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Monday, April 04, 2005
Yeah, Well.

Today as I was taking the train home from work, a group of teenaged girls came onto the train. Before you even ask, no, I don't like illegal pussy. I may be evil, but I'm no pedophile. Anyway, these girls were talking and giggling as teenaged girls are wont to do. As I was standing not one metre away from them, I couldn't help but overhear everything they said. Well, they were not really saying anything terribly important or even intelligent. They were just talking about the days' goings on. It was easy to see that this group of four were rather fond of each other. At some point in the conversation, one of them insisted that she was a princess, and one of the others went along and called herself the princess' "humble servant".

Seeing and this heartwarming scene and listening to their sweet, innocent and idle chatter, I couldn't help but smile at the thought of how disappointing life was going to be for them when they grew up. Obviously none of them were going to be stars, judging by their looks, without drastic cosmetic surgery. Neither were any of them really smart, judging by their conversation. Nope, I'm almost sure of it. Their fates are probably going to be rather similar. They'll end up in some dead-end office jobs, marry some equally mediocre blokes, have a bunch of dumb brats and then die. I considered telling them, especially the "princess", about their probable futures, but decided instead not to spoil the surprise for them.

I'm nice like that.

I have just started playing an MMORPG. Yes, I still despise these games, but what's a poor guy to do when practically his entire family, including his uncle, aunt, cousins and brother are playing the same game? My family is the only group of people with the power to make me feel the urge to follow the crowd, no matter how stupid the activity. Besides, at a mere 500MB or so, the game does not even make a dent in my currently awesome storage capacity.

Speaking of that, I've been telling everyone I know that I now have a frikkin' 280GB of storage space on my desktop. The most common response was, predictably, "why the fuck do you need so much hard disk space for?" No reason, really. I just felt like it. Well, actually, my old 80GB hard disk was running out of space (it had 5GB left, don't ask me why), for one thing. Yes, I do have a CD burner, but as any other geek who has a CD burner will tell you, the crap you burn almost never sees the light of day again. So in order to ensure that I still watch all my shit, I've decided to keep all my shit where it belongs: in my ass.

Maybe that wasn't such a good metaphor.

Anyway, one good thing about having loads of storage space is that I can mount all my important Linux directories on a separate partition. I have "/" mounted on a 10GB partition, my "/usr" mounted on another 10GB partition and my "/home" mounted on a 20GB partition. Furthermore, my swap parition is now 2GB in size. Fuckin' A. I realise that most of you schmucks really have no fucking idea in hell what the fuck I'm blabbering on about, but I don't care, because I am so fucking excited about it. I have finally installed Fedora Core 3. Why did I take so long? Because my RAM was faulty, which was why I ambled down to Sim Lim Square the other day, anyway. I should never go to Sim Lim Square. I always end up spending at least twice what I expected to spend.

Update with regards to being linked by the bloggers in our incestuous little circle. What, don't you think every blogger in Singapore ends up linking, or being linked by, just about every other blogger in Singapore? Well, the more well-written ones do, at any rate. Pimply-faced adolescents with EXTREME blogs about their love lives are automatically excluded, of course. But I digress. In my previous post, we were wondering what we call getting linked by Sheena. Ahdokboy has come up with a rather nice one, I think. Getting "sheened".

Lest you, the humble reader, should wonder if perhaps we're getting carried away by our hubris and think something like "who cares what they call getting linked by them?", yes, we are getting carried away by our hubris. I think that getting "rocked by the sucker" is a singularly distinguished honour.

So there.
i think this is an appropriate time for me to point out that i have 3 18gb 15k scsi cheetas in raid 0 for my o/s and apps, plus a 200gb drive and a 120gb drive for other shit. that comes to a grand total of 374gb of storage. oh yes, i'm also running out of space.
Hmm....do I get an Adrian Coolness Point for that? hehe..
Anyway man i like your wordplay. It's wickedly funny.
Ahdokboy: How greedy can you get, I've already given you a Sheena Brownie Point!

And Donaq, I think getting sheened is a distinguishing honour as well. And don't be so evil to those poor adolescent girls lah, weren't you a pimply childish adolescent boy with big dreams once before too? =p
Eh. The word "Sheen" makes me think about Charlie. But getting "sheened" by Charlie Sheen would have a whole new meaning.

I don't think Donaq was ever pimply. He would make a very good skin donor if anyone ever needs one.
Anonymous: You're almost certainly either Pieter or Matt, you bastard.

Ahdokboy: Haha, yeah, you already got a Sheena Brownie Point for that. We can't both be giving out points for the same thing or people will start figuring out that they're worthless.

Sheena: The difference is that my dream of taking over the world will someday come true.

T: Thanks for the compliment, dear. I do get pimply when I don't sleep enough though. :p
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