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Tuesday, May 10, 2005
All In One Entry

Since I have achieved some measure of fame or notoriety, I have decided to plug Nethia, who, I swear, gets funnier with every post. Check out her latest. Oh, and Nethia, why the hell haven't you put up a Badge of Lewdness? I am bitterly disappointed in you, my girl. Even makanguru was cool enough to put up a Badge of Lewdness at the risk of becoming a minion (i.e. before I linked him in LEWD), heheheheh.

If you do not wish to read more about the ongoing smackdown being laid by me on Stupid, this is the end of the post. If you have the masochistic wish to explore, like probing an aching tooth with your tongue, the utter depths of stupidity with me, read on.

I know that my past few entries have more or less been wholly about the stupid racism issue and the idiot who has come to put forth his worthless views about it. It was amusing to lay the smackdown on him repeatedly, but seriously, I'm getting tired of the game. This raises an interesting observation, which I shall talk about presently. Before that, let us consider a few other things. Firstly, the original entry which started it all was a rant, meant to get a rise out of those who are hypersensitive about racism. As I have already said, I seem to have succeeded admirably in that aim. However, the rant was also meant to be humorous, and I think it was pretty obvious that I was not all that serious about that entry. Because hypersensitive idiots see red whenever their pet topic is mentioned, however, some people seem to have taken my entry to mean that I am a racist and have seen fit to come and chastise me for them or something.

I had already made some small effort in the original entry to make it clear that I am not a racist, but due to the number of comments I received, I got a tad worried. This is because as Agagooga once said to me, "idiots are a dime a dozen", a statement with which I totally agree. What has that got to do with anything, one might ask? Well, before that entry, I had taken pains to ensure that no idiots read my blog, or if they did, then I have tried to ensure that they were at least quiet idiots. I may indeed be a fame whore, but I am an elitist one. I didn't want single-digit IQ brown-nosers infesting my blog and posting comments agreeing with my every sentiment, nor did I want dumbass trolls flaming me at every turn. So whenever one did turn up, which has occurred once or twice, I have consigned the bugger to comments oblivion. For this entry, however, that idiot asshole Ivan, who totally lives up to his alias "Hai Ren" (literally, sabotage), went to link it on tomorrow.sg, thus causing a rather large spike in traffic. Considering that idiots proliferate like maggots in rotting meat, it was inevitable that among these new hits, some would fall into that category.

So why was I worried? Well, considering that it was inevitable that idiots would be reading that entry, I was concerned that some of them would think, despite the efforts made by me to indicate otherwise, that I am a racist because of their limited capacity for understanding. I did not relish becoming a martyr for a cause I do not embrace (racism), either in the blogosphere or in real life, so I posted this entry, partly to reply to comments, but mostly to clarify in no uncertain terms that I am not prejudiced against any race in particular.

After that, I thought the episode was over, and that I could move on to post more of the - ahem - infantile crap that everyone has grown to know and love. However, this was not to be. One of the idiots, Mr. Anonymous idiot, just kept coming back for more. At first, my replies to him were more or less civil (by the standards of I Rock, You Suck) barring the odd gratuitious use of the word "fuck". I simply told him that if he takes offence where none was intended, he's anal, but apparently the shoe fit and he totally frikkin lost it. He soon proved himself to be that most feared category of idiots, Ferrous Cranus. He is oblivious to reason, and just keeps advancing the same arguments (irrelevant ones, I might add) over and over again like a broken record. This breed of idiot is particularly irritating because by repeating himself, he forces you to keep repeating yourself too. I would not fall into that trap, so I switched tactics and hurled abuse at him, telling him that he was wasting his time and that he shouldn't come back, but he not only came back, he said some nonsense about me treating anyone who disagreed with me like natural enemies and shouting them down. This is patently untrue, as can be seen in my discussion with Mock Turtle here. I welcome dissenting opinions, so long as they are intelligent ones. If you put forth your views intelligently enough and make me see that I was in error, I will change my opinions, or at least acknowledge that you have valid points, as I have shown.

Anonymous idiot here, however, says things like "you can't blahblah, you just can't", when it is perfectly obvious to anyone with half the intelligence of any result of the incestuous marriages of ten consecutive generations of village idiots that I actually can. I see no point in arguing logically with people who don't use logic, hence I'd rather insult them until they leave. He later babbled something about "self-respecting" people being sure to do what he did and coming back for more, when it is perfectly obvious that self-respecting people will sense when they are not welcome and FUCKING LEAVE. So, being lazy to come up with new and creative insults just to respond to his repetitive drivel, I started deleting his comments.

And still he came back. Again and again and again.

Seriously. Can anyone understand such depths of stupidity? And now we come to the interesting observation I mentioned earlier. You see, I've always believed that an intelligent person will, sooner or later, always triumph over a dumb motherfucking idiot asswipe skid mark such as our dear Anonymous. Now, however, the frightening possibility that I could have been wrong presents itself to me. I had a vivid vision of myself wearing my fingers to the bone clicking the "Delete" button, while this moron hammers out stupid comment after stupid comment. You see, the problem with stupid people is that they do not know they are stupid and furthermore, they're too dumb to feel pain or exhaustion. While a smart person who was beaten will understand that fact and back off, a stupid person is too dumb to acknowledge his defeat and will just doggedly persist. In a previous comment, I likened his efforts to that of someone repeatedly banging his own head against a brick wall because he wanted to get past it. Now, I think that such an idiot may actually break down a brick wall with his bonehead.

