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Sunday, June 22, 2008
It never rains but pours

Well, after months of not clubbing, I suddenly had the urge to, so I beamed the Bat Signal into the night skies on Friday, and DiDa suddenly decided to go. It's a testament to how much both of us like to dance that in spite of the fact that we've never met before and couldn't get any other friends of ours to go, we still went. Then again, maybe I have a tendency to do stuff like that anyway, since I almost always go clubbing with people I don't know. Anyway, I've known her online for ages, but for some reason, we've never met, and I've been really curious about what she's like in the flesh.

She wasn't quite what I'd expected. I'd expected her to be altogether more aloof and, well, grownup. As it turned out, she was quite the tiny chilli padi. Ok, maybe it's a little irrational of me, but for some reason, diminutive people tend to give me the impression of extreme youth. DiDa looked like she was 16 or 18. She looked so young I'm surprised they let her into the club without checking her ID. Also, she was quite unexpectedly really pretty. See, a lot of bloggers put up pretty pictures of themselves on their blogs, but when you actually meet them, they turn out to be total dogs or at least merely average. DiDa, I must say, is probably the cutest blogger I've ever met.

If you've been reading her blog, some of you might have wondered if she exaggerates her clubbing posts. Well, speaking as a primary witness, I'm going to have to say on oath that she hasn't been exaggerating, Your Honour. She does dance on the podium (even though her friend XY wasn't there), and she does attract a lot of attention when she does. I sort of faded into the shadows so I could watch her do her thang, and I could see most of the guys in the room, even those who were with chicks, giving her The Look. And, of course, bitches being bitches, not a few of the chicks there were also giving her The Other Look. You know, that look that says "wtf is this slut doing omfg she's such a horse and who does she think she is and i hope the bloody couch gets sucked into her gaping vagina and i-hate-her-i-hate-her-i-hate-her-i-hate-her".

Girls. What are you gonna do with them, huh?

All in all, it was a good night for me, even though the clubbing experience wasn't terrific because it was too crowded to dance and the music sucked. Why did it suck? Because I didn't like it, of course. Anything that I dislike sucks, you see. But hey, I got to meet a hot chick, and that's always good.


all the good stuff you said about me! aiyo. i'm blushing already.

thank you adrian. you're really sweet. and the girl is a damn lucky chick to have you.
So it would seem... but then you've never had someone aim a fart into the fan just so you get it in the face! While that incident may have been apocryphal, be assured that it, or something very close to it, did happen.
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