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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

I just went blading. My blisters have popped open again. Fuck, that felt good. I suspect I'm a little masochistic. It's a good thing I make up for it with tons of sadism, or I would be unbalanced.

Here's some L.E.W.D. news. Google for "cool badges i can put in my blog". Here's what I got. Click on the pictures to see the full sized versions.

When I first checked it out in the morning, it was the frikkin' second link. Man, this deserves to be saved for posterity. We are on the way to frikkin' world domination, my brothers and sisters of L.E.W.D.! Let's indulge ourselves in some evil laughter right about now.


Also, I recently discovered this site which has put up the Badge of Lewdness and whose owner was, in all likelihood, the one who googled for cool badges to put on her blog. I must say that I am extremely flattered that the Badge of Lewdness was considered by her to be cool enough for the Lam-Lam Sisterhood. I have no frikkin' idea what Spirit they're guarding, but since it's a pretty quiet site at the moment, I'm plugging it anyway. Just for putting up the Badge. Fuckin' A! Go check it out, and if you understand what it's about, explain it to me, heheheh.

Apparently, Sandralicious is whoring herself out on her own blog. Also, she was copying some other bloke when she did this. My friends, blogging has sunk to a new low. And it just got lower, because here I am, pimping them by plugging them on my blog. Let me just inform you about my reasons for pimping them, besides the fact that I'm a "muthafuckin' P.I.M.P.", that is.

Yes, I wasn't kidding when I said that blogging has sunk to a new low, because the reason I'm doing this is for publicity, unlike Sandralicious, who's merely whoring for a date and not for publicity. How do I know this? Well, she said so, and if that's good enough for me, it should be good enough for you too.

Sandralicious's exact words: Now i know people may laugh at the idea of advertising for a date, or call it a publicity stunt. It is neither. I've always been rather cynical about dating, yet i know i cannot remain so.

See? Told you she said so. Now, she's not exactly my type, but she's not ugly either, so I personally find it hilarious that she's doing this shit, but hey, as all men know, I am the most helpful of Evil Overlords, so here I am, pimping this ho.

If any of you lemmings reading this happens to be her fan and feel like flaming my ass off, be reminded that since I am totally a fame whore and doing this solely for publicity, you'd be falling into my trap if you flame me. Also, if you happen to be Sandralicious herself, you should realise that I am, in fact, helping your, erm, cause by mentioning this shit.

For the record, I must say that I do not judge hoes. I think every society needs quality hoes, because what would gardens be like without them? I personally think that the fucking brown nosers who are leaving comments along the lines of "omfg you're so hot for doing this blah blah" are more deserving of my dislike than the two hoes themselves.

That being said, if you still feel like flaming me (and I don't see why you shouldn't feel that way), here's an advance "SUCK MY DICK, BITCHES" for you.

I think I may just have pissed off half the Singaporean blogosphere with this post. However, in the immortal words of Eminem: "If I offended you, good. Because I still don't give a fuck."

Hahahaha, the things people do these days.

Disclaimer: The godlike Fuhrer author of this blog reserves the right to say that his cat typed this if the heat gets too much to bear and shit.
Truly, this shit is hilarious. But I'm going to submit my 'resume' just to see what reaction I'll get!
ah doy.. sandra beat me to the dating game..

not like i was gonna whore to find date actually..
celle, you don't have to!I'll gladly present myself to you muahaha
you faster tell me you have already known her personally! This are the kind of girls I would love to meet more, adrian!
Daniel: Haha, well, how did it go?

Celle: Yeah, you don't have to. You're more of the turning-down-dates type, I would surmise.

Icebreeze: No, I don't know her in real life. Anyway, you go apply lor, heheheh.
Hah! I shall do that too! However, I'll be going for the highest bidder. Why shouldn't I make any money off my blog?
haha.. Or you could put up a link to paypal asking people to donate towards your beer&porn fund.

coincidentally, have you made any money yet?
sb: Go ahead, dude. I heartily encourage materialism. I Rock, You Suck shall, however, remain non-commercialised except for the odd donation.

Sid: Sadly, no one has seen fit to actually give me money for crapping out of my keyboard.
one day, my friend.

one day,

We will have the last laugh then!
Till then, I guess we'll have to make do with being poor bastards.
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