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Saturday, June 04, 2005
Super Pow-Ka-Leow Meme

As promised, I'm doing the Super Pow-Ka-Leow Meme by the Big Fuck.

1) Why are we meme-ing?

We are meme-ing because blue aliens are not pink. Therefore pink buns are delicious and Britney Spears sucks ass. As a consequence of that, a butterfly flaps its wings in the Himalayas, where there are no butterflies, thus causing earthquakes and tsunamis in the Sahara. I thought it was pretty obvious.

2) What is your favourite book-turned-into-movie-turned-into-soundtrack that is awesome and why? Also, how much pirated media do you have on your computer/bookshelf/stash and why does this make you cool? If this question is too complicated, an answer like, 'I am damn cool, I listen to funky music and read good books.' will suffice. Extra bullshit optional.

My favourite book-turned-into-movie would have to be The Bourne Identity. Not that I've ever watched it, because I'm too poor to afford movie tickets. Also, I do not have any pirated media on my computer. I do, however, have a variety of trojans, viruses and worms steadily eating away at my disk space. This makes me cool because all l337 h4x0rS have tons of viruses on their pathetic Winblows boxes OMFG ROTFLMAO!!!!111

3) Talk about your sex life. If you look at the interview meme, the question behind all the questions is basically, 'got dirty stories or not?'

I have no sex life because I am a robot sent from the future to terminate . . . oh, wait, that's not right. I have no sex life because I am an innocent virgin hamster and stuff like that. You know, flowers and butterflies and all that shit and jazz. In my spare time, I roll around in sun-drenched meadows naked.

4) Talk more about your sex life. If there's nothing to be said, tell us something embarassing so we can laugh at you. Failing this, take silly pictures of yourself.

I don't have a sex life and hamsters don't get embarrassed. I am currently too lazy to take a picture, so I shall show you an old picture of myself with a moustache drawn on me.

5) Who is behind the blog conspiracy in Singapore and what music does he / she / it / the devil like? State your evidence.

Well, lots of people would think that I would say something about LEWD being behind all this conspiracy stuff, but those people would be wrong. There is no conspiracy, headcounts fellow citizens. Just remain calm and stay in your homes and it will all blow over soon. What will blow over? Why, er, nothing. Absolutely nothing. Just stay in your homes and watch some more mind-numbing television so that you will be more tractable when the revolution comes knowledgeable. We mean you no harm. Resistance is futile.

Part 3:

1) You must spell all your sentences backwards, like this.
.siht ekil ,sdraw secnetnes ruoy lla lleps tsum uoY

This is to prevent people from understanding what you wrote.

2) You must be in your underwear when responding to this meme, because I like to think of you being in your underwear while thinking of me while doing this meme.

3) Post this letter so that a poor child won't die. IF YOU DON'T YOU HAVE NO HEART, OK!


Dear All:

This is the request of a special little boy who will soon leave this world because he has no arms, no legs, no head and no testicles. By you showing this to as many people as possible, you can give him and his family a little glimmer of hope. That's because on every blog that this is posted on, the White House will donate USD1 towards his treatment. If this is posted on more than 100 blogs, George W Bush will donate both his testicles to this little boy!

On a side note, my balls will also expand knowing that you actually listened to me... but you don't need to know that.

Just think. Instead of that little boy, it could be you one day. Post this on your blog. Its not even your money, just your time!!!


Dr. Kenny Sia
Center of Research into Human Stupidity
University of Uranus

PART 4: Arrowing other people who I wish would link me more often but never link me WHY DON'T THEY LINK ME / whose blogs I think are cool / who I think would oblige me / who I know about because I have no real friends:

Whoever reads this blog. Because I'm lazy to think of 5 specific people and besides, you guys are so desperate for my attention that if I arrowed anyone, the others would be jealous.

There you go, Big Fuck. I did this only because you said I was cool, ok.
"PART 4: Arrowing other people who I wish would link me more often but never link me WHY DON'T THEY LINK ME / whose blogs I think are cool / who I think would oblige me / who I know about because I have no real friends:"

So....someone has to fulfil all these criteria before being arrowed? Thank goodness.
I thought a slash means 'or' ?
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