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Wednesday, October 19, 2005
Get A Load Of This!

Here's what someone got when attempting to access my blog from his workplace.

Access denied to system because of URL Filter Configuration, while attempting to retrieve the URL: http://donaq.blogspot.com/.

Message ID

Blocked by Websense Category: Adult Content

Upon a suggestion from yours truly, he tried to access Maddox and here's what he got.

Access denied to system because of URL Filter Configuration, while attempting to retrieve the URL: http://www.maddox.com/.

Message ID

Blocked by Websense Category: Adult Content

Man, this is such a huge compliment. They put I Rock, You Suck in the same category as The Best Page In The Universe!


Another reader of Blinkymummy's posted a comment on her blog saying that his/her company blocks me under the category "Adult Content" too. My suspicion is that these companies and organisations are all using Websense, which is probably run by a bunch of grannies with their anuses sewn up so tight that they haven't had a shit in decades. However, don't take my word for it, go read Maddox's highly amusing piece on this.

I do not own Blogspot (yet), so I am unable to block Websense like he did, but I'll just flip them off anyway.

What are these companies blocking sites like mine out because of "Adult Content" doing, anyway? My site is not even pornographic. It just contains some strong language. I can only conclude that somewhere in the numbskulls of the people who run these companies, the notion exists that all their employees are 6-year-olds who shouldn't have to go through the traumatic experience of ever seeing the word "fuck".

Woohoo! My site is blocked!
If it's based on swear words alone, then how come BM's one is not blocked? :P

Have they tried Rockson's? ;)
Cause "CHEEBYE" means nothing to them.
mooiness: I did not say it was based on swear words, dude. In fact, I updated my previous post just to explain how it could not have been based on swear words (because of anonymous idiot #1's comment). In the conversation posted on BM's blog, did I not conclude that it was not based on swear words due to the very fact that her blog was not blocked?

However, perhaps I was not clear enough. When I said that they blocked my blog based on content, I meant that someone read my blog, did not like the content, and put it on their "too cool for me" list. When I say that these people are blocking me because they want to spare other people from having to see the word "fuck", I did not mean that they wrote a filter blocking sites with profane content. I meant that they're a big bunch of whining babies.
My apologies. So going back to what I said on BM's blog - someone hates/envys you enough to blacklist your entire URL.

I can't begin to understand why companies would want to hire adults, and then block sites with adult content from them.
If they figure adults are mature enough to dispense with their duties in a dilligent fashion, then doesn't it follow that they are should be mature enough to exercise discretion while viewing sites?
In short, in the corporate world, workers are viewed as automatons, whose human qualities must be suppressed in favour of machine-like productivity.
Is this what humans are born for?
Is this the most conducive milleu for the human race to develop and explore itself?
We are living a false consciousness, ladies and gentlemen, and we are serving no one, but our rulers.

Sorry, I don't know where this rant came from :P
mooiness: Tch tch, no need for apologies, dude. I just wanted to clear up the misapprehensions. And they are indeed a bunch of whining pussies.

With sand up their vaginas.

Daniel: Rant all you like, man. If anonymous hecklers can post comments, I don't see why an honorary Lewdite can't rant on my blog.
Lewdite? Where?? Where??? :P
Daniel: You lor. You're only honorary because you don't update, heheheh.
cool..I would prefer a posthumous title though..my blog is deader than Mars, heheh.
Ha, anal people are everywhere.

I guess they don't want people to see your awesomeness and end up becoming your servants in a bid to take over the world for LEWD.

Tis'an odd world we live in.
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