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Wednesday, June 01, 2005
L.E.W.D. Update

Let's welcome the newest L.E.W.D. member, suspiciousbastard. Why did I take so long to link him? Well, I've never been one to honey the medicine, so I shall speak the blunt, honest truth. I didn't like his blog before. More importantly, he did not have the good taste to link me first. I think, however, that his blog has gotten better since then. Especially since he has linked me. Go ahead and make a speech, you bastard. Heheheh.

Check out in particular his story about dicks and asses. Call me childish if you like, but any story about dicks and asses tickles my funny bone. And no, the funny bone does not refer to my dick, you assholes.

Blinkymummy and I have made an unholy pact. Here's more or less what she said. "You read my blog and I'll read yours. Deal?"

Well, of course! Little does she know that she has been tricked. Because her blog is interesting and I would have read her blog regardless of whether she reads mine or not. MUAHAHAHAHAHA! No going back on your word now, Blinkymummy! MUAHAHAHAHA!
wah lau!!!

i hate you!
but still you must read my blog!
your cabal is getting cooler by the minute, I must say.
dicks and asses.. put together.. like butty boy la dey.. how?
BM: Wah, play so big meh, use "hate"?

Daniel: Eh? How so?

Celle: Hahaha, that one must ask sb lor. He's the expert on these.
This is rather random, but is it possible for one to be kicked out of LEWD? In otherwords, me?
just the fact that most of the blogs I think are cool are inside.
Jess: Of course not. Kick a hot babe out of LEWD? Unthinkable.

Daniel: I do have exquisite taste in blogs.
Daniel and Adrian: I thank you both. It's really quite flattering to know that someone appreciated what I write. I should now ask you both to give me a token of appreciation. Nothing fancy, just a few young virgin girls.
wtf, you're the one with the girl-luck now!
If I had any young virgin girls (hot ones), they wouldn't be virgins for long, I assure you.
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