silliness is always funny.

Feisty Bitch: Yeah, we kick ass.

Celle: Haha, that is correct! We are super secure people!

Ivan: Thanks, man.

Anonymous: It all depends on intention. If you make a racist remark with the intention to offend, then it is offensive. If you're offended when the other person did not intend to offend, you're anal. And I'm not sorry to say this, but if you say that people shouldn't crack racist jokes, then you are anal, fuck you.

Big Fuck: Yes, silliness rocks.
ISD frowns on racist jokes. I know that for a fact.
lots of differences :)

this blog, for some reason, reminds me of Maddox's site. Is it intentional?
Hypersensitivity to putative racism is in itself a subtle form of racism.

But, no, I don't agree with Freudian projection (cf jllt's comment)
Yeah I laugh at racist jokes too, and I make them too.


1. I do not make them in front of someone of that race unless I really want to offend them

2. I make racist jokes about my own race BUT if someone else were to make racist jokes about my race, I get super pissed off (Only a nigger can choose to drop the N-bomb)

If you were in a corporate setting and made a racist joke about my race, I would make sure I saw to it personally that you would be screwed.

So go ahead, enjoy the anonymity of the Internet...
(This has nothing to do with the cz issue)

That's why I was asking if you are actually supporting racism or you're just talking about racist jokes. There are 2 issues here. Jokes about race, and racism. Some of the post indicates that you are saying that jokes about race are not racist, but then you say u are against "anti racist" people.

And for how your cool race comments can hurt another person, well, i've been reading this indian girl's blog. She's from Singapore and if you didn't already know that it hurts to be singled out because of your race, you'd understand from her blog.

And you can't criticise that a person is being anal, you just can't. Not when you are the joker and not the butt of the joke. Being singled out has very hurtful psychological effects on a person.If you're with a bunch of friends of another race who are used to joking around and no one minds, then I guess that's not racism per se. I think it doesn't depend on intention, but on the situation.
For example, if I'm overseas and someone in the group uses the word "Chink" say, to talk about a guy in a movie. They'd say that no one means to offend,but am I supposed to just take it then? If the user of the word told me to be cool about it, I'd punch him if I could.
how disappointing to hear this from you and your "heuheuheu" toadying lackeys.

funny how you and gssq (both intelligent people who purport to be not racist) keep having that high and mighty posturing about being tolerant of racism. plain bizarre.

my indian friends who read CZ's blog were invariably hurt, upset and perturbed by his perception of their race. see, only people who are threatened by racism (i.e, racial minorities) are sensitive to racism - OBVIOUSLY. i think it's very unkind and silly to say that people who can't take racist jokes are anal. some people are sensitive, some are not. you and gssq are just insensitive, ignorant and selfish - i.e. no better than rednecks.
Put your damn name on this shit and not leave it as Anonymous if you've got the fucking balls to say it.
I am his FRIEND, red-fuckin-neck (i am the second anonymous, that is). Instead of using a dumb pseudonym why don't you do the same? err unless you're actually donaq..
Since you all like racist jokes so much here is one more for you:

"I can't understand why the Chinese have a population explosion on their hands. Already in place is the finest contraception on the planet - ugly women" (Ron Atkinson)
you know, it's about fucking time someone came into the open and said that. i so fucking agree that most idiot anti-racist pricks out there cannot tell the difference between REAL prejudice and 'celebrating differences'.

for those of you reading this who haven't figured out the difference, try this on for size:

there's a difference between complaining about the woman driver in the first lane of the PIE driving at 40 km/h during peak hour and denying a woman a job because she's a woman.

There's also the difference between generalisation and absolute statements.

Here's a generalisation:

Most women drive like shit.

Here's an absolute statement:

Women are horrible drivers.

Note the difference.

Half the time, I make a statement like, OH MY GOD, ANOTHER WOMAN DRIVER, and I get dirty looks and called SEXIST. And then they go on about men being bastards. *shrug*

Go figure.

And for what it's worth, SEXISM and RACISM can be used interchangablely in the above examples, for the one-track minded amongst us.
I think the word "Racist" or "Racism" is being carried too far nowadays but some weaklings . If a person from a different race critised him/her on wrong doings , this weaklings will classified it as racist before looking back at what they have done or committed . So people that are so into anti-racist ,are they there for the right cause or just there to use these phrases to cover or undermined their own inferior complexity or wrong doings ?
Try being racist to someone that are more successful or at a higher status than you , and see will it pissed or hurt him ... I guarantee you that you will get more hurt and pissed when he retaliated just with words . So really against racism ? Anti-racist? My foot !!! There are more agendas beneath it ! Fucking naive ...
what a bunch of losers who want to justify their mean streak.

Your logic stinks and rather than believe that racism is wrong, you'd rather believe that non-snobbish people do not exist, and the ones who try to fight racist attitudes are hypocrites.

The world is a shitty place not because of anti racist activists, but because there are too many people like you. That's why it took a war to stop slavery, apartheid and that's why ordinary people let the Holocaust happen. You may not have compassion, but bear in mind that there are people who do.

I really wish you, Redneck, were a black soccer player in a soccer field in front of a stadium with a predominantly white audience chanting racial slurs at you. THEN you might be grateful for a few "hypocritical" non-racists who speak up for you.

And I'm proudly anonymous because if I were to leave a name, you'd accuse me of trying to act noble so I can appear righteous. Geez.
Ah, more false dichotomies. How refreshing.
Agagooga: It's lelong day for false dichotomies, man. Take your pick.
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