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Sunday, May 08, 2005
Some Muthafuckas Are Always Trying To Ice-Skate Uphill (From Blade)

Here are parts of the comments in response to my previous entry, posted by our favourite resident troll, Anonymous, as well as my response to them. Man, I wasn't even going to post anything today, but this silly person just gave me some effortless material to post, so why not?

"I'm not trying to jump on all who crack racist jokes, but unless it's among friends who don't mind racist jokes being tossed around, then you're bound to offend or hurt someone."

Again you show your lack of comprehension. As I've said for so many, many, weary times, if the intention wasn't to offend but you get offended, the problem lies with you, you're being anal, fuck you. What's so difficult to understand about that? Comedians routinely use racial slurs in their routines, and this, as you may have noticed if you weren't so gosh-darned dumb, is not really what you may call a serious blog. Put the pieces together, huh, sweetie?

"I may not know how to read, according to you, but you obviously can't have a debate without trying to shout down people who disagree with you."

Firstly, you're a non-entity who likes to hide behind the anonymity of your keyboard, so why should I be polite? Secondly, read the title of the blog and the tone of previous entries. Also, you might want to look at the email address I have chosen. Do you see a pattern? Does a thought begin to worm its way into that mass of bone between your ears? I'm sure that even you, with your limited intellect, can carry on from there. And lastly, honey, I don't need to shout you down by posting. I did it for fun and for the benefit of my readers. Be that as it may, you have ceased to amuse, because one can only listen to a broken record so many times.

"FYI, Answer my comments if you will, I don't really give a damn. No one's forcing you to waste your time on a stupid person, so stop whining if your bloody pride makes you want to have the last say."

Obviously you do give a damn, because even though the previous post repeatedly told you that you're wasting your efforts and to not come back here, you came back all the same. It's also ironic that you accused me of calling the kettle black when in fact, you, too, simply have to have the last say. Seriously, did I force you to come here and read my opinions which you disagree with? Nope. Have I not made it clear that you are not welcome? Yes. Have I not said a thousand times if I've said it once that you're wasting your time? Yes. And yet you return. Ah, well.

Now, to show you how easily I can "shout you down". I don't need to "shout". I only have to "shut". Oh, look. How careless of me. Your comments . . . Gone! Shucks.

So you see, my dear Anonymous idiot, the owner of the blog always has the last say. Hey, why don't you waste more effort churning up idiotic comments and I can exercise my fingers some more clicking the "Delete" button?

Me: 1
Anonymous idiot: -10000

P.S. This blog is not a fucking democracy or forum. It is a central point for worship, with the object of worship being yours truly. As such, I will not tolerate dissenting opinions and you will see only what I intend you to read. If your ego cannot take that, go start your own blog. Here, my ego reigns supreme. Unbelievers will be smote hip and thigh with Holy Fucking Fire from the Fucking Keyboard Of Fucking Righteousness.
Maybe he/she cannot find the [x] button to leave your page?
Lacking in logic like yourself?
"By using profanities on someone who leaves a short comment, you're practically inviting any self respecting person to retort."

A self-respecting person, upon perceiving that he is less than welcome, leaves. A masochist or an idiot returns for more abuse.

"Hahaha, apparently you find me stupid but worthy of 5 minutes of your time. You're right, this blog IS a funny blog"

But of course, all my readers know I'm a black-hearted bully at heart and love it when I lay the smackdown on some stupid bitch.

"Your central theme is that everyone uses racist jokes, so it's okay."

Uh, no. My central theme was that if you're offended when there was no intention to offend, you're anal, fuck you. How many times do I have to repeat myself?

"If you read my very first comment,I had no intention of becoming a troll or as you call it, flaming you or cyber lynching you. I stated my opinion, and you, the touchy bitch, rained insults on me."

What can I say. I don't suffer fools gladly, even if they're polite.

"I fully expect you to delete any comments. Afterall, it's the only thing to do when people are lacking in logic."

Naturally. I don't want people lacking in logic to comment on my blog, so I delete their comments. Makes sense, doesn't it?

Oops, I did it again.
Feisty Bitch: I used to think no one can be that stupid, but now I'm not so sure.

