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Sunday, April 03, 2005
Joke Of The Day

From collegehumor.com.

Golf Game
A priest decides one sunday morning to skip church and play a round of golf instead. He calls his junior priest saying that he's very sick and that he should take over services for that day. The priest than grabs his clubs and heads to the course.

When he starts playing he finds he's having the best game he's ever had. He's hitting the ball further than he usually could, making very distant putts and such. He can't believe it.

Meanwhile, God and one of his angels is watching the game. The angel asks "Aren't you mad at how he's skipping church to play golf?" God replies, "Kind of. Here, watch this." God waves his hand, and the priest makes a hole in one. The Angel asks "I don't get it, why are you giving him the best game of his life?" God replies "Who is he going to be able to tell about it?"

I just got a 200GB hard disk for my desktop, making its current total storage capacity 280GB. I shall not say more, except that I've not slept since yesterday when I bought the hard disk. My eyes probably look like Adri's eyes now. Although, of course, I could never be as sexy as Adri is.

I'm way sexier.

I kid, I kid. Don't dismember me, Adri's fanboys, if any of you happen to be reading this blog. I have computers to care for.

It's all very exciting. I know my body is tired, but my mind is entirely awake, though perhaps not entirely lucid, as you can perhaps tell by what I've just said. If I still feel like it tomorrow, I'll tell you fuckers all about my geeking out. For now, I just . . . need . . . to . . . fiddle with . . . my . . . computer . . . some . . . more . . .
I don't even have a tenth of what hard disk space you own.

... *flump* collapses and proceeds to sleep for the next 13 hours...

Exhaustion can be a bitch, preventing people like us from kicking some proper ass and maximising our capability.
Narcissistic or no, I think I have copyrights on a line or two in that post there... Heh.
kitten: Well, I felt I was entitled to use it since you were referring to me when you did. :p
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