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Friday, November 03, 2006
Fashionistas or Fashion Victims? Who gives a flying fuck?

I just popped over to STOMP. Ordinarily, I wouldn't read online rags other than the evergreen onion.com, but I saw a link to some tech chick article from poppy's previous post. I'm not linking the tech chick page because I thought it was shite and I'm a lazy fuck. You can navigate there from poppy's post yourself. Yes, I know the articles on the onion are intended to be humorous, and that's precisely the reason why I prefer it over "real" news.

I would like to first comment on STOMP as a website. It is horrible. I hate it. I can bet you that the person who "designed" the site goes by some crap professional title that includes words like "Designer" or "Consultant". These words are usually indicators of unlimited bogosity. I mean, seriously, who does their nav bars in flash? What the fuck is the point of that? I know, some of you might say, "But Don AQ, isn't that just a design choice ROTFLMAO WTF OMFG LOL!!111" And I'm here to tell you no, it's not just a choice. It is Wrong. By all means, if you need animation, use flash, but come the fuck on, if all you're doing is a nav bar, learn some javascript and basic HTML, for fuck's sake. It loads faster and makes you look less like a moron who doesn't know his shit. Remember, the first rule of software design is KISS. It means "Keep It Simple, Stupid." For examples of sites that are well-designed, please look here and here.

So anyway I was surfing STOMP, and I spotted the "star blog" link. Wondering what the hell it was, I took a look. It's apparently a collection of blogs written by local celebrities on topics given to them by god knows who. Anyway, the topic for today (or this week, or whatever) was this: "Singapore women: Fashionistas or Fashion Victims?"

Now, out of the posts by all the celebrities there, I only read Dawn Yang's and Jaymee Ong's, because the rest of them are not hot chicks and I have no time for people who are not hot chicks.

Unless they want to give me money.

Yes, you heard right. If you give me money (a minimum of SG$100), I'll even read the boring crap you write. Otherwise, please die. If you're not a hot chick, not directly related to me, not giving me money and not otherwise helping me in any way, you're pretty fucking useless, aren't you?

Moving right along, then. I shall not repeat or comment on their posts, except to say that I think Dawn Yang should stick to being a hot chick, because her writing is as interesting as cabbage. About fashion, why is fashion even an industry? Why do people care so much about fashion? It is the dumbest bullshit ever, and here's why. If you look ugly, no amount of money spent on nice clothes and accessorising is going to make you beautiful, and if you're beautiful, you can wear sandals, singlets and bermudas with dishevelled hair and still look messily beautiful.

Here comes the clue train, schmucks. The reason why models look good in those clothes isn't because the clothes make them look good. It's because the models look good. In other words, fashion is useless. It only helps in deluding ugly people into thinking they can look better without extensive cosmetic surgery. They can't. And why do appearances matter so much, anyway? Mind you, appearances matter a lot to me, but then I openly own up to being a shallow and superficial person as well as a jerk and an asshole, but if you don't think of yourself as such, why not do something useful instead of worrying about what looks good on some anorexic, doped up cunt? Go contribute to the future of humanity. Learn some math, biology or chemistry. If you're not smart enough to do the really useful stuff, at least pick up some secondarily useful stuff like business, management and so on.

Yes, I think the sciences are the most fundamentally useful fields of learning to humanity as a whole. Then comes the resource allocation and administrative arts, such as business and politics. Fashion? Fashion is just wishful thinking by the masses and a huge con by the people at the top of the "industry". Please stop wasting resources on it. Everyone should just wear the same outfit all the time and concentrate on the really important stuff.
Dude, I don't even read hot girls' blogs most of the time; what's the fucking point? In fact, I don't bloody read anything. Literacy is so last century.
I read other blogs only very rarely, so when I do, they might as well be written by hot chicks. heh. Loved your bitch=slappy hand from the sky post, by the way.
oh my god. fashion is so not useless. when i have more time, i'll elaborate. and just bc i'm not a hot chick doesn't mean you can stop reading my blog. bah.
Please do elaborate. Anyway, someone who's met you says you're hot and his word is good enough for me. :P
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