Passerby: Thanks, whoever you are. :)
Adrian, you see, I don't really care if you delete my comments. I'm anonymous because I've been commenting on ur blog and we once had a civil relationship for the simple fact that I was in agreeance with you. Here's a hint though, if your aim is to delete all traces of your commenters disagreeing with you then it makes no sense to reproduce these comments in your blog proper.

"...if your aim is to delete all traces of your commenters disagreeing..."

And then...

"... reproduce these comments in your blog proper."

Can someone kindly point out the logic in this statement?

Just as anyone can be anonymous, anyone can also delete anything from his/her blog. Ah! The beauty of the Internet.
eventhou we do aim to hv readers, i guess we aim to get readers who dun suck ur balls.

u shall reign supreme of course.

and mambo shd be a GO yea?
Keep me up to date on the details.=)
Anonymous: It is patently obvious that is not my aim. My aim is to show you how futile what you are doing is, but like a retard who keeps trying to get past a brick wall by repeatedly banging his head against it, you keep coming back for more. Since when have we had a civil relationship? I don't have civil relationships with anonymous trolls. My guess, though, is that you're suspiciousbastard, which I've been suspecting for some time now, especially in light of the most recent post on your blog. If you'd posted with your real identity, or any identity, for that matter, I would have been perhaps less abrasive, because nothing offends me more than someone who doesn't dare to stand by what he says. And don't worry, I wasn't offended and you can continue posting comments on my blog. I eat twerps like you for breakfast and it's all in the name of fun.
Feisty Bitch: Heheheh.

Celle: Will do. I'll shoot you an email or something. :)
The shit still comes in... Hurhurhur... I am super hai ren... This thing will probably occupy for the rest of the week, eh?
What a waste of a whole lot of energy and blogspace. There simply is no point isn arguing about this, because Adrian's starting point of his argument is based on his opinion and belief that it's the intention of the racist comment that matters, while the anonymous troll believes it's the situation/setting. The troll is trying to get Adrian to CHANGE his opinion and belief. Why should he? Why should anyone? It's his blog. He's not in any way obliged to write what YOU want to read. Seriously, if you came across a website (with no comments function) that u found to be offending/distasteful/opposing ur opinions, u'd just never go back to that website right? then just think of it that way and LEAVE. It would do everyone a whole lot of good.
Wah lau, I can't believe I missed all the fun. Racism is a sensitive issue. Only asswipes are that sensitive. Geez, i had to scroll all the way down to read the entry that prompted the barrage of intellectual incapacitation and it amazes me that fools actually zeroed in on the racism bit when you were blatantly proclaiming that its actually almost EVERYTHING else under the sky that you're against.

aaarrrggghhh..it's fustrating...somebody should seriously make stupidity painful...die stupids die...my condolences are with you, to have to put up with such inane idiocy...how borderline nihilism got interpreted as racism, I will never know...They should have burnt stupids at the stake instead of witches, at least we wouldn't have had to deal with their offspring.
Passerby: Heheh, I've been trying to tell the bugger that for numerous comments and 3 entries, but he just doesn't get it. Whatever. If you come by to Zouk on Wednesday I'll get you a beer. :)

Nethia: You should have come by earlier! Since he kept using Indians as an example of a minority, your presence would have totally shot his credibility out of the fucking water and shown him that just because he happens to be dumb, doesn't mean that Indians are stupid, hahaha.
anonymous: Adrian's right, you DO sound like a broken record. Look it's all fine and dandy if YOU sound like that, because you're stupid, and we know people who are stupid, illogical and irrational will never understand the intricacies and finer workings of more intelligent minds. But the thing is, in trying to explain things to you (which you still either don't, can't, or refuse to get because you're an oversensitive, anal cow), it's starting to make Adrian sound like a broken record. And that's a complete waste of his intelligence, trying to teach stupid people things.

Some simple advice, anonymous. Get the fuck out of his blog and don't come back. You understand that? If you don't, there's no hope for you, sweetie.

Oh, and another thing: You might like to consider never leaving comments anonymously again because it only shows what a fucking pathetic coward you are. Add that you your accomplishment of unrivalled stupidity.
ha, yea I noticed that our dear anonymous here is the champion of my race's supposedly downtrodden status(although why on your blog, I don't know because you were making a point on racism and not FOR racism)...jesus, how to even argue with him when he was going off tangent by a landslide...I dunno how you stand it, but seriously it irks me when the self-proclaimed debator keeps missing the point...

