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Saturday, May 07, 2005
Never Argue With Idiots. They Will Bring You Down To Their Level And Beat You With Experience

Since it's the weekend, I shall waste some more time on a dead issue for the benefit of those who still do not understand, probably because they have single-digit IQs. As the title of this post suggests, I'm probably descending to his or her level, but if it gets him or her to leave me alone henceforth, maybe it's worth the effort.

Anonymous: There ARE two issues here. Even those sticking up for you have so-called misunderstood.

Me: No, there was only one. I was making a point against those people who are hypersensitive about race. The fact that people have misunderstood is immaterial to that fact, fuck you. You're not a fucking psychic, so stop making yourself look stupid by trying to fucking second-guess my intentions. That is an argument you will never win, you fucking idiot.

Anonymous: To quote you:
"Ok, back to the people who are anti-prejudice in general and anti-racist in particular."

Here, you try to make those who stick up for the minority look like idiots. People who are inwardly racist wouldn't bother to comment on blogs. Just avoid making a racist comment and no one knows what goes on inside one's head anyway. The fact that a person attempts to put forth his views at the risk of having a barrage of bad words directed at him/her shows that that person has more honorable intentions than you have. Debunking the racial stereotypes which these jokes propagate is not being hypersensitive or anal, it's just the right thing to do.

Me: Bullshit. Getting offended at jokes is hypersensitive and anal and not at all the "right" thing to do. Seriously, if you can't see that most of this blog is meant to be humourous, you're a fucking retard. Anyway, here's a tip. I'm not really that popular. If you're really so intent on sticking up for minorities, why don't you hit the really big targets, like Russell Peters? He does parodies of stereotypical Chinese, Indians and even Jamaicans. He is, by your standards, a bad, bad man. And so is Chris Rock. You should go to them and "debunk" their uh, stuff. Whatever it is, just stop coming here. Your presence is not at all appreciated and you're not accomplishing anything. I certainly am not going to change just because of what you say. The only goal that may be accomplished here is that of you being a nuisance and irritant to me. So I say to you again, fuck off. We'll both be happier. Unless you like being an irritant, of course, in which case I pity you.

Anonymous: Saying that people who outwardly oppose racism are MORE racist than those who do not is stupid and to me is a way to make people who oppose racism feel like they're doing something wrong.

Me: You know what? I totally agree. You know why? Because I NEVER said that, you fucking moron. It was some lecturer of the Feisty Bitch's who said that. Why don't you go to NUS and pester whichever professor said that? Either that or go back to school and master "reading", ok?

Anonymous: If I were to tell someone to not make racist jokes in public, I'm not trying to change his mindset but to stick up for the butt of the joke. I think it's repulsive to make a fellow human being feel excluded from a joke because of his race. Why the hell should I bother to reform a racist? A racist seldom changes his ways, because his racist attitudes were probably inculcated since young by his parents. There's nothing a bystander can do and basically I think it's the person's prob if he's a racist. He'll get bashed up one day.

Me: Well, as I said, O Great Champion of the Downtrodden, go lynch Russell Peters or something, since he makes racist jokes in public in front of hundreds of people. Curiously, they don't seem to take offence, even when the joke is on them, but that shouldn't stop you from conducting your jihad against him. Seriously, do you really think members of minority races are incapable of speaking up for themselves? Do you really think they're all stupid? I don't see any members of minority races throwing a hissyfit here. Are you so racist that you think they're so stupid they cannot defend themselves? Jeez.

Anonymous: You may not have used the word hypocrisy, but you're saying that people who are express anti racist sentiment are no less racist than those who spew racist jokes.

Me: Once again, I never said that, you nincompoop.

Anonymous: Your whole post is directed against people who criticise racists. Why? Because you think everyone has an inherent desire to make and laugh at such jokes.

Me: Unlike you, I do not think I am psychic and hence do not presume to know what the desires of "everyone" is. I simply think that if you're offended when someone cracks a joke, you're anal. And I think that if you presume that you're psychic and know my reasons for doing things, you're an idiot.

Anonymous: Well, wake up to the fact that just as you have been conditioned to find these funny, some of us are capable of putting themselves in the shoes of others. So do the world a favor and stop saying that the problem lies with the "anti racist" people. Perhaps you are the one who ought to be watered.

Me: You should wake up to the fact that you're bad at understanding what other people write and do the world a favour by going for reading classes. As for being watered, I actually prefer to be beered, so if you wish to do so, the link is right above, though I doubt that you would be able to figure out how to use it, given your abysmal lack of intelligence. Go ahead and prove me wrong. Show me you have what it takes to figure out how to donate to my beer fund.

Anonymous: To add on, just because there will always be racist is not a reason to stop speaking out against it.

Obesity will never be eradicated. Does that mean we should abolish healthy eating campaigns? People will never stop polluting the earth, but does that mean Earth Day has no use? The Japanese will probably never stop whaling, but does that mean the international community shouldn't put pressure on them to stop?

Me: As I said, I do not think people should stop forcing racists to not act on their prejudices. I simply think it is futile to expect racists to change their tolerance to acceptance. Your analogies are not valid. You can force obese people to eat healthy, but you cannot force them to not want to eat fatty foods. You can force people to not use environmentally-damaging products, but you cannot force them to not care about the environment. You can force the Japanese to stop whaling, but you cannot force them to think that whaling is wrong. Take us, for instance. I certainly am not going to change my opinions just because of what you have said here. All you've accomplished is to waste your own time and mine, not to mention making a nuisance of yourself to me. Especially considering that you have not understood what I was trying to say in the first place. Again, I say to you, idiot. Fuck off and don't come back.
No matter what you say, they will never get it.
Personally, my take on all the whole racism issue is this: Feel free to speak out against racism, but know when it's meant to be in good humour, and when it's deliberately meant to offend and hurt.

Besides, if we are to eliminate racist jokes on the grounds of discrimination, then we might as well get rid of all the jokes we make about blondes, lawyers, engineers, Christians, Irishmen, Scotsmen, Americans, Singaporeans, Malaysians, rednecks, women, men, etc etc simply because they're discriminatory?

Eliminating racism is not about destroying racist thoughts and then we'll all live happily ever after; it's about acccepting people's differences and living with that. I accept that other people have a different skin colour, different religious beliefs and customs and different family backgrounds, and I couldn't care less about that. I am sensitive to their cultural needs, if they are sensitive to mine as well. I judge them on the content of their personal character, not whether he or she is of a different ethnic group. THAT is what being anti-racist is about.

Furthermore, if you look at advertisements seeking volunteers for medical experiments, and if you see these same ads stating that they're looking for Malay or Indian voluntters only, would you accuse them of being racist?

By all means, eliminate racist actions and policies, but implying racist intentions where there are none is not only anal, it is counter-productive, for the backlash only drives people with genuine racist thoughts underground, where they may fester before spilling to the surface, and then no amount of shouting will stop them.

When faced by outright racism, I would rather that people deal with it rationally, by asking why the person holds such prejudices, and seek to destroy those prejudices and stereotypes. The shouting match that destroyed CZ may have succeeded in bringing shame upon what he wrote, but not everyone will be cowed so easily. Others may just close up shop and shift elsewhere.
I once heard a racist joke about the cost of a brain of different races ... it say Chinese's brain is cheapest because they used it too often aka overused. And Malay's are the most expensive 'cos they seldom use .
Now I found out that Anonymous idiot's brain probably is priceless ,'cos he can choose not to use it at all .
So , Adrian , dun waste your effort in doing these input to him ... waste of time .
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