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Thursday, May 12, 2005
L.E.W.D. Update

We welcome our newest member, Darth Sidious! Yes, I was thinking that our cabal would stand a better chance of taking over the world if the frikkin Emperor of the frikkin galaxy was on our side. Besides, the cat can throw Force lightning, and that's always helpful in a fight with the fucking do-gooders.

Man, I was considering telling him that I tricked him into linking me so that he can become a minion (just as a gag, of course), but as my mama always told me "don't piss off someone who can wield Force lightning". So do visit his blog if you have the time. To be perfectly honest, his writing is perhaps still a little callow, but that's just due to his tender age. He's actually quite smart for a teenager, plus his arrogance delights me, since I'm an arrogant sort of fellow myself. Ok, dinner time. I'll post the entry I wrote in the office (about last night's Zouk outing) after my dinner. Cheers, O dread Emperor of the frikkin Galaxy (far, far away).
My mum, on the other hand, told me "not to piss off someone who looks like Chewbacca."
Heheh, "let the wookie win", eh?
aww..fellow Star Wars-geek!
Actually, when I first saw the link, it was a link to the Microsoft website..

Now.. Wouldn't that be more appropriate?
Sid: Yeah, it wasn't deliberate. I thought I'd found a bug or something, but as it turns out, I made a mistake in my HTML.
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