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Tuesday, June 14, 2005
What Kind Of Blogger Am I?

I took the dumb quiz that's been going around lately. What kind of Singaporean blogger am I?

Congratulations Don A.Q., you are...

Don A.Q. of donaq.blogspot.com

You are the frikkin' Don of LEWD. Otherwise known as El Supremo, you are way too fucking intelligent to be taking this shitty quiz, fucks yeah. You are coldly logical and dispassionate, and your only amusement lies in torturing small, cute and furry animals. This includes humans. You do not bother arguing about anything, because as far as you're concerned, your word is the fucking law. For that, and also for the fact that you're a fucking psycho who would take a bat to someone as soon as look at him, other bloggers hate and fear you. You fucking nutjob. If you were a dog, you'd have been put down at birth.

Which Singaporean Blogger Are You?

Says it all, really.
So many people taking the blogger quiz... Blogthings sia...
What if someone else who's a lot less cool decides to copy your result?
Feisty Bitch: Just so.

sb: Emulation is the sincerest form of flattery, my friend. Heheheh.
Hey Don, I suggest you plug this post of SB's.

From what I see, the post quite nicely reflects the ideals of L.E.W.D. Well done, I say. For that, you should plug him.
When I die, I hope I'm famous enough and noticed enough so that even my greatest acid-spitting enemies pay their respects at my funeral.

Somehow, judging from your blog, I sense you operate under a similar paradigm.

P.S. Thanks for the lovely comments on my blog, btw =)
hmm. maybe someone should do a "which member of lewd are you" quiz.

and we can hide subliminal messages to brainwash the people who take it.

world domination! muahahahahahaha!
Sheena: Done.

Screwy Skeptic: Oh, I already have a large number of people promising to dance at my wake. In fact, I suspect some of them are even making efforts towards hastening that event.

Eileen: Haha, I'd write one, but I am currently lazy.
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