Dearest Anonymous, here's a little note for you in simplified english..Try to follow alright.As much as I appreciate you standing up for my race's rights, the fact is, none of it was violated.In the event that it does get violated, we of the minority race will KNOW how to defend ourselves.So please find a forum where racism is ACTUALLY prevalent and then champion your cause alright? There..There..*pats on head patronizingly*
hahaha! good one nethia. I'm also from the same minority race, and i feel the same way: We know how to defend ourselves if necessary.

Adrian, have that beer on my behalf and a lot more on your part and write us all a drunken post. :P
okok Adrian, you win. Racist jokes are not distasteful, disgusting and abhorrent as I believed. And wow, Nethia, that is a harsh harsh thing to say. No offence, but is your heart as black as the color of your skin? Hahaha. Because what you just said STINKS to the KAUR – not unlike the majority of the indian population.
Ooooh, looks like the asshat's changed tactics, and *gasp* given himself a nickname so that techically, he wouldn't be anonymous! So brave of you, my dear.
profanity: Grow a brain retard. Are you as stupid as you make yourself out to be or is that just by default?
Here's a sexist joke to break the tension. =)

Question: Prove the general equation
Woman = Evil, is true.


Base on the Axiom, Woman = Time * Money
and Time = Money

Therefore Women = Money * Money
or Simply Woman = Money^2 ---- Eq.1

Since Money = root(Evil) ---- Eq.2

Sub. Eq.2 into Eq.1
Therefore we get, Woman = (root(Evil))^2

Thus, Woman = Evil

- Wade
Heheheheheh, sorry guys, but profanity is actually a friend of mine, so can we consider this issue closed? It's a failing of mine that if I consider a person a friend (which does not happen often), I will defend him or her no matter whether I personally think he or she is right or wrong. Golly, how embarrassing. If you're reading this, suspiciousbastard, sorry for thinking it was you. Man, I just don't know what to say.
But Adrian all along I have identified myself with my nickname (except for one time - eons ago - a mistake which I identified).

Anyway what a closed, oppressive, intellectually stifling, immature and unenriching debate this has been. I'm out of here
Sianz ~ Nothing unique in your arguement , always repeating the fucking wrong facts ... Continuing calling people broken record ...
Are you a CD on repeat mode, Anonymous ?
Adrian , you suppose to entertain on better posts , not wasting your time on taming MONKEY !!!
profanity: Ah ok, so you weren't the one I was dissing. That's a relief. I was wondering why you would say the word "agreeance", heheheh.
Anonymous: Oh, oh oops! There go your comments again. I feel I have the responsibility to protect my readers from unadulterated idiocy.
Adrian: No matter, I made a good point in my previous comment, obviously, and you know it.
What previous comment? heheheheheheh.
Oh dear. Is Adrian here becoming the new Xiaxue, with rabid anti-fans who simply do not get it?
uhh. this is getting pretty lame bro. post something new!

i dont come here for intellectual mud slinging; just the plain retarded sort.

adrian rocks cuz i laugh and fucking do flips when i read his posts. he can be a god for all i care, as long as he's still got that fuckin high standard of humour.

p.s - i think i saw you in town. but your head was above the clouds, so im not really sure. you kinda blocked out the sun, too.

Ivan: Yes! I am the male XX! Soon, I shall turn my blog pink!

wongcheok: Sadly, the demands of the real world and a normal sex life dictates that I can no longer spend as much time hammering out shit as I used to.

Ok, actually I've been busy gaming and I've also taken up in-line skating again, so I've been a little short of time. Not to worry, though. I shall post some retarded shit either tonight or tomorrow.
Ooooh, I would really LOVE to see your blog in pink. Please please change your template!

And remember to put up LOTS of pics of yourself (photoshopped). And make sure you have at least 2 inches' worth of blusher, or you can't be XX.

Lookin' forward to tomorrow night, rocker! Let's blast Zouk!
Yeah on the day that the world ends in blood and fire, I will change to a pink template.
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