Nah. He said in a recent comment (which I deleted) that he will stay here until he gets tired of shooting down retards like me (hahaha, he thinks he's "shooting down" yours truly? hahahaha) and that since I don't own cyberspace, his decision to leave me alone would be a favour from him to me, but that only shows how abysmally stupid he is. I mean, seriously, doesn't he know that I can disable comments? Jeez, what a fucking dumbass.

Today, I was thinking that I should do a dumbshit entry, with frikkin lasers or something, but I also wanted my pound of flesh from Dumbass. So, I came up with the brilliant idea of combining the two objectives. Let's piss off the resident idiot even more by slaying any and all sacred cows he could possibly have! And the beauty of doing so is that while my post stays here forever, fucktard's comments will at most last a miserable 12 hours here before yours truly clicks "Delete" on them!

First and foremost, of course, is racism. See, there are actually only two races that matter. The Smarts and the Stupids. Being a Smart, I'm violently prejudiced against Stupids like our resident moron. Stupids, of course, have the racial characteristic of being dumbasses. They are also ugly motherfuckers. Here's a Stupid.

What I propose is that we delete all of them, like so.

Next is religion. My god (me) can kick your god's ass.

Since you have seen fit to screw my readers just for saying a few words of fairness, fuck everyone you like as well.

Oh, and here's a hint. When everyone's against you, odds are that you're wrong.
Fuck, that last stick figure post cracked me up. You're a riot.
I disagree with that last sentence, because:

"people=shit" - Slipknot


"Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is the truth." - Gandhi
sheena: *bows*

profanity: granted, but not here at I Rock, You Suck, because most of my readers are intelligent, cultured people, including yourself (hey, judicious flattery never hurt anyone), which is kinda weird considering I'm an avowed philistine, heheheheh.
O getting-to-be Famous one, thank you for the plug which increased my hits.

I will not tell you that the L.E.W.D badge was not put up because i was a html idiot..not anymore, i have mastered the basics of html and the badge is up
He's so dumb I think he will just keep coming back for his comments to be deleted.

Some people just do not get that this is your blog and you can delete whatever you like. Think it's time to show him the directions to the [x] button.
We ought to start a list of the things that we will do when L.E.W.D takes over the world. 1st thing on the list, placing all the stupid people in a rocket bound for the sun.

Oh, and I take offence at being called an idiot. You can call me a fucker or an asshole, but don't classify me in the same league as the anonymous troll. =)
Nethia: Well done, young neophyte. Haha.

Feisty Bitch: Then I must wise him up to the ways of the world.

Ivan: Duly noted and corrected.
You know, I've learnt that trolls thrive on attention. Ignore them and they go away.
Agagooga: Heheh, my ego likes the thought of having people hate me. Any jackass can get through life without pissing people off. Oh wait, now that he knows I enjoy his presence, he'll disappear, goddammit.
I'm confused. I'd very much like to go away, because it's tiring talking to retards (especially ones which keep on talking about IQ and yet simultaneously display evidence of being dismally unintelligent), yet you have dedicated several posts to lil ole me. You must be signalling something. If a guy dedicates 3 posts to me it's rude not to respond innnit.

You have confused several of us, and accused one commenter of various things so it's funny the way you vacillate between using logic and deleting comments which set the record straight.

I throw a bone and you kids bark the entire day. Thirty two comments over several deleted pearls of wisdom of mine? Even if I wasn't amused initially, I sure am now!

You don't deserve my hate, actually, I think you're pathetic that's all. Please tell me not all 25 year old men are like that.

Agag is (unusually) right. For the sake of your audience, please ignore me, and produce more funny stuff.

To stem this flamewar on your blog, I've set up a blog especially for you.


Hey! I love manchildren!
dude i am a tad worried, if they person he loves or respect is a guy.. how?
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Celle: Fellow claims it's a female leh, according to its blogger profile. But nevertheless, it still loves Adrian a lot irregardless of its gender, obviously.

Adrian: My, you're getting real famous if people are setting up hate blogs in your name! Honestly, it's a form of flattery. Look who's the new XX! Congrats Don A.Q.! =D
*rolls eyes*

You know you've made it somewhere in the local blogosphere when people devote entire blogs to hating you.

And I wonder if it is the sad fate of intelligent Singaporean bloggers everywhere that they have to be plagued with trolls once in a while.

Yawn... frankly, even this troll(s) bore me already. As much as I didn't want this discussion to descend into ad hominem name-calling and insults, it does seem that those who were on the receiving end of Adrian's insults more than deserved it.

All hail donaq, the new Xiaxue!

See you guys at Mambo later!
retardedmanchild: I rather think it wasn't courtesy that prompted you to smash your bonehead against a brick wall repeatedly, but whatever floats your boat.

profanity: Aww shucks. Thank you, darlin'.

celle: That's why I drew doggy position mah. That way, no matter man or woman also can fuck.

sheena: Heheh, yeah I'm gonna plug that blog!

Ivan: Don't call me the new XX, goddammit. That distinction belongs to Sheena. >:)
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