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Sunday, June 12, 2005
Playa Hatahs, Yo!

I am so fucking cool I have people reading my archives just to diss me. I couldn't even find the comments because let's face it, I've written a lot of crap over the past year or so. If it weren't for the fact that I activated the nifty email notification thing, I would never have seen these comments. Here they are, in all their hebetudinous glory.

Comment #1:

Most of what youre saying isnt that far off but considering the woads, youre an idiot. You think the woads never won anything? Technically, woads were primitive, their warfare tactics were basically the typical barbarian running around grunting but that doesnt mean they totally sucked! One word for you buddy, BOUDICCA!She kicked Roman ass all the way until the end. And Gwynnevere, Im assuming your male and thats why you cant understand the leather bra. Lets look at it, big huge bouncy things that hang and weigh like 8 pounds on your chest, youre going into battle, do you really want to be in pain while trying to kick ass?

Ed: Seriously.

Comment #2:

Oh yeah, TROY SUCKS!
Brad Pitt is a fag, Achilles is a fag and wtf was that crap about him talking so damn long to die?

Ed: S/he was probably snubbed by some queer s/he fancied. These two comments came from my review of King Arthur. Which kicks ass. Of course.

Comment #3:

Rap SUCKS you moron. Wtf is so talented about saying Uhh Uhh Uhh Yahurr and f¨¨ dat nigga bitch? for 3 minutes straight? If I buy an album, I want to buy something people put effort into and not just put a bunch of exploited ugly wank chicks sporting nokia cellphones in their videos to make them money. The "function" as you value so much is to bang some "ho" and get shot ten times in some gang war. Not only that but rap sounds like anus, it has a bunch of people that look like anus and it smells like anus.

Ed: I have no idea when I talked about rap, but I must have, I guess. Couldn't find the post where the comments came from.

Comment #4:

Oh yeah, and how cool is it to mispell words purposefully and speak like youre five? At least make the vulgarity talented or maybe have decent.

One thing I do agree on...Females are idiots, I speak from first hand experience, being female myself...Id rather stab one than make friends with it.

Ed: Ah yes, I suppose atrocious grammar and punctuation are forgivable if you can spell. Jeez . . .
heheh, you sure draw some interesting folks to your blog.
Well, interesting content draws interesting people, Daniel. *smirks*
true, true.
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